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  1. Hi
  2. Great Music!
  3. Haunted: Hell's Reach FAQ
  4. w00t
  5. will there be a first person mode?
  6. graphical power-question
  7. release a PC demo, and maybe we can be friends.
  8. Is there some sort of progression? Or unlocking system?
  9. Preorders?
  10. Map count and low-violence version
  11. Game looks like a ton of fun, reminds me of killing floor
  12. Splitscreen?
  13. Game vanished on Steam?
  14. Steam Store and German version
  15. Who's as much excited?
  16. If its anything like the mod...
  17. Have 2 spare copies of this game
  18. Boss fight?
  19. Quick Question Regarding Co-op
  20. When Exactly?
  21. Any Euros interested in a 4-pack?
  22. Question about co-op
  23. Game-Difficulty & Achievements
  24. Selling 1 copy
  25. Pre-load please?
  26. Red Faction Armageddon+DLC for 3 Copies of Hells Reach(You buy a 4 pack and keep one)
  27. Does Solo mode have a story?
  28. Question about Battle Mode and Demonizer!
  29. Achievements Question- ?
  30. Last call: Haunted 4-pack for under $10 a copy
  31. What are you going to do until the game is released?
  32. Demo coming?
  33. PC Specs Question
  34. ugh launch time off on steam store?
  35. How is it?
  36. HDTV as Monitor Need to change resolution game wont load properly.
  37. Hot Damn!
  38. Achievements
  39. Gamepad vs M+KB
  40. Can't seem to get the voice chat to work
  41. CQC Weapon
  42. I'm looking for a copy of The Haunted: Hells Reach.
  43. Achievements working?
  44. Is the multiplayer server supposed to be empty?
  45. Will there be linux dedicated server files?
  46. Great game, can't connect
  47. Any way to disable the blur effect when running?
  48. Anyone want to play?
  49. HUD Disappears
  50. This game is such a letdown.
  51. Loving the game so far. Improvements?
  52. Dedicated Servers
  53. Let us choose the characters!
  54. How to run the Editor!
  55. Definitely Worth the Money
  56. is there or will there be learderboards
  57. Cant join Multiplayers Game
  58. What needs to be changed asap. ( yeah I changed the title )
  59. The editor, maps and mods
  60. First Impressions
  61. German = Cut ? o UnCut ?
  62. Australian players
  63. before you complain on Dedicated Servers. Or lack of ATM
  64. Toggle Aim/iron sight
  65. Liking so far, things I'd <3 to see
  66. Frame Rate Issues
  67. What I'll say about this game
  68. 64-bit ?
  69. "You're not Alexander" Achievement
  70. 1366x768 -> 1360x768
  71. Field of view too narrow for pc
  72. Anyone for a 4-pack? Discount for all!
  73. my friend cant run the game!!!
  74. How to improve your "Haunted: Hell's Reach" game experience
  75. Massive performance problems!
  76. Random Black Screen when playing
  77. Translation is definitely a fail but I'm willing to help.
  78. Improving the server browser
  79. This game is great!
  80. Yes people, the game is worth it.
  81. One question
  82. TAB bind
  83. How do I do this action ?
  84. Not available in your region.
  85. impressions and some opinions
  86. Why is this 32bit on my 64bit machine?
  87. Voice chat supported?
  88. Request: More advanced server hosting options
  89. Lets Play The Haunted: Hells Reach 3x CO-OP with Commentary in HD | 1080p
  90. CQC weapon question
  91. [Video] First Impressions
  92. The Screenshot thread!
  93. Achievements only trigger when solo/host
  94. in regards to the difficulty and weapon variety
  95. Holy sh*t are the devs MLG or something?
  96. Questions on Regenerating Health
  97. How do I get new weapns? or do I upgrade to new ones?
  98. boss how?
  99. Strange video resolutions
  100. Need LAN mode!
  101. Haunted's weaponry [SPOILER]
  102. Quicklook HD Video with commentary...Museum Map
  103. A somewhat tutorial for The Haunted: Hells Reach (Maybe Spoilers)
  104. Performance Issues DEVS, PLEASE READ
  106. [VIDEO] Fist Pumping Hells Reach Montage 1080p (yes, it's as ridiculous as it sounds)
  107. Survival Solo (Hard Mode) (UPDATE: Video and Picture)
  108. 64bit Start via Steam ?
  109. Fix for Steam voice chat
  110. a how well would i run it thread
  111. Non-Official update to the French translation.
  112. Some backstory or short stories for each map and character ?
  113. Little tip to boost perfomance
  114. Some feedback
  115. First Person Prospective Buyers
  116. Joining a game late
  117. What ports should I be forwarding?
  118. Demo and other questions
  119. Things that need to be fixed
  120. Achievement Question
  121. Two bugs.
  122. is there a chronos stone in survival
  123. if you want to play casual
  124. The Haunted : Hell Reach Retail.
  125. So I impulsley threw down $20 for this game...
  126. The Haunted Gameplay video With some Death metal. ;P
  127. game not launching.
  128. Anyone else seeing no games listed?
  129. 4 Pack
  130. What affects weapon upgrades?
  131. Couple of question about the game, probable spoilers abound!
  132. Why no reviews?
  133. The amazing thing on this game...[videos]
  134. A guide to Inferno.
  135. For People who thinks this game is too hard.
  136. About Chronostones
  137. Looking To trade for this game
  138. Conclusion, views and wishlist.
  139. Sound Driver problem after installation?
  140. In-depth review for those curious about this game
  141. Massive issues
  142. Any information on how DLC's will look like?
  143. 2560x1600 support?
  144. So my first attempt at Easy
  145. Leveling System or Leveling Game Mode
  146. Some Quick and Easy Tips
  147. I was about to go to bed and you release the patch.
  148. I can't make it work
  149. Just an idea about melee weapons
  150. Will you possibly do a Macintosh Port?
  151. New Demon Concepts
  152. HLDS & dedicated server
  153. Is this as good as Killing Floor?
  154. Native support for 2560x1440
  155. You need a better control system.
  156. Beat the game....
  157. Special weapon locations
  158. HR-Custom Content: Maps and Such For Hells Reach!
  159. Use of the vertical Axis
  160. 1st update bugs/features
  161. How to beat Abbadon?
  162. Hard Solo Survival Comparison
  163. Connection Problems & Port Configuration
  164. Dedicated Server Hosting
  165. Wiki?
  166. Melee Weaponry
  167. Two Questions (for devs)
  168. pleasantly surprised
  169. The special-kill titles thread
  170. Demorecording
  171. Barricade Mode/ Base Mode
  172. Resolution Resetting
  173. Melee
  174. is it just me....
  175. So Gamespot reviewed the game.
  176. Where are all the servers?
  177. HP removal from melee weapons.
  178. Glorius Death?
  179. It kinda has Splitscreen.
  180. Weapon Balancing Ideas
  181. Difficulty Balance suggestions
  182. Slidejump - a must see move!
  183. How to get Voice working
  184. Had no idea this was released...
  185. Differences From Mod
  186. How to unbind console
  187. About the Way of the Dragon
  188. No recommendation for this game, sorry
  189. How to change the FoV
  190. "Demonizer" and "Battle" servers
  191. Show Boss Health After Team Death
  192. [Config Mod]EasierThanEasy
  193. New Gamemode: The Fall
  194. Still thinking about getting this game.....Well heres some brutal montages i made
  195. Your Most Hated Enemy
  196. Great gameplay, awful user experience
  197. The Haunting: Hell's Reach - Gameplay video with some Death metal Part 2!!
  198. Don't make HP regen from ranged kills a baseline mechanic! please read.
  199. Great game, possible improvements
  200. Don't You Hate it When You Upgrade the Wrong Weapon?
  201. I am a 3D artist, can I contribute?
  202. Buying hells reach
  203. Tips, tricks and survival Techniques
  204. Can I get a refund?/The tides have turned The Indie Revolution is blooming
  205. Great GREAT game + a feature request
  206. Video: Why I hate Excavation
  207. maybe a improvement?
  208. Connection issues
  209. Special-Kills Suggestions
  210. Question for devs + Enabling hardware physx+ performance increase for nvidia users.
  211. WTF is The Haunted?
  212. Can't believe no sale.
  213. Anyone got the 50 Killstreak?
  214. hosting a modded game right now for anyone interested -low gravity + high XP points
  215. In the Future: An "Objective" gamemode?
  216. To The Controller Users
  217. VoiceChat?
  218. An Actual server browser.
  219. Achievement The devil you know
  220. Inferno mode on Museum SOLO (Hard) BEATEN!!!
  221. noob question
  222. Newest Patch?
  223. achievments with ini settings changed????
  224. Is There A Way to Disable Weapon Firing Zoom-in?
  225. Everything reset each patch.
  226. Standard is it worth it thread
  227. Abbadon of Hell WTF
  228. Recent patch nerfed the game hard.
  229. Outch My Fingers Hurts...
  230. This game has something more...
  231. 50 minutes of gameplay
  232. Normal is the "old easy".
  233. Some random Ideas.
  234. Options, Options, and Options.
  235. Will trade 3 games for this
  236. Some more reviews.
  237. 0/4 server full
  238. Illinois modded host beginning at 1:25PM-turbo spawn-super xp-low gravity-big mobs
  239. available in ireland?
  240. Replayability without a leveling/perk system?
  241. problems in battle mode
  242. Australian players
  243. Trading my spare copy of cod4 for this game
  244. just reporting some findings...
  245. Constant 800x600?
  246. Loved this game when it was a mod
  247. Option for three A.I team members
  248. Amusing things you can do with The Haunted via tweaking and modding.
  249. Can't run the game
  250. kills slow time modifier?