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  1. Loving it!
  2. where is ep3
  3. EP 2 and EP3 don't support the Grid View.
  4. Should you buy it or not?
  5. No "Add to wishlist" button?
  6. ep2 and 3 will not run
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  10. have this to trade want cheap game offers
  11. Is this just not that popular?
  12. I have Hector: Badge of Carnage series to trade,
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  14. I'm broken, but I can offer Terraria for it.
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  16. Will trade EYE Divine Cybermancy for this game
  17. Hector 1 bug - Invisible inventory items
  18. worst audio ever?
  19. Trading Complete Hector series
  20. I have Ep.1 and I can't buy full season
  21. What happened to this game?
  22. subs anyone?