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  1. Bug/Glitch: Cannot access the outfit I am wearing???
  2. disconected again... and again... and again...
  3. local an donlien characters
  4. When does the holiday 'end'?
  5. Game refuses to start
  6. Steam Exclusives
  7. Hero DLC
  8. DLC question
  9. I'd appreciate some pointers
  10. Want to trade Counter-Strike: Source with this game...
  11. No achievement unlocking
  12. [H] 18 coal [W] Dungeon Defenders
  13. [H] 5 Keys [W] Dungeon Defenders
  14. Closed.
  15. Looking for Carry through Etherian Holiday Extravaganza on Medium
  16. Can't start the game.
  17. Can objective be completed on open servers?
  18. Looking for help Achievement
  19. please please
  20. AMD drivers
  21. carrying you for holiday achievement (few rules)
  22. Game crashes after round fails
  23. Logitech Game Pad
  24. Controls all switched to 360 control scheme.
  25. the xmas achievement working with the demo?
  26. I'm doing the achievement run, add me to join now
  27. New Heroes + Lost Eternia Shards DLC
  28. My game won't start
  29. Xmas Costumes
  30. what key to chat to players?
  31. several questions
  32. Character Lost
  33. Can't start the game.
  34. Essential/Best Mini-DLC for Dungeon Defenders?
  35. [H] Dungeon Defenders [W] A different game!
  36. I'm $0.47 short for Dungeon Defenders. Trade anyone? please.
  37. X-Mas Achievment on Local
  38. Can't purchase 4-Pack, looking for options
  39. Best way to level and get items?
  40. Is powerleveling looked down upon or something?
  41. Change my game E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy for your Dungeon Defenders
  42. 10 Coal for this game?
  43. None of my achievements seem to be working.
  44. Tips for the Turkey Hunt?
  45. Dungeon Defenders Lost Eternia Shards Complete?
  46. Lag in Co-Op
  47. Anyone has a spare of Dungeon Defenders ? :(
  48. This is the least friendly gaming community I have ever encountered.
  49. The demo keeps crashing.
  50. [h] Mana,items,tf2 stuff,coal,games [w] Eternia shards dlc
  51. [H] 6 different games, coal and TF2 items [W] All DLC for Dungeon Defenders
  52. No skybox?
  53. Haven't had time to sit down and play, questions
  54. Christmas Event/Present
  55. New to the game, a few simple questions.
  56. Questions about staff weapon damage
  57. TrendyNet won't allow me to create games?
  58. I'm stuck
  59. I have all the pets but no achievement?
  60. Squire block important at high end NM?
  61. [H] Renegade Ops, HL2:EP2, Space Empire V [W] Lost Eternia Shards Complete DLC
  62. Need quick carry for...
  63. Squire/Countess in NM?
  64. [H] Coal, Red Faction, Coupons (-60%) [W] Dungeon Defenders
  65. Glitch while doing assault on nightmare
  66. Which DLC for this game are worth it?
  67. Already own game, can't purchase 4-pack.
  68. [W] Dungeon Defenders class pack
  69. Lvling 70-74
  70. The game doesn't launch
  71. Are ranked characters saved on the cloud?
  72. What's the chat button?
  73. Pristine mythical set not giving set bonus
  74. Does someone have a coupon to trade?
  75. holiday themed weapons?
  76. So, what after lvl 70 ?
  77. Just bought the game, and it won't start... Installation errors.
  78. Some pointers for new players (or: why do i get kicked)
  79. Please let us change the language of the launcher
  80. Any plans to allow outfits for the DLC reskins?
  81. Guide for Apprentice
  82. Too lonely, need more DD steam friends..
  83. multiplayer snobbery is killing this game
  84. Any good money making grinds?
  85. Dungeon Defenders for mac
  86. Dungeon Defenders - $7.49
  87. Halloween Costume Unlock (LFG)
  88. Game crash after intro. movie
  89. The game don't start
  90. How do you kill ogres on insane ??
  91. Is there any way to disable controller vibration?
  92. To Devs: Santa's snowball launcher has too much effects
  93. Random Disconections, Anyone Else?
  94. Want the FPS cap removed? Want to use Vsync without mouse lag? Look here!
  95. Difficulty scaling and level progression.
  97. Want to play on PC and not share item bank and heroes with another account.
  98. [BUG] 20M mana disappear!
  99. Why does DPS halve the damage you dealt?
  100. Does Dungeon Defenders have firstperson mode and Flamethrower in this game?
  101. Nagi
  102. Towers stop attacking?
  103. Disconnected because of gamespy login
  104. Disconnects & Survival / Pure Strategy
  105. Generic damage resistance
  106. Base damage on Engineer/etc
  107. Can't play online
  108. Crash on the demo
  109. Does the game ever starts on wave 1 ?
  110. All data...GONE
  111. Didn't get tf2 pets? Any1 have answer?
  112. AMD CPU drivers? No thanks
  113. is there any way to force the tavern keeper's shop inventory to refresh?
  114. question about weapon upgrades
  115. Joining and Hosting Crash! Help Please!
  116. question about the item last boss give
  117. How to get the christmas skins?
  118. Alch lab NM Hardcore loot?
  119. Selling level 30-ish chicken
  120. Remove Development Kit as a DLC
  121. Can't connect to Trendynet...
  122. Anyone happen to have a copy of the full shards dlc they are willing to sell?
  123. Looking for nice obtainable weapon suggestions
  124. All my progess of a few days lost...
  125. I Have 1 Extra Copy of This Game
  126. Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards part 1 not working -.-
  127. DD won't launch
  128. Mobs ignoring any towers
  129. missing mana!
  130. Ogres stuck in spawn on UMF anyone else?
  131. Portal Gun = MASSIVE LAG?
  132. Apprentice Towers
  133. Can't Host Shop/Private Match
  134. Accidentaly sold Team Fortress pet
  135. Question about defense attack rate.
  136. So how does pets' attack and such work?
  137. Voice Issue
  138. Christmas Tavern
  139. Game Stops Responding After Hitting Play
  140. about lsot eternai shards
  141. Costume Guide and related DLC
  142. FOV setting?
  143. Man... this game is so filled with hackers
  144. Simple DLC question
  145. This game is currently unvailable
  146. WTB Apprentice guardian / selling 95^ genie
  147. Stats change when you change char?
  148. Paying For a boost to 74 Paying in gifts or mana
  149. LF 120+ pet ranked
  150. People and their pride
  151. Wizardry Insane strategy
  152. Steam Cloud question with Dungeon Defenders
  153. The waves
  154. Dungeon Defenders Open Steam Group - For Honest Players only!
  155. Random suggestion regarding the huge amount of junk items
  156. TrendyNet crashed, lost everything I did for the last few hours..
  157. AFK Shop Help
  158. Anyone tried the Flash code in the tavern's secret room ?
  159. Crash when heading to tavern
  160. Looking for any coupons
  161. Looking for a good Mana Farming Guide
  162. Can pc play with xbox 360 on this game?
  163. What exactly constitutes a matching set of armor?
  164. Can't seem to make a custom game.
  165. Is it worth it?
  166. This isn't a suggestion, this is a demand.
  167. Game keeps crashing....!
  168. cheap loot question
  169. Dungeon Defenders - Getting Started Tutorial
  170. Local play achievements
  171. Dragon Pet
  172. Equipment Stats Glitch? Or Design?
  173. Trading TF2 items for all dlc + Selling 50% off dungeon defenders
  175. WTB White or Blue Pyro
  176. BUG: Monk Alt-fire sound not playing in first person
  177. Game doesn't start because of setup
  178. Guardians
  179. List of crash instances
  180. Things to know BEFORE buying the game
  181. Christmas Tavern
  182. Trading mana for full Quest for Lost Eternia Shard DLC
  183. Using my logitech dual action with dungeon defenders?
  184. What is the console for?
  185. is there any logical reason why achievements are limited to online ranked only?
  186. What's up with so many hacked items on ranked?
  187. Is there a point to completing the challenges on Hard or above?
  188. Any way to farm mana without going insane of boredom ?
  189. How do you find people from past games?
  190. Is it possible to stretch this game accross 2 monitors for split screen play?
  191. problems with the game
  192. What the hell just happened with these stupid Team Fortress pets ?
  193. Does playing with hackers make you a hacker?
  194. Want: Eternia shards DLC / Have: A lot.
  195. I hate when this thing happen
  196. Blocking Damage Reduction
  197. Bugged "Group Hug" Achievement
  198. Zippy Terrorists wanted
  199. DD AFK shop bug???
  200. Only me or?
  201. survival question?
  202. Most single worst translation into Spanish ever
  203. Well now I've had it ...
  204. Cross-platform? If my friend has an iPhone can they play with me on my PC?
  205. Solo Powerleveling
  206. This weapon isn't hacked, is it?
  207. DunDef Soundproblem!
  208. A Few Questions (regarding magic blockades, and Hero Organisation)
  209. Have Shards DLC But Can't Use NM Mode
  210. Am I the Only One?
  211. Trading 4 Coupons for DD!
  212. Where are DD screenshots stored?
  213. really bad lag the last few days?
  214. DLC...Broken
  215. Can someone helpme with a stupid question?
  216. What is the max damage a blasticus can do?
  217. What to do if you think you have hacked item?
  218. Please help me with survival?
  219. FIXED my cracking sound/weird crazy lag
  220. A note to my fellow Defenders
  221. Etherian Holiday Strategy?
  222. This is ridiculous...
  223. Is survival best for XP or mana?
  224. Wtf? Items got rolled back, lost over 42m + Myths
  225. Assualt challege
  226. Can't connect to ranked servers / Lost game progress
  227. Trendynet offline?
  228. Anyone else not having char info saved?
  229. Recently got Dungeon Defenders and decided to do an anthropology survey of a DLC
  230. Stop the crashing!
  231. any good up-to-date apprentice guide?
  232. Need Help!!!
  233. H> Dungeon defenders W> Bejeweled 3
  234. DD Soundtrack Name Your Price
  235. Mythitems, how did u get ur first one?
  236. Looking for players for Challenges
  237. Is this weapon hacked?
  238. WTB Endgame Equipment,
  239. Unlocked a trophy for DLC I don't even own yet
  240. Good Monk for an apprentice?
  241. Is Steam down?
  242. Is this hacked?
  243. Please fix 360 controller
  244. Hacked familiar?
  245. I'm level 71 but my stats are terrible.
  246. I lost all the work I did the other day...???
  247. Trading a Buff Griffon
  248. Upgrade cost? Any calculations? Good guesses?
  249. Game unplayable due to lag on Nightmare
  250. Halloween Spooktacular on Insane