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  1. 50% Binding of Isaac Coupon FT
  2. Save file missing ! help please :(
  3. Christmas Achievement broken or not live yet?
  4. Help
  5. After Mom's heart
  6. This Christmas achievement is just too unreasonable.
  7. So I'm only able to make devil rooms spawn on the 2nd floors of each section
  8. Achievements on Mac, a solution ?
  9. [Video] First Impressions The Binding of Isaac
  10. Want Binding of Isaac for 3 Coal
  11. Steam xmas Achievement for OS X?
  12. Christmas achievement - is it actually part of The Great Gift Pile?
  13. kIlled Mom for the first time
  14. Crippling item interactions
  15. Does the Christmas achievement even exist?
  16. Got the christmas acheivement on my first try
  17. Satan
  18. Who else managed to acheive Golden God without unlocking the Sheers?
  19. how to get across trenches?
  20. Lots of attempts, and still no Krampus.
  21. Binding of Isaac achievement
  22. So this game ran fine when I bought it on release
  23. for first timers
  24. 15hrs in 2wks, no Krampus. Devs: I wish you failure in all future endeavours.
  25. Luckiest Person Ever? I think so :D
  26. Is Someone trading BoI?
  27. Care forthe achievement... is this game any good?
  28. so i fighted krampus, got the ingame coal, but got no achievement
  29. i Found Krampus on my first run...
  30. W00T, most awesome run ever.
  31. [H] 5 Coal + Coupon [W] Binding of Isaac ($1.24)
  32. Am I doing something wrong? 2 hours played, tons of bosses but not even 1 devil room!
  33. The achievement...
  34. An idea on how to fix the Christmas Achievement
  35. Achievement not showing in achievement list
  36. Game Demo at New Grounds
  37. Achivements don't unlock
  38. Steam Cloud & Winter Achievement Problem
  39. Sheol Bug
  40. About Krampus
  41. [W] Binding of isaac [H] 7 coal
  42. Get this game, don't bother with the achievement!
  43. [H] 4 Coal [W] The Binding of Isaac
  44. possible to import save?
  45. [H] BoI - Will trade.
  46. And I STILL Have no Idea How To Get The Achievement!
  47. Killed Krampus but objective not complete?
  48. You catch more flies with vinegar...
  49. BOI and soundtrack is cheaper if bought separately
  50. trading
  51. Count yourself lucky to even get the room
  52. Sad Freakin Face
  53. My game is broken?
  54. I've found krampus killed him and still no Achievement
  55. easy guide to get the achievement + coal
  56. Game not starting
  57. really
  58. Anyone willing to trade?
  59. any way to skip the intro video?
  60. Mom kills are not counting after killing mom's heart?
  61. Are we ever going to get an achievement fix for macs?
  62. Getting ach
  63. Game Update?
  64. I can't get achievement.....
  65. Where are saves located?
  66. where is the devil room?
  67. The save file uploaded earlier?
  68. Way Too Hard And A Bad Game
  69. This game is actually not that hard.
  70. Any straightforward ways to get the devil room?
  71. solved..
  72. Holliday Achievement Trouble
  73. There a way to disable the intro video?
  74. Bug or i just dont get it?
  75. Achievement
  76. The achievement wouldn't have been bad if
  77. Killed krempus but no achievement, help?
  78. Dumbest Christmas achievement idea I've experienced so far.
  79. A Good Game with Terrible Controls
  80. [H] Portal [W] Binding of Isaac
  81. If You Want to Get the Achievement Legitimately, Here's How to Increase Your Chances
  82. Finally got Krampus!
  83. Bought the game with the soundtrack
  84. Is there something wrong with achievement triggers?
  85. Achievement doesn't show up
  86. The Binding of Isaac may come to the 3DS
  87. The Game and Achievement are fine!
  88. nightmare fuel enemies
  89. My thread about unlocking the Holiday Achievement was deleted by a mod
  90. I think this game takes a nod to Zelda a LITTLE too much.
  91. 2 hours into game - no devil doors.
  92. Respawning
  93. I don't like this game :(
  94. LF:Binding of Isaac
  95. trying to get the christmas achievement made me hate this game
  96. No health. What do?
  97. Fighting Krampus RIGHT NOW
  98. Zee Ironies, they are too many.
  99. After ALL that I got coal!
  100. Why is this game running worse than AAA Titles ?
  101. Majority of achievements unlocked. How to lock them?
  102. I Got Krampus on First Try
  103. achievement not working?
  104. can't complete achievement !!!!!!!
  105. The Binding of Isaac stopped working
  106. Where is the savegame
  107. I wish this game had DLC
  108. Issues Downloading ("Suspended")
  109. where are subtitle ?
  110. Game runs very slow
  111. [Bug] 9 lives thingy thing
  112. Soundtrack
  113. The binding of Isaac XD
  114. Are there issues with the achievement showing up?
  115. I am error
  116. i can't still unlock achievements
  117. [H] 5 coals [W] The Binding Of Isaac
  118. This game is a billion times better than I expected
  119. i had devil room after heart :D
  120. Your favourite items
  121. I like this game alot, BUT
  122. Error room
  123. Bizarre issue with sound
  125. Question regqrding the ____ BOYs achievements
  126. mother of god THIS GAME
  127. the achievement is beyond unacceptable12 hrs 1 Devil Room
  128. Mom kills not being taken into account ?
  129. Devil room after mom's heart?
  130. Anyone know how to get a 360 pad to work?
  131. Fraps and Steam overlay does not work
  132. Intro video unskippable?
  133. Any tips ?
  134. Awesome game! But it has a few serious problems...
  135. Glitch
  136. Here's what i think.
  137. Got to Krampus after 1 hour...
  138. items documentation?
  139. Legitly mad about this achievement.
  140. Cannot get achievement
  141. Achievements Error
  142. Steam Sale Achievement
  143. I don't see what all the Krampus complaints are about...
  144. a few question
  145. We're not friends any more...
  146. Unbinding Isaac - True ending discussion (Spoilers)
  147. Steam Cloud
  148. Can we unlock the "A Gift from Krampus" achievement any time?
  149. Can't unlock anything
  150. Is it worth it ?
  151. excuse me but
  152. Anyway of modding the game?
  153. Favorite Characters and why
  154. Just lost an AWESOME run because of a STUPID BUG
  155. Achievements failing to unlock
  156. The game won't start through steam
  157. This game needs coop!
  158. Just beat Satan for the first time and...
  159. new DLC titled "The Wrath Of The Lamb" coming soon
  160. Chance of alternate bosses spawning?
  161. Please develop a mobile Version!
  162. Stats question.
  163. Super Bandage, help?
  164. Controller Help
  165. Got some questions (resulution and screenshots)
  166. Blue Baby invincibility gltich gone?
  167. Questions about soul hearts
  168. Lump of Coal
  169. Using saved data from HIB's version to Steam's ?
  170. Achievement bugged ?
  171. The Book of Sin issues
  172. Mr. Mega + Fetus in a Jar
  173. Mom kill's / Complete the full game
  174. How do I get the soundtrack?
  175. A bug with mamas boy + steam overlay
  176. A doubt
  177. This game hates me
  178. Any way to skip opening movie
  179. JoyToKey XBOX 360 Controller Config
  180. Is there an inventory somewhere?
  181. Thumbs up at the thought of an expansion
  182. Dark Boy Tips
  183. Worst luck ever... fml
  184. Golden God bug
  185. True Stories of Epic Failure
  186. No-health game?
  187. What's so great about Brimstone?
  188. Really enjoying this game! (recommend me other similar games please)
  189. Green enemies.
  190. One of my best runs/best looking Isaac.
  191. Love Hate Relationship
  192. Configuration resets
  193. Help! Items not unlocking in collection...
  194. Yay! I killed Mom!
  195. Options never remembers my settings
  196. Best Isaac Design Thread
  197. would like to un-unlock things
  198. Not getting achievements.
  199. Reappearing Devil Room ?
  200. Is there anything harder than Sheol?
  201. Did I get ripped off?
  202. Might be a stupid question but...
  203. Don't you hate it when this happens?
  204. Death bug on Scolex
  205. Still missing items to unlock
  206. When do you find it ok to make a deal with the devil?
  207. Playing ???
  208. Killing Floor, TBoI edition
  209. Game like Binding of Isaac but E rated?
  210. Magdalene and Judas stats not working correctly?
  211. I MADE IT GUYS!
  212. Finally. [No-Item Run]
  213. Lag Help
  214. Save not syncing?
  215. Controls Question
  216. i am the new lord of sheol
  217. The bandage - clarification
  218. Again !?
  219. Yes. Get it!
  220. I got a 50% Coupon!
  221. arrow keys or mouse click to attack
  222. How to jump
  223. No steam overlay?
  224. A rock appeared at the basement
  225. Can i save my progress?
  226. Is there any way I can re-install the soundtrack?
  227. What are your best builds?
  228. Can someone give me basic tips for playing the game?
  229. Playthrough Image Export
  230. Item/Death clarification
  231. Anyway to skip intro???
  232. Help! I am getting owned!
  233. Froze my game!
  234. really? REALLY?
  235. How did Edmund achieve this?!?
  236. The game isn't launching!
  237. Dr Fetus question
  238. Arcade Experiences
  239. Can stats go above maximum?
  240. Steam Cloud Support?
  241. If you want to create a game like Binding of Isaac...
  242. So i killed mom for the first time and
  243. 1920x1080 resolution?
  244. Does anyone feel weird playing this game?
  245. Save Data gone?!
  246. Hmmm..i dont understand
  247. everything.. now what?
  248. Ed McMillen - Commentary
  249. Flash updated today.. now the game is accelerated?
  250. Game still running after exiting?