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  1. So...
  2. Nice Price tag.
  3. is sonic generations "steam exclusive"?
  4. Steam released all the achievements to this game already, but not how to get them all
  5. So Sonis is now strategy?
  6. You think this game will actually be good?
  7. Just REMAKE Sonic Adventure 2 Battle!!
  8. Any chance of a demo?
  9. Downloadable Content?
  10. Can I run this?
  11. Sonic Generations
  12. This Game was Made by Devils
  13. Local co-op?
  14. Price Disparity?
  15. Will this game have Chaos
  16. Sonic Generations & Consoleports
  17. What would you rather have for a pre order special?
  18. Game Gear Games?
  19. generations includes sonic adventure 2?
  20. Only thirty bucks?
  21. 50 bucks au
  22. People already playing this game...
  23. Wow.... $30? :D Sonic on PC <3
  24. Anyone else waiting to hear if it works?
  25. Modern Sonic stage complaints
  26. Chao
  27. Worth getting?
  28. Will there be a demo?
  29. Devil's Details?
  30. Any word on the promotional preorder content for PC?
  31. November 4th?
  32. New Rooftop Run gameplay
  33. Why the high requirements?
  34. Oh SEGA, I can't stay mad at you! <3
  35. Anyone got an idea if this game will have DLC?
  36. Can't wait for this. Also, don't kill me, but...
  37. Any REAL Sonic Fans here?
  38. Devil Details reply.
  39. 'Play Sonic 1 in X360 & PS3 Versions of Sonic Generations'
  40. The original Sonic the Hedgehog in this?
  41. CNET Preview
  42. Will there be a preload?
  43. Preoder games giftable?
  44. Is the only difference the price?
  45. Game Unlocks at 1PM?
  46. Will the demo come to Steam?
  47. Aussie price: 49.95USD, LOLNOPE
  48. Just pre-ordered didnt get the games
  49. Is my pc Compatable?
  50. Sonic Generations releases... tomorrow?
  51. Sonic Generations Achievement page ?
  52. Pre-Load Sonice Generations now and be ready to play when it releases!
  53. Regional or Worldwide Unlock?
  54. So any word on the PC version of this game quality wise?
  55. Question about the video card requirement?
  56. Should i run this game?
  57. Release date
  58. Sonic Generations Achievements.
  59. Sonic speed run
  60. Glad I waited!
  61. Controller Support?
  62. An hour left!
  63. One hour left...
  64. Will my laptop run this game?
  65. 15 Minutes !!!!
  66. Pre-Order Incentives
  67. Game decrypting
  68. DLC!?
  69. PC graphics
  70. Just a heads up.
  71. Should I buy this game?
  72. If you don't want be invated in your private life. READ THIS!
  73. No UI elements and more
  74. First Impressions
  75. Windowed Mode?
  76. How's the framerate?
  77. Running on Dell XPS 15 with Optimus
  78. "Decrypting Steam files - 1% complete"
  79. This is amazing on pc.
  80. 2,8ghz?
  81. A perfect console port?!?
  82. need abit of help pls
  83. Super Impressed!
  84. 885mb patch
  85. Can't launch Sonic Generations Configuration tool
  86. This game is a lot of fun!
  87. Cut Scene Sound
  88. Online Mode Crash?
  89. Keyboard not working
  90. Are these specs any good to run Generations at full speed?
  91. Very, very smooth performance
  92. Good port but slows down
  93. Black screen and freeze ingame
  94. cant play in whidescreen mode only letterbox but other games i can
  95. Amazing port and the game itself is awesome :D
  96. Critical error won't let me launch the game!
  97. Game refuses to acknowledge the existence of my better graphics card.
  98. How are keyboard controls?
  99. stage names messed up
  100. The detected configuration does not match your current hardware.
  101. Controller randomly disconnecting? :(
  102. Cant even start installation
  103. Sonic Generations PC - Report Glitch/Bug Thread
  104. Just Plain Doesn't Work
  105. Configuration?
  106. I am extremely satisfied with this game so far...
  107. Black screen instead of SEGA logo, nothing happens after Sonic Generations screen
  108. Little gameplay question (Green Hill Zone Act 1 - Red Star)
  109. Alternate to default controls anyone?
  110. Challenge modes are actually different
  111. Chao Garden?
  112. Unlocking game files
  113. Anyone try this with iZ3D, 3D Vision, or something similar?
  114. Random FPS Drops
  115. 120hz mode capped at 60 fps
  116. Framerate skipping on 5870?
  117. Best options for using a contorller
  118. Ouch, my eyes..
  119. Game crashes on load.
  120. Where is the 1st hub boss/sub-boss? (Possible Spoilers)
  121. Chemical Plant 2 stuttering, anyone else?
  122. those buggy online modes...
  123. keyboard unresponsive
  124. Already beat it! Too Short?
  125. Game feels a bit unresponsive. Is it the game or my keyboard?
  126. "This game is currently unavaliable"
  127. PC version gameplay video
  128. Fix it!
  129. Deleted save files.
  130. Skill Shop freezing game
  131. Can't launch the game
  132. PC Gameplay Videos (HD)
  133. Super Sonic - Can't push boxes/boulders
  134. Sega Genesis & Mega Drive Classics?
  135. "Easter Eggs"
  136. Stuck at the first loading screen
  137. Anyone's game randomly freezing on them?
  138. This game is brilliant on pc!!
  139. Small question regarding Pre-loading issue
  140. Change of keyboard bindings doesn't work in game
  141. HELP
  142. Anyone tried with a 8800 or a 9600 gt?
  143. Laptop query
  144. *Spoilers ahead* Chaos Emerald Stages Question
  145. How To Play In Windowed Mode
  146. Game does not accept Xbox 360 Controller input
  147. No HUD?
  148. Rooftop Run Glitch
  149. shadow the hedgehog s rank
  150. Game crashes
  151. Post your Specs + Average FPS
  152. Online Mode crashes every time.
  153. Problem with starting game
  154. ConfigurationTool.exe Error
  155. Locked at 59fps?
  156. Multiple Game Save Files
  157. Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing (just a recommend)
  158. How long do you think it'll take for fangirls to replace Sonic's model with Shadow's?
  159. Have they fixed the configuration problem?
  160. I DONT HAVE A UI????
  161. No fix yet.
  162. Game becomes unresponsive when i go to skill shop
  163. Temporary Optimus Solution
  164. Sonic keeps going to the left
  165. This game looks great and all but one problem it's full of problems
  166. A friend can't run no matter what we attempt
  167. Drift doesn't work for PC-Version
  168. Sonic 1 (Sega Genesis Controller)
  169. No levels?
  170. Post your best achievements
  171. Configuration Tool problems - Possible solution?
  172. Will my system run Sonic Generations?
  173. Decrypting Steam files....?
  174. TERRIBLE lag.
  175. Save Files
  176. [Feature request] Swapping of stereoscopic 3D video, thus allowing crosseyed play
  177. LAG
  178. Sonic generations patch
  179. Likes and dislikes
  180. graphics adaptor
  181. 28.6mb update?
  182. So about the final boss's attack
  183. This game...facepalm.
  184. This might fix your performance issues
  185. Decryped file = lossed 3 GBs
  186. Currently Unavailable
  187. Game Update.
  188. Pentium 4HT 3.4ghz (prescott), 8600gt 3g ram
  189. Chemical Plant Speed Run - Classic Sonic
  190. Are you capable of beating my time?
  191. Anyway to rip the OST yet?
  192. framerate Issues running Sonic Generations
  193. Public Service Announcment
  194. Not getting the Blazing Meteor achivement
  195. Repeated CTD
  196. Unofficial "Post your Speed run video" thread
  197. Local or LAN Coop ?
  198. Generations just patched.
  199. Sega Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog
  200. So what's the verdict?
  201. endless boost
  202. Best drivers for ATI (Radeon) GPUs?
  203. xbox 360 controlls
  205. A FIX for frame rate issues
  206. Sonic Configure Tool not detecting graphics card
  207. Question concerning Sonic the Hedgehog
  208. Rouge
  209. Controls are not changing
  210. Can't use the skill shop.
  211. Defaulting to gamepad?
  212. SEGA Classics
  213. Quick question: Download size
  214. Why is Next Gen Sonic so stiff and more like a car?
  215. Show YOUR videos here!
  216. Please Stop jumping to defend mistakes
  217. Slow Super Sonic
  218. Not showing a adapter?
  219. Fantastic Game! Soundtrack?
  220. Escape City Act 1 song is amazing
  221. My fix for configuration toll
  222. No menus / UI of any kind
  223. Are you an "Action Master"? Beat this time!
  224. What do you think of this DLC idea?
  225. Micro-stuttering scrolling problem!
  226. Rouge Mission Freezing
  227. Does the PC get the upcoming DLC?
  228. Seemingly Random Massive FPS Drops. Please Help
  229. 360 Controller Causing Death Freeze to Black Screen
  230. Nvidia Optimus users - Read this!
  231. Multiple saves
  232. Online Mode Causes Crash
  233. Question about "Sure-Footed" skill
  234. Compare to PS3 version?
  235. Skill shop issue
  236. Black screen on start up
  237. Crashing at specific point in Green Hill Act 2 > Crashing on Start
  238. Sonic Generations Review
  239. Crashing problems with controls.
  240. Lag in Chemical plant Act 1.. any other levels will lag later?
  241. Control Question?
  242. IGN reviews the PC version
  243. For All Those With FPS Issues... (Be Patient)
  244. Activating Super Sonic?
  245. Vibration Issue
  246. Game Won't Lanch!
  247. Found out something icky about this game...
  248. Demo ?
  249. FPS cap
  250. Challenge Modes, Re-Coloring the World