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  2. This game is terrific. Buy it.
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  11. Oh god, i love this game.
  12. I just want to say thanks.
  13. I love this game
  14. DO NOT click the reset botton in the option
  15. Icon?
  16. Error message when trying to start game or setup
  17. help with decision! (spoilers)
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  19. Tell me when?
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  21. How to play windowed, change resolution and other options
  22. Game currently unaveilable
  23. Greatest adventure game I've ever played
  24. Someone can help me with this?
  25. 50% off until Nov28
  26. Game Screen too small; letterboxed and pillarboxed on 16:9 monitor.
  27. How to get Stairsmaster achievement
  28. Extremely Choppy
  29. Freeze on startup issue - look here!
  30. My impressions of the game
  31. Update 204mb?
  32. This runs fine on laptops now
  33. Unexpected crash
  34. trade
  35. Did your save games go kablooee?
  36. i have a copy for trade
  37. Happy Holidays!
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  39. Crash On Action
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  51. Glitchy graphics and gameplay - please help
  52. Is there a way to increase mouse sensitivity?
  53. 2 PCs 1 save
  54. Play through time?
  55. Jerky mouse movements.
  56. Gemini Rue in German/Deutsch?
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  62. Speed Text
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  65. Initial Impressions
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  72. This title is just fantastic.
  73. weather tower problem/bug? help
  74. Steam Overlay
  75. cant open gemini rue
  76. save format problem.
  77. Good game, here's my reccomendation!
  78. Loading Saved files not working
  79. Oh wow, yes! This game is Amazing and at $4.99 is a steal.
  80. Dialog Skipping
  81. So I just beat the game...
  82. No desktop shortcut icon
  83. Game updated and now saves don't work
  84. WadjetEyes next/future game(s)
  85. Half Dark Screen Bug
  86. Saved game bug - Launch from Steam is different saved games dir than from exe!
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  89. Where are saved games located?
  90. Loading a saved game causes right side of screen to go black
  91. Savegames Needed
  92. Where's the H?!?!?!?!
  93. Did you [spoiler] the [spoiler] or not?
  94. Memories *spoilers*
  95. [W] Gemini Rue [H] Hearts of Iron 3 Complete Collection [Gamersgate] or TF2 Stuff.
  96. Soundtrack availability
  97. I found a mistake in the game *SPOILERS*
  98. Gemini Rue Gameplay Video
  99. Questions about the end game (spoilers obviously)
  100. [spoiler] Paul door closed. Bug?
  101. Game missing from steam store
  102. I lost the meds? *spoiler?*
  103. Fanart contest
  104. Gemini Rue & Dollhouse (possible game spoilers)
  105. Hitting Escape Key does nothing
  106. How to change resolution?
  107. Just finished the game.... wow....
  108. Fatal Errors making progress impossible
  109. Loading any game crashes to Desktop
  110. Should you buy Gemini Rue?
  111. Smell Me - I'm too good for the Steam Sale (Turns out I'm Wrong)
  112. Q&A With Gemini Rue Creator Joshua Nuernberger
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  114. Sound issues
  115. An internal error has occurred.
  116. cant repair lock picks (update: solved)
  117. Crash after first firefight
  118. Warning for 64-bit windows users
  119. What happened here?
  120. Win 7 64 bit - No sound at all