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  1. Launcher Problem
  2. A bit confused about the Halloween event
  3. Confused about Party
  4. A few questions: Parties, trading, items, PvP and servers
  5. how to link pw account to steam account?
  6. RH problems... =(
  7. rusty hearts distributable install?
  8. Christ, this is addictive.
  9. Cataphract Bone Quest.
  10. Can anyone help me?
  11. Your Highest Combo.
  12. Crash to desktop on Launch
  13. Game Crashing on Startup
  14. 11/22 Scheduled Maintenance
  15. Natasha has no dialogue
  16. Euro Servers: Dying a slow death?
  17. Next update?
  18. [QUEST] Duke's Distress Signal
  19. Quest Glitch - Guest Villa
  20. A Simple Task
  21. Holiday Patch Fail [Issue]
  22. controller issue
  23. Costume Transfer question
  24. Recent update killed my controls.
  25. Is it fun?
  26. Steam fail with this game ...
  27. Rusty Hearts (Free Achievement) - How to download
  28. 5GB HDD space, 14GB recommended?
  29. Can't even try the game because of region problem...
  30. Rusty Hearths, Poland and Hidden achi
  31. Busty Tarts
  32. unable to connect [1]
  33. Can't even create an account
  34. Crashes at Perfect World splash
  35. This is the best free to play game in the sale so far
  36. "Please enter your password again." Can't register!
  37. I can't register for this game
  38. Stuck in endless patching loop, can't play
  39. First impressions of a game
  40. Enemies became invulnerable!
  41. Sets the bar so low for steam achievements
  42. Why is this an event game?
  43. Monitor Out Of Range Error - Game Cannot Start
  44. Are Achievements Retroactive?
  45. Achievement?
  46. Painful and Agonizing
  47. Steam Overlay
  48. So, can't play this game on Windows 8?
  49. slow download?
  50. Can't start game
  51. Has this game become regionally restricted in Japan or something?
  52. Can't patch nor start the game
  53. This is WoW for Anime freaks
  54. Registering an account?
  55. IF Launcher Info Down
  56. Buggy game... enemies stuck in areas you can't reach.
  57. This game is
  58. Steam and game problem
  59. Only install if you want the giftpile gift.. WORST GAME EVER.
  60. Installing the game was a nightmare
  61. Wine Cellar 1F Beginnerís Season 12/20-12/28
  62. how to change resolution? (or run windowed)
  63. Patcher fail
  64. Error while installing
  65. Error: IF Info Down
  66. Cannot Install Game
  67. Wonderful, another f2p game that doesn't start
  68. Game installed perfectly for me
  69. Disappearing Characters?
  70. Game crashes after launching
  71. Game quits after select server....
  72. [video ] guide to do the achievement
  73. Achievement 'A Simple Task' didnt unlock
  74. ok, I completed the task, got the achievement, but...
  75. this game is some kind of a joke
  76. cannot login to rusty hearts
  77. Not Cool Someone Took The Name Rusty Trombone
  78. Crash on startup - fix (worked on WinXP x86)
  79. Rusty Hearts Steam Achievements
  80. Simple Task - B Rating - How the [color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color]....
  81. Team bug.
  82. why does steam bother adding crap like this to the game library?
  83. Launcher Problem.
  84. First time setup - every time
  85. all attacks deal 1 dam only?
  86. Rusty Hearts is a Virus!!!
  87. Why Rusty Heart is fun
  88. no verification email?
  89. Game without all achievements!
  90. Magical Locked Door in Canals B2
  91. Charging Zen from Steam
  92. i can't unlock any achievements
  93. Patch 1 or Patch 2?
  94. Do only Angela and Angsty talk?
  95. [EU] Raw Messiah guild recruiting...
  96. Can't patch
  97. x360 controller emulator or joy2key
  98. Rusty Hearts Steam Gift Pack [FREE CODE]
  99. tradeing a Meilin Chen code
  100. Can't have a party and go into a dungeon
  101. X-Trap error
  102. Achieve 10th Ace Ranking in PVP Achievement?
  103. Booze Hound Achievement
  104. [W] Meilin Chen [H] Games
  105. Optimizing game performance? (loading)
  106. Game sometimes doesn't boot up, also a small error
  107. Steam Meilin Chen Giveaway
  108. SUMM! CS Idea?
  109. [Patch Notes] January 19, 2012
  110. Game Save on one server?
  111. Game crashes after character selection
  112. Fresh Install = Rusty Hearts Files?
  113. GIVEAWAY: codes for exp & free character
  114. Game WILL NOT Start
  115. Fix the patcher already
  116. Why does the steam version need a patcher anyway?
  117. Fun game, you will adjust controls however
  118. DVI No Signal when trying to pick a character.
  119. The game keeps crashing
  120. Steam MidWeek Madness!
  121. where to put in codes?
  122. I can't believe I wasted 5GB download on this
  123. Online Only ?!
  124. Can't get past screens showing logos
  125. Steam Gift Pack Status
  126. Can't select characters
  127. Buying/Free meilin code >_<
  128. Dungeon error problem and 11 Files always file to validate...
  129. Anyway around High Ping
  130. Buying Meilin Code for Rusty Hearts H: Tons of TF2 items!
  131. [video] Rusty Hearts Quicklook for those curious...
  132. New achievements?
  133. Trade coupons for free meilin code
  134. Key Bindings
  135. Can't Find CoreClientSDK.dll
  136. Why are the other characters so expensive ?
  137. so this game is pretty much usless to me now.
  138. Do achievements trigger with cash shop characters? Edgar, Rosellie, Meilin?
  139. Some achievements aren't unlocking
  140. Patch Error
  141. EconomyCrashers[East]
  142. Lost 45 epic plate piece
  143. Can you remove RH since it won't patch anymore?
  144. Anyone Here Play RH?
  145. need help cant patch!
  146. Can't believe that wasted of my precious time trying to download this game -.-
  147. THE FIX: how to fix the PATCHING ERROR.
  148. Anyone feel like swapping TF2 stuff for this Veterans Pack I just got?
  149. Buying Veteran Package for 1 key
  150. {Help} Game stoped working and ll now close
  151. Deleveling/Rollbacking issue
  152. D/L'd demo ..haven't been able to play for over 8 hours and 8 patch attempts.
  153. Inventory is full xD
  154. Is it still possible to get the Christmas Achievement
  155. Whats the point in natasha?
  156. Achievement How To?
  157. How popular is this game?
  158. is there a fast level tip?
  159. Help launching rusty hearts
  160. Steam Wallet Zen Transfer Disabled
  161. I cant open Rusty hearts
  162. Help please
  163. Need help
  164. Problem launching game
  165. Table Error Help!
  166. This Is Really Ridiculous!
  167. Wonk work for anything.
  168. cant register
  169. Game crashes after game is shut down
  170. Rusty Hearts Q&A and giveaway
  171. a Reborn question
  172. Login Issues
  173. The Channel is too busy at the moment
  174. Ridiculously slow download speeds
  175. Free gift code from F710 controller