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  1. Rise of Immortals launches on STEAM
  2. MOBA or ARPG?
  3. Free?
  4. Trovoc skin not working
  5. Unspecified RPC error (error code 0)
  6. How do i get one of the 4 Steam promo Immortals for free?
  7. Problems Starting up.
  9. wtf?
  10. Is it worth downloading/playing?
  11. So... basically a Steamworks version of LoL?
  12. Nice game, graphics REALLY need some work!!
  13. How to start up in Window mode?
  14. Rise of Immortals FAQ for STEAM community
  15. Be wary of this game..it might not be what you're looking for..
  16. MOBA? Really? What a ridiculous genre.
  17. Hertz causes headaches
  18. It's not a bad game...
  19. How hard will I get destroyed?
  20. Blue Coins and EXP
  21. What new does RoI bring to MOBA
  22. Characters "Free for a limited time"? How limited? Anyone know?
  23. Game wont launch
  24. Checking updates forever
  25. Need Internet connection as single player?
  26. Game crashes after 10 minutes
  27. Question about Names
  28. Game won't even start
  29. ingame mouse
  30. Server down?
  31. How to make new account?
  32. Unable to find selected server realm
  33. Game Server Unavailable Problem!
  34. Server lag, disconnects, and other performance issues
  35. Major drawback of this game
  36. There's nothing here to make me want to play this train crash.
  37. Performance Issues
  38. If you really want to play the game...
  39. Why is DotA being remade again and again?
  40. Stuck at Lowest Resolution
  41. The game just feels cheap
  42. i want to discuss about some things.
  43. Developers played a nasty trick on me!
  44. What is MOBA?
  45. ClientLauncherR.exe error
  46. How do I get the new immortal Trovoc?
  47. retarted game
  48. Loader launches but play does not?
  49. Has the balance been fixed since beta?
  50. Fix in place for both 0 and -1 RPC errors
  51. Free Immortal Retention Level?
  52. Who speaks Scorpix?
  53. Really enjoying this game.
  54. How does this work?
  55. "Register through Steam"
  56. Some suggestions...
  57. My Take on RoI
  58. Ok, just what in all the hell is wrong with some of you people?!
  59. The Surrender button
  60. What to do with 200 Petroglyphs?
  61. Hellfire's lag
  62. Nysuss shares audio with Sins of a Solar Empire? :P
  63. No Server?
  64. Servers Down for Maintenance :( 10/02 :((
  65. I can't belive it...
  66. EU server
  67. few suggestions and questions
  68. Concise critique of RoI
  69. Rise of Immortals Reviews (200 Words or Less)
  70. Crash, please read [Resolved, read for my fix]
  71. Steam overlay corner
  72. MOBA Question
  73. Can't buy coins
  74. Wjhat I would like to see.
  75. Please help game not loading....
  76. This is a good game. Stick with it.
  77. How do I get the "starter bundle"?
  78. Steam RoI Hates Ventrilo
  79. help, game close
  80. Noob question so please excuse lol
  81. Game Close After 10 Minutes
  82. Servers down (again)
  83. Unable to find select server realm
  84. No Steam Support? Lame!
  85. No steam rewards.
  86. Achievement not working
  87. Native X360 controller support?
  88. Eu Servers in future?
  89. Lvl and Prestige Points questions
  90. This game is HILARIOUS.
  91. No mouse cursor
  92. Sneak Peek at the next Immortal! - Talia, Queen of the Undead
  93. Random Immortal on registration question?
  94. WTF is "MOBA"?
  95. What are the top 3 DOTA type games?
  96. Vezin video intro/strategy guide
  97. Game Update for Oct. 7, 2011
  98. Earning points/coins
  99. Remove the "autolaunch" parameter in order to receive the 10/6 update
  100. In-game lagg fps drop
  101. Game crashing when fighting Guardian
  102. Game crashes within a few seconds of hitting "Play"
  103. Where to submit bug reports?
  104. WEEKEND SALE: Grab this Immortal bundle for over 50% off!
  105. here is how to buy the new pack
  106. Any launch options via Steam to make the game run better on low-end machines?
  107. 3vE - Why don't soldiers/hulks chase the dragon back?
  108. Bug report
  109. Balak video guide
  110. Moveable dialog boxes/containers?
  111. Sugestions on unlocking first inmortal
  112. Can't surrender out of 3vE?
  113. Just won 3PVE no level up or coins
  114. New Halloween hub and Talia Immortal coming!
  115. So, first-time player. Thanks, developers, for showing me the genre.
  116. Game Update for Oct. 13, 2011 - Talia and Halloween
  117. Jeremiah Berek?
  118. Ichorr video guide is up
  119. Im having a Blast
  120. Registering a username that login won't accept
  121. I'd like to thank this game
  122. Guardians of Graxia PC also on Steam
  123. Weekend Sale: Select potions 50% off!
  124. Why can't Artifacts be sold back?
  125. Why RoI gets F2P right
  126. Chilipapa's video guide superthread
  127. Kyrie video discussion
  128. needs to be harder
  129. I've heard people saying this is a LoL clone, so...
  130. Game Update for Oct. 20, 2011
  131. Live streams on Own3D.tv NOW
  132. Pycon Immortal, coming soon...
  134. Immortal Sale! Free Immortals about to be rotated out...
  135. Rise of the Immortals Backup and Restore
  136. Can't unsubscribe
  137. Resolution issues
  138. Name change
  139. RoI Community Team Shoutout
  140. Game Update for Oct. 28, 2011
  141. Why no updates via Steam?
  142. Happy Halloween Weekend!
  143. artifact
  144. Achievement "Trick not Treat"
  145. Talia video ups!
  146. Game Update for Nov. 2, 2011
  147. Unocked Immortal Rotation Extension, 150 FREE Petroglyph Coins, and more!
  148. Game Update November 10, 2011
  149. European Servers now available!
  150. New Aislynn video is up!
  151. Pycon Sneak Peek
  152. Developer's podcast about Pycon and the new European server!
  153. Rise 3vsPVE Improvement Suggestion
  154. Rise of Immortals Art Contest
  155. Is pycon out today?
  156. New Immortal Sneak Peek : Kavashiir
  157. Play Rise of Immortals and get a chance to win an Alienware laptop
  158. Game Update: November 23, 2011
  159. Thoughts on the new "Bare Essentials" Mode?
  160. Pycon, the Savage King! New Spotlight Video
  161. game would actually be fun if it wasnt for the menu lagg
  162. Brief server restart tonight at 10pm PST / 5am GMT
  163. Game Update: December 7, 2011
  164. The Latest Developer Video Podcast is Now Out!
  165. "Share The Joy" achievement
  166. Should I try this?
  167. Game Update for 16 December 2011
  168. Game Update for Dec. 21, 2011
  169. So about how long should this Holiday achievement take?
  170. Issue signing into a realm
  171. ANNOUNCEMENT: Server Issues (Partly Resolved)
  172. Can't log in
  173. Recruitment
  174. Resolution problem
  175. Is this Really a good idea?
  176. Performance...
  177. What kind of a company doesn't expect an influx of new players doing a promotion?
  178. Alright, assuming the servers come back up, what's the easiest way for the objective?
  179. "Insuffisant Space"
  180. How to play
  181. registration link in case game one doesn't work
  182. The How to: Getting the achievement easily
  183. Graphical Issues
  184. Registering othe rpe
  185. Rise of Immortals achievement issue
  186. Patch Failed
  187. Unable to see courser
  188. Anybody who KNOWS what they are doing will help me get this achievement?
  189. How Do I Get Past the Tutorial?
  190. Resolution problems
  191. Character design
  192. Can't move mouse on title screen
  193. Downloaded purely for the steam achievement...
  194. KOTH advertisement
  195. Gift Pile achievement gets you??? Trine discount?
  196. D3D9 Error
  197. "Server is currently unavailable". I can't login!
  198. Looking for achievement hunters ?
  199. Leaver Penalty
  200. [Registration problems] some useful web links to do it from browser
  201. Need help with Ach
  202. Not to bad.
  203. How do you change your Screen Name?
  204. This game is free?
  205. Saying "Jesus" and "Christ" is a censored word in this game
  206. Bad Choice done by Rise of Immortals
  207. Can't access game in progress, stuck forever??
  208. Game Launches to white screen, then Instacrash
  209. Can't register
  210. Question about Immortal level
  211. So I click the Tutorial button...
  212. Account name already registered giving different name account.
  213. Rise of Immortals won't install... all my other games do though...
  214. Rise of the achievement
  215. Easy way to get the winter achievement
  216. Seal of dexterity
  217. What's the goal of the winter achievement?
  219. Getting people together for achievement
  220. Still Can't Play....
  221. Winter Achievement Reccomendation:
  222. Dem coins man
  223. Patch Failed! Can't play.
  224. Same RoI account, multiple steams for achievement?
  225. The holiday achievement isn't hard
  226. Unable to connect to login server.
  227. X-mas achivment causes physical pain.
  228. A couple suggestions from a LoL player
  229. Launcher not launching
  230. Can't join servers
  231. Graphics Glitch
  232. Game doesn't start
  233. Can't start the game! Help!
  234. achievement
  235. Didn't recieve the x-mas achieve.
  236. Let's team up for the achievement
  237. Supporter Achievement Walkthrough [Super fast time]
  238. Mouse doesn't work
  239. Don't understand all the complaining about this game.
  240. Reset game option
  242. Share More Joy
  243. All Immortals unlocked, try them for FREE this weekend!
  244. cant update the game
  245. Officially Addicted
  246. how does everyone like rise of the immortals?
  247. Cannot log in(glitch/bug)
  248. Can't login...
  249. Cant join a game
  250. Wait Time