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  1. Game Crash Reduces My Level? What?
  2. Random disconnects
  3. Enable touchscreen controls?
  4. Auto Kicking people who join
  5. Halp, can't solo insane mode now on 50 Squire.
  6. Can someone decipher this?
  7. Godly weapons need Lock on Pickup
  8. The Portal Gun
  9. Problem with changed controls in demo
  10. Official Weapon, Armor, Pet's List
  11. Huntress: Hero damage vs. piercing shot
  12. Exporting ranked character?
  13. *WIP* List of unique items for Challenge & Survival
  14. So if complete conversions are possible...
  15. Laggy as hell
  16. achevments
  17. Forever alone :[
  18. Anyone playing DD on multiple screens with a GeForce Card?
  19. Scroll wheel
  20. Not getting the item for Hard Challenges
  21. S> The Low Five (High Five Squire Weapon) w/ 1531 Physical
  22. Trade Portal (the game) for GamersGate: Argo Pet?
  23. Action - Before the random nerf hammer hits
  24. Looking for a guild/clan
  25. No difficulty curve whatsoever.
  26. Question about this stat
  27. Looking for a fellow noob to play with.
  28. Locked tower attack speed ?
  29. My DD still crashing after the intro video D:
  30. Assault Challenge
  31. Tavern Open sign Door easter egg???
  32. Looking to rent a godly set for achievement, will pay
  33. Ranked characters being deleted
  34. Maxed my Monk Now what?
  35. Collecting chests
  36. Check out my new youtube channel. Dungeon Defenders 'GameTalks' video :)
  37. Steam dlc, how to get it?
  38. Level Get Rollback
  39. Does the Apprentice suck? Or do I?
  40. Question about editing characters.
  41. Selling a great High Five!
  42. Invisibility
  43. Throne room boss, strategies?
  44. Light Saber
  45. Demo Crashes On Load
  46. Max Squire Towers; help with Insane Glitter Caverns
  47. Online Play character Tavern...
  48. Looking for people to game with...
  49. problems (steam hud, trendynet)
  50. Ninja Looting
  51. Profiles saved where?
  52. Selling huntress weapon !
  53. i have some bugs
  54. I cant join my friends game :(
  55. Squires are really annoying
  56. Anyone else with a Mephisto/mana using pet here?
  57. What time will they patch the new stuff today?
  58. Patching
  59. challenge event for halloween?
  60. Costumes = Unavailable???
  61. Ranked Character gets deleted again
  62. Free DLC only for multiplayer, Rhaaa
  63. Have the save problems having been finaly fixed?
  64. Poison/Fire damage on weapon and resist
  65. Why DL Full Game again + Patch???
  66. Ramp the Damage, not the Attack Speed...
  67. How To Use The Costumes
  68. I basically can't play the game
  69. "Ultra Rare" Character Costumes
  70. A little disappointed in Trendy
  71. If you cannot find the new challenge...
  72. 200 Hero Turret Speed on all my ranked characters.
  73. characters help
  74. How do i wear my costumes?...
  75. How do I buy a 4 pack for my friends if I already own the game?
  76. TY For Free DLC
  77. someone joined my server and modified my stats
  78. Won't Use new skins
  79. Chat glitch?
  80. *HELP* Unlocked my preorder items in local mode, now can't get them in ranked mode
  81. Halloween Rewards (according to Trendy!)
  82. Crash
  83. Lost my TF2 items due to server rollback
  84. Failed to connect
  85. Four patches today?
  86. DLC... BS???
  87. game doesn't start up
  88. DLC Costumes / Halloween Maps Not Working (Yes, In Ranked)?
  89. Quick Question about the new DLC.
  90. [LF] 4packs DD, will grab one from you!
  91. Those new Halloween costumes will disappear when these holidays are over?
  92. Checking version?
  93. Stop trying to make the Squire Weak
  94. All my characters reset?
  95. A funny glitch we encountered in co-op
  96. Suggestions to solve the loot hoarding issue!
  97. Familiar attacks per second really needs to be fixed
  98. Recruiting specific builds for Insane Halloween event
  99. trendy ruined my characters with patch
  100. OMFG. STOP.complaining. ABOUT. RANKED.
  101. Where to access costumes? (Not the mission ones)
  102. Yeah, so about that mouse sensitivity...
  103. Steam Promo Items
  104. towers and mana
  105. How Do I Build Towers ?
  106. My hero is gone, WTH?!
  107. DLCs​​, free ... forever?
  108. dlc problems
  109. Skins 1 correct answer please, NO RUMORS
  110. Weird Bug, can't shoot, use mana or even see monsters
  111. Rank not being saved:
  112. Lag issue
  113. Tips and tricks for Huntress traps?
  114. Halloween DLC sticking around?
  115. Multiple players controllers
  116. need some help with outfits
  117. Chat Bug
  118. No char is saved.. at no time!!
  119. First letter missing often.
  120. Need help getting TF2 and Portal Item
  121. Familar help
  122. Just got it today. Is this a joke?
  123. I may sound like an idiot, but....
  124. DLC is locked when it shouldn't be
  125. Huntress: Convincing your team to let you build
  126. Unplayable Stuttering?
  127. Help! My friend has his TF2 Items but I don't!
  128. Characers on rank not save@@
  129. Tf2 Crates not appearing in tavern
  130. The Best way to get xp fast.
  131. Most fun bug to date
  132. Just bought this game!
  133. Lagging out, All visuals are gone, not able to repair
  134. Unsure about items
  135. the TF2 items
  136. Am i missing something with the huntress green drops?
  137. little bug
  138. Loading Screen Hints List
  139. Can I still get portal gun!
  140. Can't register on trendynet forum
  141. Achievement doesn't register in Steam IN RANKED MODE
  142. Need guides and tips
  143. Huge Squire nerf in upcoming patch
  144. Survival/Pure Strategy mode gone
  145. Banned from the current game session?
  146. Modding items (open multiplayer) possible guide
  147. Sometimes being a monk is frustrating.
  148. Game didn't save. Again.
  149. Tutorial in Ranked Mode?
  150. 8 exclusive Halloween weapons
  151. "Don't Join My Game"
  152. Game freezes on level change
  153. So... The squire got buffed.
  154. Suggestions for ranked games, please discuss!
  155. Glad XBLA and PSN have to wait for DLC for once
  156. Apprentice build
  157. Issues talking with Steam?
  158. *WTF* CFG keeps getting reset & TF2 items
  159. Lets give a thanks to Trendy
  160. You have been forcibly removed from the game
  161. Still can't get the mouse sensitivity right...
  162. The text localization in this game is horrendous.
  163. Dear "balance" guy
  164. Banned from Server? (Private Game)
  165. Query about 'Daredevil' Achievement
  166. I quit and here is why
  167. Enemies running under the SnD
  168. Another patch?
  169. F11 and Windowed Mode
  170. Cannot join friends games
  171. Buying High Tier Apprentince weapons
  172. Keeping saying connection is lost!
  173. Steam exclusive goodies?
  174. Connection to Host timed out?
  175. Constant "No Connection" on Steam means DD boots you.
  176. Chat bar won't go away.
  177. All Elemental Auras will no longer target on enemies that are of that element type
  178. Suggestion for skill/stat menu
  180. Wish there was some sort of skill tree. And alternate defenses.
  181. Cannot join party in demo game
  182. Tower Experience Shared? (PS3 Version)
  183. EXP/role suggestion
  184. Dundef has stopped working....
  185. any US groups for DD
  186. What's up with the dlc?
  187. The Master Defenders
  188. Locked Classes
  189. DLC5-6... where was 1-4?
  190. Huntress Guardian
  191. Game crashes when Tavern loads, Ranked only.
  192. Huntress weapon upgrade priority.
  193. Keep timing out on Open...
  194. Pet Dissapeared WTF?
  195. Selling a good High Five
  196. DD sells 250 000 copies (80% of them on PC)
  197. am i banned from ranked online?
  198. how to upgrade weaps etc
  199. WTS blasticus 540/9 19/26
  200. Does anyone want this sword?
  201. WTB genie
  202. Selling 20/22 High Five. (Pic inside)
  203. Wonder why there is a mana cap
  204. [W]High Generic DPS Sword [H] 22 million mana
  205. Limited Build Time
  206. stat distribution build
  207. Armor Set Bonus and Armor Question
  208. list of items you can unlock?
  209. B> Pristine armour
  210. Beat Hard spooktacular b4 update--Want Costume
  211. Wizardry Insane
  212. The Monk and Electric enemies.
  213. WTS> Amazing Huntress Gaurdian
  214. WANTED: godly enchanted pristine boot and glove
  215. Very low framerate - Windows 7 - 64 bit
  216. Demo: Cannot create/join a game
  217. Adding friends...
  218. I am a Dungeon Defender!
  219. Steam DLC without the Pre-order ?
  220. Godly Sicarius mana cost?
  221. Ugh
  222. No costume unlock? GRRR!!!
  223. Pricing?
  224. Just got the game...
  225. Lava Beetle Exterminator
  226. Playing with others online
  227. PC - Split Screen - Is it implmented?
  228. Blasticus SpS
  229. Ancient Dragon and Grenades
  230. Terrible store page typo
  231. Is there any way to filter language in server names?
  232. Dungeon Defengers Development Kit
  233. CTF Problem
  234. Recruiting specific builds for Halloween Insane
  235. Is it safe to install this game right now?
  236. Dungeon Defengers!
  237. Whats the status with the squire?
  238. Levels from the trailers
  239. Something needs to be changed with survival mode
  240. Show Me Your DPS
  241. key setting bug report (demo)
  242. My towerbuild setup in complete video
  243. Visit Trendy Forums for Dungeon Defenders
  244. Can A Level 30 Huntress Beat The Halloween Challenge On Medium?
  245. Assault challenge locked
  246. Bone Bow for Huntress
  247. HELP installing.....
  248. Game crashes on startup
  249. goodbye dungeon defenders :( for now...
  250. Swapping chars in-game