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  1. Is it any good
  3. Can't launch the game...
  4. Instantly crashes after logo
  5. READ THIS: How to fix the Install/crashes
  6. Screen Resolution
  7. First impressions
  8. Ronald Jenkees
  9. The video tells me nothing
  10. Anyone got it running on low spec computers/ netbooks?
  11. The songs are always the same...
  12. Fallout Scroll
  13. Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed Meeeeeeeeeeeee!
  14. Controls Customization
  16. snarky video
  17. Game was a XBOX 360 Indie Title
  18. DeSynth Bug
  19. Crash: Tutorial Lesson 3
  20. Crash: After Gear Tutorial
  21. Game was running perfectly fine earlier, now everything crashes(dxdiag info included)
  22. Word from the developer about the recent crashing
  23. About the Recent Crashes
  24. Requesting a demo
  25. How about adding a new gamemode?
  26. The trailer convinced me to get this game
  27. Game doesn't save settings
  28. Game crashes when I try to cast my first spell
  29. Patch is Live, Known Bugs and Priority Order (Window Twitching)
  30. Malignant Cancer (Spoilers)
  31. Request: Scroll Speed Multiplier in Options Menu
  32. Need Multyplayer
  33. not rpg
  34. Sound Options
  35. Where are the save files?
  36. Practice mode?
  37. Game will not launch!
  38. Random Crashes?
  39. Fix for Crash After Logo Screen
  40. Congrats on getting this game to PC
  41. Non-360 Gamepad compatible?
  42. Would you recommend this to a veteran of rhythm games?
  43. Oh come on...
  44. Quarter Quell Not Triggering
  45. Quarter Quell?
  46. I feel like the unluckiest person in existence.
  47. Another generic thankyou thread.
  48. Resolution problem
  49. Crimson, Vermillion crystals etc.
  50. I don't always log into my steam account on the forums...
  51. Can you use a keyboard?
  52. Learning Spells on Hard Mode
  53. Patch Notes for Friday
  54. Online multiplayer?
  55. Late-game bug [SPOILERS]
  56. Requires Windows Media Player 12? ... really?
  57. How much harder does the game get?
  58. Trigger Scroll 2
  59. Save Slots?
  60. Post-Game Feature Requests
  61. Pretty Sweet Game!
  62. Your Awesome
  63. Visual Studio Debugger
  64. Sequence game crash window mode not responding
  65. Totally Awesome Secret Code
  66. Fix for Windowed Mode Twitch/Crashing
  67. Soundtrack
  68. Game really needs a speed multiplier DDR-esque style :S
  69. [SPOILERS] Any ideas on how to unlock..
  70. Floor the Fourth Enemies not Dropping Items
  71. Dance Pad
  72. Amazing Game.
  73. Glad the Dev posts up here!
  74. Difficulty Setting Bug/Glitch
  75. The Credits
  76. Bugs: "Anti-mash" bug on harder difficulties. Framerate quibble
  77. Game Review: Awesome
  78. How often does "duck till dawn" hit?
  79. Voice Actors
  80. Scroll down Crash?
  81. Changelog for Today's Patch (10/24)
  82. Want to connect a 360 controller to this...
  83. Totalbiscuit's WTF Review
  84. Bug
  85. Parts of the UI?
  86. Perfect Run
  87. Different screen resolutions?
  88. Perfect Run
  89. Anyone else having trouble learning the Luminary scroll?
  90. Facebook
  91. Crash on startup, resolved
  92. Finished the game... I want more! What's next?
  93. Gamercide.org reviews Sequence
  94. Wild Eyes 1EXP?
  95. This game is unGooglable!
  96. Anything new in the Steam version?
  97. Demo?
  98. [SPOILER?] Item on the Gear -> Other page...
  99. Custom Controller
  100. Is it safe to de-synth a floor's items
  101. Game Not Playable
  102. Feature Requests
  103. Possible bugs - frame freezing and not recognizing arrow input
  104. What a fantastic game, but...
  105. Crash: Multiple times Trigger Boost
  106. Game crashes when starting the tutorial
  107. Changelog for Today's Patch (10/25)
  108. The Black Potion (+2maxHP) seems to have disappeared?
  109. New game question!
  110. Anyone else went, "Where have I heard this before??..."
  111. Wrong achievement icon
  112. Anti-mashing code still slightly broken on Piano Jam (spasmodic)
  113. Can't change key bindings
  114. Cant launch game
  115. Compatible with DDR pad?
  116. Sequence not working? Send me the crashlog!
  117. Great game, best indie title in months
  118. Random Observation
  119. Support for 1080p resolution?
  120. Great game but
  121. The ending
  122. Able to play while game is out of focus...
  123. Is there an item cap? (x9)?
  124. How to tell if your keyboard configuration suffers from ghosting
  125. Resolution and controls.
  126. Manually select input mode
  127. Thanks Iridium :)
  128. Increasing arrow scroll speed
  129. Statistics and their effects?
  130. Should I Hold On To These?
  131. Sequence.exe disappeared...
  132. It may be a Windows problem...
  133. Accidentally desynthed...(spoilers?)
  134. Gamepad issue
  135. Manafront achievement problem
  136. This game was INCREDIBLE!
  137. Difficulties unlock
  138. Which monster drops the Crimson Crystal?
  139. An accurate description of the state of my mind while playing Sequence...
  140. Yo Dawg
  141. Spells and frame-skipping
  142. Stuck on floor 7!
  143. Crap! I desynthed the Tarot Cards!
  144. Can't get it to run, at all
  145. I need some help.
  146. Manafont achievement not working
  147. Humor in the game
  148. Suggestion: Shuffle Bag Drops
  149. The IridiumStudios forum account
  150. Keybinding suggestions?
  151. Strange Bug
  152. Changelog for Today's Patch (10/28)
  153. No Music
  154. We need to edit this
  155. Bonus Mode bug
  156. Possible bug?
  157. SPOILERS (that is, by Iridium, not me)
  158. Game currently unavailable
  159. JoyToKey not supported since update?
  160. Here is a Walkthrough of the game!
  161. PS3 guitar controller
  162. The enemy's "flow" stat
  163. Some input from you, please
  164. My thoughts, your thoughts.
  165. Defense stat
  166. Where can I get Radiance
  167. Squence Playthrough + Issues [Video]
  168. SilentSoundscape's Sequence Trainwreck
  169. Is it safe now to remove windowns mediaplayer?
  170. The Music
  171. Changing the difficulty of Free Play
  172. Save Slots delayed till Tuesday/Wednesday
  173. Fantastic game
  174. Texas Server Problems Should Be Resolved
  175. GameFAQs Review
  176. Absolutely adored the game except for... (Spoilers?)
  177. Could sound options be added in a possible update?
  178. So, I thought I was doing pretty well...
  179. Pure randomness is not fun
  180. Sequence: A Normal Player's Opinions [Here There Be SPOILERS!]
  181. Lowest level victories?
  182. Dear Iridium Studios...
  183. couldn't get her back (possible spoilers)
  184. Help understanding why/when two keysets WASD/arrows
  185. Random ideas for future rhythm games
  186. Changelog for Today's Patch (11/3)
  187. Game Difficulty?
  188. Enlighten me about a couple of things
  189. What is this thing?
  190. The "totally unnecessary but personally desired" patch notes
  191. Changelog for Today's Patch (11/4)
  192. So is the XBOX controller only one that works with this game...
  193. [Bug] Pausing the game by opening up the steam overlay continues the song.
  194. Sound Slider
  195. Are guardian effects meant to still go off after the guardian is defeated? (spoilers)
  196. Question about crystals....no explicit spoilers please.
  197. Disappointed to Learn... [spoiler]
  198. Spell effects lag integrated graphic cards?
  199. Thoughts on Arrow placement.
  200. I encountered some bugs/glitches today...
  201. Changelog for Today's Patch (11/22)
  202. In-depth sandbox mode
  203. Game crashes on start
  204. Customization options for controller?
  205. Piano Jam Full Combo Spasmodic
  206. Amazing game. (Plus some questions and requests.)
  207. Difficulty vs. Achievements?
  208. Why isn't there a demo?
  209. WAC problem on Win 7
  210. Man Naia sounds like Drew Barrymore
  211. [Mega Spoilers] What does the hidden ending mean?
  212. Haven't installed yet.
  213. Windows XNA Issue, (Not WMP)
  214. Will there be a sequel?
  215. Favorite Guardian/item?
  216. Disorganized Fun Spasmodic: Convert 1, Convert 2, Angel Glow, Zephyr, Luminary Stor
  217. Floor 7 is kicking my [color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color]
  218. Test21
  219. There should be a function for just riding the mana track of each song
  220. Not sure if broken or REALLY unlucky
  221. Holy crap!
  222. Killed myself lol
  223. Christmas Achievement?
  224. So yeah, this is awesome.
  225. Trouble rebinding keys/buttons.
  226. Preemptive strike: Yes, if this is on sale, buy it.
  227. [SPOILERS] Iris achievement, how to get it, and how it was figured out.
  228. Moving save games from one PC to another
  229. Volume Option
  230. User account control pop-up when starting game
  231. Achievements problem? :(
  232. trading coal for this game
  233. (H) Sequence (W) Coal / offer game trade
  234. The standard "is it worth it?" thread
  235. [H] 3 Coal [W] Sequence
  236. [H] Frozen Synapse [W] Sequence + Coal
  237. Willing to trade 4 coals for game
  238. IridiumStudios: "You mad?"
  239. Trading 3 coal and sweeteners for a copy
  240. Ronald Jenkees Soundtrack!!!
  241. Controller help!
  242. [H] 2 coal [W] Sequence
  243. Installation problem
  244. Dancepad compatible?
  245. 5 coal for sequence.
  246. Is there a chance we'll see an option to buy the soundtrack?
  247. Defeated Holiday Whompa No Achievement Unlock
  248. Holiday Whompa
  249. Christmas Achievement - Yet, I Love The Holidays (Save + Video Guide)
  250. More music?