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  5. Co-op
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  11. Um... too many wall secrets?
  12. Loving the game so far.
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  14. i can't disable v-sync
  15. Second Game update is live
  16. Game came out of nowhere and is tons of fun
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  20. Unlocking all golden guns?
  21. Full game and Demo??
  22. Location of the third Challenge?
  23. Patch notes sticky?
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  25. Mouse sensitivity?
  26. What?
  27. the demo wont run :C
  28. Demo still won't load.
  29. So, SSDD is only $5.59 on Getgamesgo.com
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  31. No 1920x1080 Support?
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  37. My review
  38. Programmed to reject any Non-M$ Game Pad
  39. Vote Double D for indi of the year
  40. Any clues on how to unlock the golden guns?
  41. Pauses every time there's an explosion
  42. Golden Guns
  43. Double Crosshair...help!
  44. Happy Holidays from MBG
  45. Shaking
  46. Missing one Thompson
  47. My Review After Completing the Game
  48. [Video] First Impressions Serious Sam Double D
  49. Mode not supported
  50. Buggy pterodactyls allow me to jump to a bug location.
  51. Problem with Golden Rocket Launcher
  52. Achievement Bug
  53. Metacritic is silly.
  54. Controller PSX/USB X-series no worky
  55. Untouchable Sam
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