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  1. So how is it?
  2. Hows the controller support?
  3. How do I get the multiplayer cars?
  4. Just say no to DRM
  5. How do we redeem our pre-order DLC?
  6. Screen Problem
  7. 3 screens?
  8. Ubisoft Services are unavailable at the moment.
  9. UK release time
  10. DRM requires a connection every time you start game.
  11. My Driver San Francisco 1 hour impressions.
  12. Steam Community not crediting play time
  13. No Voices
  14. what is ubi playing at
  15. First Impressions
  16. When the heck will this get unlocked in Europe?
  17. Enable G25/G27, 3D Vision and Multiple Monitors
  18. Ubisoft Servers Constantly Unavailable?
  19. Custom resolution?
  20. Game is Crashing - Help?
  21. 2min review
  22. I wish i had go the Deluxe Edition :-(
  23. Ubisoft Game Launcher won't start
  24. No 2560x1600 Support (or 16:10 support)?
  25. 3D Screenshots
  26. So is the original car park license in this?
  27. Game Crashes when i try to start a new game
  28. Game Wont Start...
  29. What a fantastic game!!
  30. Problem with my steering wheel
  31. Port Forwarding?
  32. Fantastic game...But AI FPS drops?
  33. Took a gamble buying this
  34. Screen Error - I know Solution
  35. Lose the cops!
  36. Game Crash at Multi Player Menu
  37. are there high res textures? and how do the graphics look?
  38. 50hz instead 60hz...
  39. Connection to ubisoft server has been lost / cant save game
  40. Java Error
  41. Thrill cam = end of game?
  42. Sound completely cuts out
  43. Help pls! Can i gift this game to any1?
  44. Is the game "fixed" now?
  45. Anyone else having issue with a large DL???
  46. Can you put your own music in the game?
  47. Is this like GTA4, but with just the driving part?
  48. Buy this game now
  49. My Driver SF review
  50. Making my Driving Force GT steering wheel work.
  51. Unable to load configuration
  52. Mouse & Keyboard Controls
  53. Car handling problems
  54. PC shut down...
  55. And what about multiplayer?
  56. Disable Mic?
  57. So just to be clear - there is no 2560x1440 fix?
  58. Hidden Cars?
  59. Race or Destroy?
  60. thx to the devs for fixing my problem :)
  61. Got to say, I am impressed
  62. how do i get the 1.0.3 update
  63. This is to do with Driver San Francisco
  64. No bikes?! So what?
  65. Is the PC version of Driver: San Francisco still alive?!
  66. G25 Pedals not recognised
  67. is it only driving?
  68. Sim or Arcade?
  69. Is it worth it?
  70. Any1 playing MP
  71. Controller?
  72. My 2 cents
  73. how reliant is this game on the "shift" mechanic.
  74. 1600x900??
  75. Buy it! best multiplayer I have ever played (racing)
  76. Night/bad weather driving? Original Driver had it.
  77. Ubisoft, where's the spoiler alert?
  78. two story modes on one PC ?
  79. PS3 or PC version?
  80. This game was awful
  81. Far too short storyline
  82. Wheel problem
  83. TECH HELP plz help! Game won't start after UPlay login
  84. Purple Cadillac
  85. Needs brightness
  87. Game crashes immediately
  88. quick question pls...
  89. Black Border on all resolutions
  90. Monitor says: input not supported
  91. Is there any way to upgrade to Deluxe Edition? (like Assassin's Creed 2)
  92. Driver.exe stopped working FIXED
  93. [H] Driver SF 33% Off [W] offers
  94. Worst rubberbanding since GTA4
  95. Anyone want my coupon for this?
  96. Reinstalled windows - Can't play D:SF cause my cdkey is already used (by me, lol)
  97. Zap_Down won't map
  98. Cannot move save data
  99. No 1080p?
  100. Connection to Ubisoft server has been lost.
  101. Update through Steam?
  102. Driver: San Francisco PC - The Way It Was Meant To Be Played
  103. Mp problem
  104. WARNING: Steam version NOT up to date.
  105. Ubisoft Patching Everytime
  106. Driver SF = $17 (US) at Gamefly (former Direct2Download)
  107. Driver san francisco failed to contact key server
  108. Where is product key?
  109. key ?
  110. Problem with Key Resolved
  111. Can't find any multiplayer matches.
  112. Problem with resolution..
  113. Does anybody knows a grapic mod?
  114. Problems updating game hours to Steam.
  115. [MAC] Game shows error when launching, quits.
  116. Binding Key incorrect.
  117. Game is dead?
  118. Key has already been used?
  119. $7.50 at GameFly
  120. Problem Driver SF for Mac
  121. Daily Deal: Is it worth it?
  122. Game is awesome, great mp THAT DOEST WORK
  123. Performance on Laptop?
  124. Wow...Close one
  125. Is there anything like a "free roam" mode?
  126. Has the game been patched up, graphics-wise ?
  127. Is this only a Multi-Player game?
  128. Get the digital delux content
  129. Crash at startup
  130. PS3 Controller
  131. Just finished downloading, now what?
  132. No sound/talk
  133. 1920x1080 black bars ???
  134. Game won't start
  135. OSX Controller Support
  136. driver.exe has stopped working
  137. Game shuts down
  138. Quick Review
  139. resolution problem 1920x1080
  140. FPS Drop, Game Can Become Unplayable, Buyer Beware!
  141. Things that annoy me with this otherwise great game
  142. Game crashes everytime I try to join a server
  143. game session no longer available
  144. Sound Issues FIXED
  145. camera?
  146. World Leaderboards
  147. Start game, just a completely black screen, but sound is playing.
  148. Bought yesterday, can't play today thanks to DRM
  149. Physical version activation
  150. ENB Graphics pack
  152. Easy Way To Patch This Game
  153. Fullscreen Problem
  154. Epic game.....More friends for multiplayer needed!!!!
  155. A serious problem
  156. Anyone still have this game on your Inventory?
  157. Game crashes
  158. Yaaar, Me Matey!
  159. Is there a way to communicate in multiplayer?
  160. Did anyone fixed their FPS drop?
  161. g27 issues
  162. video uploads: broken?
  163. Change mph to kmh?
  164. Can you get out of your car?
  165. Splitscreen?
  166. UPlay achievement credits not rewarded
  167. Steam version is now finally patched to 1.04.1114!
  168. Driver no longer keeping track of time played.
  169. Steering wheel?
  170. Issues yet to be fixed!
  171. uPlay login not working-am I the only one?
  172. Who wanna play online
  173. Deluxe edition worth extra €10?
  174. Worth it?
  175. Activation
  176. How does multiplayer work?
  177. Major freezin issue
  178. Activated on wrong account?
  179. Does the game support...
  180. Can't connect to ubisoft server?
  181. How to make a Logitech Dual Action work?
  182. Syncronizing your games with the cloud: 0%
  183. quick question - resolution
  184. Is online still featured?
  185. Stuttering despite 60 or 120 FPS
  186. Crash on Main Menu
  187. How is the multiplayer today ?
  188. Crashing before even seeing a screen
  189. HDTV Problem
  190. UPLAY
  191. Freezing Issue Resolution
  192. This game has DRM!!
  193. Can't get ENB series to work
  194. UPLAY???
  196. 4 hours left to buy this gem in the rough
  197. Driver San Francisco Multiplayer
  198. Fixed in Game Freeze
  199. Game crashes before startup
  200. problem with Driver San Francisco
  201. Eyefinity/Surround support
  202. No video at launch
  203. Serious problems with PC version
  204. Cant start Driver San Francisco.
  205. Will Ubisoft ever fix the memory leak in this game?
  206. Mac fix for Driver SF not launching - change system language to US English
  207. Why are leaderboards empty?
  208. Driver San francisco
  209. Mac: Keyboard and mouse won't work at all.
  210. Driver SF - Unable to start game
  211. Uplay security risk spotted, Ubisoft “looking into” the issue now
  212. (OSX 10.8) Ubi game launcher crashes when trying to launch the game
  213. Vehicle Handing
  214. Story mode can't launch, constant loading
  215. The Cd Key you have entered is Invalid
  216. Game only running in 1080i
  217. How does the income multiplier work?
  218. Is the multiplayer dead?
  219. Attention! Installs browser plugins!
  220. Ubi sucks ...
  221. Cloud Saving?
  222. Is this game worth it?
  223. Driver: SF on sale for 1 $/Euro/Pound
  224. FPS capped at 25
  225. Multiplayer down?
  226. Crash 2 seconds after entering lobby
  227. Got the game on uplay, how do I get steam overlay to work?
  228. Separate Launcher?
  229. There was a problem starting your game.Make sure you to have no other games running
  230. Shift function glitch
  231. Is there a command line to skip the Uplay screen?
  232. Game doesn´t Fit on the screen
  233. Anyone know how to get 100% completion?
  234. Failed to Contact Key Server
  235. Video Ram Question
  236. Complete Garbage!
  237. Mass Chase
  238. Blue Screen?
  239. Camera problem
  240. PC freezing and "BlueScreen" error with Driver San Francisco
  241. surround 5760x1080 solution?
  242. Custom Free Roam Cruise Challenge
  243. Game won't load on Mac... any help?
  244. Driver SF will evere go on 75% off sale
  245. loss of keyboard after a few seconds on the road
  246. Game wont load, in task manager
  247. ENB Comparison test