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  1. Release Date
  2. Any chance of this being on a better digital download service?
  4. Arcade stick compatibility
  5. I can't add the entire collection to my wishlist.
  6. Any plans to bring the other PSN titles to Steam?
  7. Mac
  8. Now bring Bunny Must Die!
  9. Why the arn't the other PC games on steam ?
  10. Gamesutra release date and price
  11. Is this FREE?
  12. RA Interview
  13. Weeaboos invading steam?
  14. Finally. A reason to join Steam
  15. Worth buying again?
  16. Hope they give us a release date soon
  17. Is this for me?
  18. Ten Desires released
  19. Probably a silly question, but...
  20. is there gonna be a 2 pack
  21. please add local multiplayer.
  22. Well guys, 10 days till release. What are you doing to pass the time?
  23. Let us pre-purchase :D
  24. Please sell the soundtrack
  25. Price?
  26. Anything with Bunny-Girls.
  27. International Holiday
  28. A little something to try out till you wait for gundemonium
  29. Games on other OS's
  30. A few questions
  31. Suguri next?
  32. Only till tomorrow
  33. Not a midnight release? FFFFF-
  34. The release date has passed - no buy button though
  35. Controls
  36. Full Screen issue for Gundemonium Recollection
  37. I can't download the demo
  38. Hitogata Happa - CHARGED
  39. Hitbox?
  40. Demo sound is full of static
  41. This game would be nice if there is controler support
  42. Is there anyone playing online?
  43. Gundemonium Collection bug hunt
  44. Cmpared to PS3 version?
  45. RockinAndroid other games?
  46. Nagi "mirror" bugged on continues
  47. If I love jamestown, will I love these 3 games?
  48. I can't use the trigger buttons on my XBOX 360 controller because...
  49. Could we get the soundtrack?
  50. Problems running Hitogata Happa and Gundemonium Recollection
  51. Bought the game thread :D
  52. Hi-Score Sharing/Vids?
  53. Custom key config issues with GR and HH
  54. Occasional hanging during a multiplayer game
  55. Why isn't there Japanese language?
  56. What's your preferred control scheme?
  57. Gundeadligne Mission Mode (Spoilers)
  58. Circle-shaped bullets (Recollection)
  59. Hitogata Happa update?... What was it for? o.o
  60. Trilogy Lies
  61. Where to find the Steam leaderboard?
  62. boss one shotting me
  63. Gundemonium Recollection Lucky Ray vs Twin Drill?
  64. Unusually low game advertising.
  65. Hitogata Happa: Doomsday Last Stage
  66. Gundemonium RC: default keys (shot & slow same key) don't work as they should
  67. Question regarding 1st boss in Hitogata Happa
  68. Seriously is this a damage race?
  69. Any Orange Juice games coming?
  70. Where are the sound test options?
  71. Inconsistency of control scheme regarding slow move between Gundemonium series
  72. anyone beat stage 5 in gundeadligne advanced?
  73. Your favorite game in the collection?
  74. GundeadliGne starts at episode 2 when I start a new game
  75. Online games run slow!
  76. How to bind shift?
  77. Uh, help with Pearl Matrix?
  78. For the longest time I had no idea what the slow movement function was for
  79. You should make a small change to Hitogata Happa
  80. Nagi Bugs
  81. Hitogata Happa - replay issues
  82. GundeadliGne online freeze
  83. Misleading pictures for the Recollection Achievements
  84. Stretch windowed mode?
  85. Testing out online play.
  86. Need help with xbox 360 controller issue
  87. Thank you for these games!
  88. Just wanted to say some things.......
  89. Rockin Android website
  90. Gendemonium Recollection excessive slowdown
  91. Mimosa achievement
  92. Missing achievement.
  93. Bloodvane
  94. Demonic Shift
  95. Hard to find pubs for Duets in GundeadliGne... any advice?
  96. Stuck at menu
  97. Slamligne 1784
  98. 10/10/2011 Update?
  99. A question to the devs
  100. local co-op
  101. Gundemonium Recollection scoring
  102. Hitogata Happa didn't update?
  103. Favorite Earl Type?
  104. Gundemonium Collection games randomly stuttering?
  105. Question Regarding Demonic.
  106. Update on 10/27/2011
  107. Is there an easy way to upload to youtube?
  108. Rockin' Android please publish more shmups..
  109. Why isn't she/it wearing pants?
  110. Multiplayer Stuttering/Disconnects
  111. A review!
  112. Thank you Platine Dispositif and Rockin' Android
  113. My humble opinion
  114. Daath Unlocking
  115. Gundeadligne - Eryth thread
  116. Support for more keys ?
  117. ON SALE UNTIL 11/28 FOR $4.99!
  118. Exposed Nudity in a "E 10+" game?
  119. Is there a way to get "unlimited" continues?
  120. Suguri on steam
  121. controls are messed?
  122. Controller and option
  123. Key mapping and an X-Arcade controller
  124. Changing the full screen resolution from 640x480
  125. Slow separate from shooting?
  126. Order of games
  127. Any updates on future plans for Rockin; Android?
  128. A few "Special Surprises?"
  129. A few questions regarding the games
  130. Added new holiday outfit color sets?
  131. Con artists
  133. Movement / Key Mapping Issue
  134. I'll tell you something cool..
  135. Hitogata Happa
  136. Playable with keyboard?
  137. Hitogata Happa
  138. (Want:) Gundemonium Collection (Have:) Coal
  139. GundeadliGne is the multiplayer working?
  140. Have 10 Coal for Gundemonium Collection
  141. PS3 Controller
  142. Achievements not part of the hunt?
  143. Really want Gundemonium Collection :(
  144. Rockin' Android please bring Flying Red Barrel to steam.
  145. Recollection runtime error after latest update
  146. DirectX 100mb redistributable bundled with every game
  147. Requesting Replays
  148. Control Problems [GundeadleGne]
  149. Suguri Queries (Already released ver)....
  150. Question about this Game
  151. I can't get Mimosa Achievement
  152. Hitogata Happa's true final boss... (SPOILERS!!)
  153. How can I change the controls of Gundemonium?
  154. Scoreboards Offline?
  155. beating XXX Lotus Blacker in GundeadliGne
  156. Any way to force phase level up?
  157. Multiplayer server "issue(?)"
  158. GundeadliGne Requesting A walkthrough for newbies. >_<
  159. Replay Issue
  160. Keybindings
  161. Enemy tactics questions
  162. All three games just straight up crash when I try to run them
  163. Anyone want to play Gundeadligne?
  164. Holiday achievements still achievable?
  165. Replays aren't being saved (Gundemonium Recollection)
  166. Rapid fire - RE?
  167. How do you get good?
  168. Anyone up for a run-through of GundeadliGne?
  169. GundeadliGne 10 mb update 10/5/2012?
  170. Issues with Hitogata Happa (bugs?)
  171. Why is Hitogata Happa so damn difficult?!
  172. Crash to to Desktop
  173. Free Key
  174. error 80
  175. The Soundtracks are OUT!
  176. getting Sphere 13 in hitogata happa
  177. GundeadliGne - Stuck on advanced Difficulty
  178. Widescreen option?
  179. For the devs
  180. I Have Brought Shame to My House
  181. Destroying Volcannon Parts (Acrux Achievement)
  182. Expression of appreciation
  183. Missing objects on Hitogata Happa
  184. Gundemonium Recollection crashes on startup
  185. BGM looping bug has appeared in all three games
  186. Collaborative Hitogata Happa Guide/Walkthrough
  187. True Final Boss(es)
  188. Bunny Must Die on Greenlight
  189. Unlimited is harder than demonic?
  190. GundeadliGne Slow Move key (win 8)
  191. Corrupt game file ?
  192. Polaris, Sweet Tooth and Holiday in Hell achievements
  193. What happened to the soundtrack?!
  194. Gundemonium Collection and Nvidia Optimus
  195. Leaderboards not working for GundeadliGne?
  196. A few questions regarding Hitogata Happa's true last boss
  197. Shift key for slowdown?
  198. Any tips for Happa's 2nd stage tank boss?
  199. Getting started?
  200. Being penalized for not getting hit?
  201. Direct Netplay in GundeadliGne?
  202. This game is broken
  203. Destructive - Hitogata Happa
  204. problems with controls
  205. Steam Trading Cards?
  206. Why Sphere 13 comes here?
  207. Controls fix
  208. Official Unofficial Orange Juice Game Invite Thread