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  1. New F2P Game - Opinions?
  2. Welcome to Rusty Hearts! Videos and FAQ Inside
  3. Which character will you start with?
  4. Can you tell me whats the game about?
  5. Pets?
  6. region limited ?
  7. character creation
  8. Steam achievements?
  9. Problem.
  10. Is picking a server permanent?
  11. Steam Screenshot manager messes up?
  12. Guilds?
  13. Will the controller ever be remappable?
  14. Controller Support
  15. Game Crash after choosing Realm
  16. 150% Text Resolution Prevents use of Mouse
  17. Not used patch file error.
  18. Just tried it, looks really fun and it's beautiful + nice musics. A few questions.
  19. Starter Bungle Pre-September 27
  20. Please whitelist MSI Afterburner OSD for X-Trap
  21. Mapping to mouse
  22. Rusty Hearts quick beginning game review
  23. Problem Launching Game
  24. email already used
  25. How much content is this game?
  26. Frozen Mouse?
  27. free 2 play or pay 2 win?
  28. Wasn't going to try until..
  29. Controller Key Icons?
  30. RustyHearth Launcher
  31. Busty Hearts
  32. Is there a way to increase the font size of the Hud & chat?
  33. Character Creation - Selection issue
  34. 2 questions: Steam Bonus and Anti-Cheat system.
  35. Rusty Heart's Launcher: Malware warning
  36. Wow game looks great
  37. This looks so awesome!!
  38. Quality of Perfect World cust Service?
  39. No Steam overlay on Win7
  40. Skype and X-Trap
  41. Please Report Gold Spammers
  42. i havent recieved my confirmation
  43. This is the best MMO on Steam, by far!
  44. Solo play?
  45. I lost my game save!
  46. Click on register......nothing happens.....
  47. are purchaseable costumes tradeable?
  48. Xtrap and 64 bit systems.
  49. The Game is SOOO Pretty [HD Video]
  50. Rusty Hearts Gameplay First Look Video
  51. Black screen after finishing dungeons
  52. IF Launcher info down
  53. Patch Installation
  54. For 64-bit, X-trap, and other worries....
  55. BIG problems with the gamepad input
  56. Xtrap - Error Code
  57. I just cant give this game a chance..
  58. Problem with the game
  59. 20 Achievements Displayed; None Listed?
  60. What is the name of the song in the trailer?
  61. So in this whole game can u only either go left or right?
  62. Can't get past server selection.
  63. Disconnection Error
  64. Steam Overlay Triggers X-Trap for me
  65. Sound Trouble
  66. Quirky Controllers
  67. Should I allow Steam to check for updates?
  68. Impossible to register
  69. application error...
  70. Resolution Crash
  71. Account Creation Troubles (SOLVED, Update At Bottom)
  72. Starter Bundle?
  73. Unable to use chat
  74. Admin privs required to run
  75. Not available in your region
  76. Bugs Thread
  77. Will there be Japanese coversation options?
  78. Steam doesn't show you as in game
  79. My perfectworld account has been banned, because I played this game
  80. So what's beyond button mashing?
  81. Change reolution.Advanced.? Read for more details..
  82. I can't even register?
  83. Is this game worth it?
  84. Steam updated. RH Updated in steam, all issues resolved! Except one -.-
  85. Level Limited?
  86. Game Won't Launch
  87. Usage of Steam Login planned?
  88. Can't login
  89. Can not make a account at perfectworld.eu or .com
  90. Solution if you can not register!
  91. random crash while playing
  92. Help
  93. account was banned after playing this
  94. Mailbox Trouble
  95. So what do you pay for?
  96. natasha gameplay
  97. Video: Co-Op Gameplay 1080P
  98. I cannot get passed the Perfect World screen
  99. Are FW and RH accounts seperate?
  100. More problems registering
  102. Muting the yells?
  103. Increase storage?
  104. Y u no warn about rootkit, valve?
  106. Game crashes to desktop on startup...
  107. When are you guys thinking of expanding the storage?
  108. Region Limitations?
  109. Region limited and Ban Question
  110. Account problem
  111. Video: Check out the game in 5940x1200! :D
  112. Useless mana potions?
  113. I can't play the game but my friend on the same region can ?
  114. Post your best chain
  115. Keyboard mapping
  116. Alot of problems starting
  117. Can't Login
  118. Checking exp. needed 'til next level?
  119. It's unavailable?
  120. Unable to go back to town
  121. Ow ow ow ow the pain
  122. Voice Volume Issues + Stuff
  124. Can't even download this...
  125. Deleted my characters???
  126. First Time Setup Running Over and Over Again?
  127. Rusty Hearts Update Coming Soon!
  128. Characters on different servers.
  129. Quest Conversation Error
  130. I like how this game windows with out any boarders
  131. the game is not friendly with Skype
  132. Lunia Comparions
  133. Annoying typing delay
  134. Party Loot
  135. Can't log in
  136. Hard Drive Wiped
  137. Unable to connnect [1] won't let me in
  138. Weapon Master
  139. East 1 Users
  140. Having problems with Rusty hearts and steam? Don't use steam version.
  141. more space?
  142. Epic Music ?
  143. Screenshots taken with SteamOverlay seem to be gone after exiting
  144. Traduccion espaņol
  145. Possible Reason you can't play.+rant
  146. Rusty Hearts - Likes/Dislikes and Wish-Lists (Developers Resource)
  147. Please help, how do you remove this completely?
  148. Mantis Costume
  149. My opinions on the game at level 15+ (Long post)
  150. Heh, i'm probably not the only one who saw it like this.
  151. How can they afford to release this game for free?
  152. delay
  153. Game does not start
  154. Characters dont save
  155. Is this game still super easy?
  156. items missing replaced by old ones
  157. Is this game like Dynasty Warriors?
  158. LFP: Library 2min Run
  159. Shards
  160. Rusty Hearts (Triple Monitors / Eyefinity / Surround) [~4K]
  161. Rusty Hearts with a ps3 controller!
  162. I found the first relevant flaw in the game.
  163. Other category needs more room
  164. Gamepad Glitch / Remap Request
  165. sorry steam
  166. Anybody can help me with this quset?PATRICIA'S PROBLEM
  167. Rusty Hearts Awakening Update - Octoboer 11 Release
  168. Finally able to register
  169. Would Perfer an Anime over the game
  170. East 1 Server down!
  171. Not used patch file.[0]
  172. Could not get this game to run!
  173. where to buy Zen???
  174. X-trap
  175. Is this possible?
  176. Can't even run the program.
  177. Running
  178. Busty Hearts
  179. they claim 3d visoin works but it doesnot
  180. Material naming gone wrong?
  181. European Server Down?
  182. Help me choose
  183. I still didn't get the steam bonus.
  184. Tude innuendo
  185. Can play on west server
  186. Have we ever figured this out?
  187. Can't make account.
  188. Bigger attack indicators please!
  189. west server not working or not
  190. Join SteamCommunity Guild
  191. Block function useless?
  192. Please fix evasion with Gamepads
  193. Sidekick/Mentor system
  194. steam starter bundle
  195. Launcher broke on me.
  196. Creating a new character
  197. How long to get to max level?
  198. Skype Crash
  199. Ok, am I missing something?
  200. Where to get potions?
  201. Question about skill points and update.
  202. Can't Login? Please Read
  203. Fix for Login / Xfire
  204. Game not visible in EUROPE
  205. RH Patch issue.
  206. What's the Epic Soundtrack on This Game?
  207. servers down?
  208. Unable to connect [1]
  209. Guild opportunity-|NERV|
  210. Roulette bug
  211. unable to connect [1]
  212. ill give this game a 10
  213. Xtrap blocking Xfire
  214. steam community title
  215. "game is not available at the moment"
  216. Rusty Hearts Game wont load
  217. great timing
  218. I give away my xp scroll.
  219. "Your account has been suspended for logging in from a banned region or an open proxy
  220. Logitech Wingman Cordless not recognized.
  221. Big news coming today...
  222. Play With Natasha on October 25th!
  223. Steam overlay isn't working since new patch
  224. Xtrap's cr-a-p
  225. poison books
  226. Why all the hate?
  227. Trolling gold spammers XD
  228. Such a fun game
  229. Overlay Error?
  230. Server Merge and Maintenance Today 10/18
  231. Good bye East(2)
  232. Servers are Back Up!
  233. X-Trap Error [10-0300-800c0006-104]
  234. XTrap connection Problem
  235. Chick Mission not accomplishable!
  236. Lost characters during the East server merge
  237. Icecoldshards & Moonshards
  238. Collasped Halls
  239. Frantz vs. Tude
  240. Chat filters
  241. [Tude] - Pre-Requisite For Shadow Jab?
  242. How many ppl play this game?
  243. Wanted Boards not working?
  244. The Utimate Guide To Earn Free zen
  245. [Quest Help] Maid in Rumania?
  246. can't register
  247. Natasha Update 10/26 at 8pm PDT / 11pm Eastern!
  248. I did the challenge and I no reward!!!
  249. Xtrap Patch Problems
  250. RH Steam Achievements Not Unlocking