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  1. Who else is impossibly excited for SS3?
  2. SS3 Story Predictions
  3. When is SS3 actually coming out?
  4. Will SS3 Multiplayer resemble the speed of the originals?
  5. Serious Sam 3 trailer released :)
  6. What will SS3:BFE requirments be like?
  7. New to SS and looking foward to SS3:BFE
  8. Any word on system requirments?
  9. SS3 price?
  10. When will Serious Sam 3 be up for pre-order?
  11. Will we get a demo?
  12. Don't Mess This Up Croteam!
  13. Serious Sam 3: release and price?
  14. Serious Sam BFE E3 impressions
  15. Serious Sam 3 must become an rpg
  16. Ok, it;'s officially Summer of 2011.
  17. Serious Sam: BFE Demo Coming to Steam
  18. Serious Sam 3 MUST be even retail
  19. What will be 1st: SS3 demo or SS3 full game?
  20. Serious Sam 3: BFE at gamescom 2011?
  21. can we get a serious sam 3 forum section now?
  22. You asked for it, they implemented it. Serious Sam 3 confirmed split-screen on PC
  23. SS3 gameplay video
  24. Pre Purchase Items for Serious Sam 3??
  25. SS bf3 release date
  26. Refreshing the SS3: BFE page
  27. So can we get a SS3 forum now?
  28. 2 questions about SS3
  29. 1 Question.
  30. Optional weapon attachments?
  31. Aiming looks clunky or was that stuttering?
  32. 10% extra discount if you own any SS games
  33. Local multiplayer?
  34. Deluxe Edition: Timed Exclusives?
  35. Pre-Purchase Deluxe Edition, but where is the Classic versions?
  36. Confused about the different Editions
  37. German Version SS3 cut?
  38. GTX 580 recommended? is this a joke?
  39. I hope the achievement will not be too difficult.
  40. Any plans for a bundle?
  41. My first pre-order in life.
  42. SS 20% deal :)
  43. You know...
  44. What happened to Serious Sam 2, anyway?
  45. Serious Digital Edition question
  46. Giftable copy not available^
  47. Official Sound Track, format?
  48. SS3 Vanished from german store ?
  49. Weapon Discussion Thread
  50. I want the series now. Gold or DP? And which do I get first?
  51. What's the advantage of having both versions?
  52. 20% off a preorder? Whoa, now that's some serious business
  53. Ermm u gaise. wut does BFE stand for?
  54. SS3 8$ on Impulse!!!!
  55. Not buying this game because ....
  56. Please god, Don't let this be a bad game.
  57. Retail availability?
  58. How does it play?
  59. Flamethrower Appearing? And Wep question.
  60. Insant buy
  61. How Long Is The Deal?
  62. Serious Sam Double D Available
  63. serious sam 3:BFE pre order promo items for tf2
  64. Will this game have a popular multiplayer?
  65. Serious Sam Steam exclusive?
  66. Problem with Double D (Act 2: Jurassic Reckoning level)
  67. Serious Sam: Double D - Fast HD Gameplay
  68. Serious Sam 3: BFE will be available the third person
  69. Only one location in Sam 3?
  70. Serious Sam 3 BFE Aus
  71. Anyone want to trade anything for a copy of Serious Sam HD?
  72. Will Serious Sam 3 have coloured crosshair?
  73. Who's Fork Parker?
  74. Are the kills in this game satisfying?
  75. how does the coop work in the game?
  76. Serious Sam 3 BFE - 28% OFF
  77. PC specs question
  78. First playthrough
  79. Serious Sam 3 interview with Alen Ladavac
  80. Problem with the Digital Edition
  81. Please tell me sprinting is gone..as well as sights..
  82. Serious sam 3 DVD?
  83. Is there a summer somewhere in the world the November 22?
  84. Release date changed. Refund?
  85. Serious Sam 3 Preorder confusion.
  86. Release Date Debacle
  87. Store doesn't acknowledge ownership
  88. so, who else is gonna buy a new rig now.
  89. Forced to fight scenarios
  90. Question about pre ordering?
  91. CAP profiles out already?
  92. Is there a non-steam version?
  93. New preview of Serious Sam
  94. The random encounter
  95. What don't you want to see in BFE?
  96. SS 2
  97. Multiplatform :(
  98. Variety of campaign levels?
  99. What about multiplayer?
  100. Serious Sam 3: BFE Weapons Trailer
  101. Silly Mouse Menu Speed Question
  102. No Flying Witches this time?
  103. Post here if you have every SS game on steam
  104. Should Rich Knuckles be a playable character?
  105. Serious Sam Sale?
  106. Clarification on Pre order gold skins
  107. Any NEW weapons
  108. Gifting the classic SS games from the Serious Digital Edition?
  109. Steam Preload for SS3?
  110. This is the FPS to get this season?
  111. Magic?
  112. 16 Player Coop - Lets team up!
  113. Will SS3 bomb like Duke Nukem did?
  114. Cerial sam3
  115. 20% Discount glitch?
  116. Croteam - Please don't break my heart!!
  117. SS3: What about people who live in areas where limited internet is the only option?
  118. Install button
  119. Invincible enemy? Who's idea was that?
  120. Old School Achievement
  121. No TF2 promotion?
  122. Thinking about buying this game
  123. graphics Q
  124. One more day...!
  125. Graphics?
  126. Any idea about the download size?
  127. Will DM/CTF modes be dead...?
  128. What options do you see for your game at this moment?
  129. Color Options?
  130. Release Time?
  131. Launch trailer
  132. I could have bought this for $18
  133. So, what to expect?
  134. What happened to my preorder and preload?!
  135. SS3BFE - Germany, Australia, Cut versions?
  136. Pre-purchased from other DD service
  137. 1 hour to go...
  138. Do serious fans get a level editor?
  139. So where is my install option?
  140. Restart steam
  141. Messy achievements!
  142. 1 GB download after installing retail
  143. Im so happy!
  144. Game unplayable (literally) [SOLVED]
  145. 1st bug encountered - Melee teleport
  146. Application malfunctioned at start
  147. Serious bug!
  148. Clap Clap Croteam
  149. Game is pretty damn awesome
  150. Error at startup
  151. FAQs, Known Problems and Troubleshooting Instructions
  152. RIP Sam, we wont forget u
  153. FOV
  154. my word, the lag, stutter and tearing is horrendous
  155. Crashing on launch?
  156. [SOLVED] Won't even start up (ZoneAlarm ISWSVC.exe problem)
  157. Does anyone know how to change the FOV?
  158. Weird mouse movement
  159. Launch Trailer
  160. Should SS3 Bonus Content be moved to Tools?
  161. Crash upon game start
  162. BFE immediatly crashes, AMD Bulldozer fx8120
  163. Trading Saints Row The Third for Serious Sam
  164. Instructions on posting crash reports.
  165. Upgradable Weapons?
  166. This game has actual PC options
  167. application has malfunctioned
  168. Application Has Malfunctioned
  169. Multiplayer - Good or Bad?
  170. FOV/Console question
  171. Off to a Great Start...
  172. Controller support?
  173. Thoughts about SS3
  174. Only one problem
  175. FPS randomly drops / stutters
  176. This game is a serious beast.
  177. HLDS Update Tool (Linux Dediacted Server)
  178. [SOLVED] Cannot open file x/x/x
  179. INI File Found
  180. Thoughts so far
  181. I hope Croteam reads this!
  182. Smashing things with the Sledgehammer is fun
  183. Crash on Startup
  184. application has malfunctioned
  185. Reviews
  186. Official Croteam/Devolver appreciation thread
  187. Very poor/unstable performance
  188. the silent riddler - game always crashing
  189. Reduce/remove dust?
  190. "Press R To Reload"
  191. Micro stuttering while hosting a game, game lock ups for a second
  192. Immediate crash on startup
  193. low framerate
  194. Unarmed?
  195. Help!
  196. This game's soundtrack is amazing
  197. Hey, woah.
  198. Watch Sam 3: BFE live and decide for yourself (link inside)
  199. This is classic 90's gaming REBORN!
  200. Are Gnaar melee kills supposed to be quick?
  201. Problems with Crossfire?
  202. Anybody wanna complete campaign with me?
  203. Suggestion Thread
  204. Terrible Performance, Even With A Good PC
  205. Kleers
  206. Serious Digital Edition Issue: No OST or DLC or Trailers
  207. Steam Cloud synchronization
  208. Good performance on a late 2009 27" iMac (plus a 10second review)
  209. A Few Suggestions
  210. Text/Menus are extremely blurry. Anyone else?
  211. Game does not start at all
  212. Game now hangs at Preparing to launch..
  213. Played first level and...
  214. ISSUE: Possibly related to steam cloud
  215. xaudio2 for direct x
  216. Splitscreen Bug. Player 2 controller settings don't stick.
  217. This game is actually hard
  218. Can TFE/TSE HD maps be imported into 3.5?
  219. Horrible performance (message to Croteam)
  220. The biggest problem with this game
  221. Old school achievement question: Are sniper scopes allowed?
  222. Final boss tips?
  223. Serious Sam 3 Theme - Hero (Vocal version)
  224. Few questions
  225. Missing/invisible textures
  226. Black Screen?
  227. Serious ScreenShots Thread.
  228. How do I access TFE and TSE after buying SS3 Deluxe?
  229. Eyefinity looks great.
  230. FOV makes me sic?
  231. How to get the Cannon Gun on Under the Iron Cloud
  232. Intro movies need to be skippable
  233. I can't resist...
  234. Permanent Red & Blue 3D
  235. Does doing coop levels count for singleplayer?
  236. Serious Sam Golden Skin from the deluxe edition
  237. Wish for the next version
  238. Map error: I get stuck and can't get out
  239. How do I save a game?
  240. Serious Sam 3 PS3 When will it be out?
  241. Does anybody get a lulz while doing this in game?
  242. BSoD As Soon As Direct X Finishes
  243. View Distance and Shadow rendering distance
  244. not even 30fps
  245. BFE is great! Now give me The Second Encounter on BFE engine as DLC!
  246. Some melee kills make me a sad panda with no sound
  247. The crosshair for the shotty, I LOVE it, brings me back to my days of DOOM 1/2
  248. What do you like "BEST" about SS:BFE???
  249. how do you kill the final boss?!!!!! (spoiler)
  250. Strange fps drops