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  1. So whats the game like? It any good?
  2. Demo?
  3. Why was there no 3-pack?
  4. Why has the released been pushed back to November 10?
  5. coop?
  6. Can you switch characters during the game?
  7. Held back til the 25th... Smart!
  8. Can we get a manual please!
  9. Anyone else geting a weird screen when you push play and no launch
  10. Hello SnowBlind Studios
  11. For the love of god - Push to talk!
  12. Support for 3 monitor AMD Eyefinity or Nvidia Surround View
  13. Anyone find the config file yet?
  14. only 3 possible resolutions? really?
  15. Is there a config file somewhere?
  16. Reviews Thread
  17. Buy or wait for Skyrim?
  18. Whats gear like?
  19. Starting to lose faith in pre-orders, no 1360x768
  20. Thoughts after playing half an hour.
  21. Crashing a lot
  22. Need quite a bit of help...Please help!
  23. Game is not launching, screen looks distorted for a second then game closes
  24. how to block? Where is our manual?
  25. Can anyone get LAN working?
  27. Game Mini Review
  28. Problems loading game
  29. Game works in 7 but its supposed to work in XP. Has anyone gotten it working in XP
  30. lag and crashes
  31. In-game Map
  32. Desperately needs an FOV tweak
  33. AI questions
  34. Continuously running out of Mana
  35. Can my PC handle Lord of the Rings: War in the North?
  36. Impressions after about 5 hours
  37. Crashing after first flight of stairs.
  38. Sadly yet another game that don't work with Bulldozer..
  39. Add : Eyefinity and Nvidia Surround
  40. Playstyle question
  41. Co-Op Not Saving?
  42. Off Today..Need some quick answers...
  43. How many chapters are there?
  44. AA in Game? Someone please answer.
  45. For those enjoying the game:
  46. Giants (spoiler)
  47. Constant internet connection required for single player?
  48. Better or worse than Dungeon Siege III ?
  49. Anyone else running the game on an i7 8-core? PROBLEMS
  50. no one online
  51. Regarding co-op
  52. If you want to see LOTR with AA 8X enabled
  53. Multiple Installs on multiple PC's?
  54. Crashing question: what's your specs?
  55. Any point in giving items away in Single Player?
  56. The elf chick's hidden runes? Huh?
  57. Anybody struggling on Normal?
  58. Farin Mining Gems
  59. anyone do the lorien challenge map?
  60. I was completely wrong about this title
  61. Mirkwood/the captive/side quest question (spoilers so careful!)
  62. mithral side quest ~ for dwarf only?
  63. Any reason to donate weapons in Bree?
  64. Solid Game!
  65. Black Screen at launch.
  66. Split-screen co-op?
  67. Do DoF, AO and other settings do anything?
  68. Crits not working all of a sudden?
  69. It's worth to purchase War in the North?
  70. Finished as Eradan
  71. Leveling your characters
  72. Manual?
  73. Just me, or is NO ONE ON?
  74. Game starting to stutter a lot.
  75. LOTR: WITN lag issue?
  76. Tried all crash fixes non have worked.
  77. I can feel my character growing stronger - yes!
  78. Hard mode/re playthrough?
  79. Armor sets & Vendors
  80. Just finished/my review for elf girl and some advice
  81. so LOTR will be as surprise??
  82. completing the challenge maps in solo?
  83. Any way to hide keyboard map names on screen
  84. Question about character specific secrets
  85. Worth to buy it for single player?
  86. PC Demo
  87. War in The North Co-op Steam Group
  88. Mount Gundabad AI glitch
  89. For those who defeated the main boss~ question (spoilers)
  90. War in the north change companion appearance
  91. no crit bonus in hard mode?
  92. Where to enter pre-order codes in Steam?
  93. Split Screen on the PC
  94. Game Breaking Crash revisiting Fornost
  95. Miruvor Quest
  96. how to activate War Cry for Champion?
  97. example of vendor loot in hero mode
  98. Layoffs hit WB and possibly Snowblind
  99. frustration(spoilers)
  100. Questions with Multiplayer
  101. UNable to progress past chapter 2
  102. Given items to other characters in SP mode
  103. Get back in your bubble!
  104. No price/cannot purchase on Steam.
  105. Question about companions' skills and stats
  106. Show the difference between the equipped item and the currently viewed
  107. hte game release in europe!!
  108. so now i cant play after the game unlock..
  109. Can this game be played easily with a keyboard and mouse?
  110. Played coop last night with 2 RL friends: WHAT A BLAST!
  111. Lets play together !
  112. Dragon question (spoilers)
  113. so the co-op is region lock
  114. For those planning on doing legendary as the elf...
  115. Can a controler be used on this game?
  116. Odd Black Screen/bleed effect glitch
  117. Love the combat
  118. How do I disable the in-game voice for War In the North?
  119. Tharzog not possible in SP
  120. I just made my way into Mirkwood!
  121. Impressions from someone who liked Snowblind's previous titles
  122. Lots of stuttering and CTDs
  123. this game is crashing my pc
  124. Nov 11, 2011 = 11/11/11
  125. No purchase button on the Steam page.
  126. Seeking Farin Spec Advice for Hero Difficulty
  127. Carn Dum Bug
  128. Uh, how do you defeat the two trolls who are about to knock the doors down?
  129. This game is hard on the CPU and easy on GPU
  130. Really Disappointed
  131. LOTR War in the north vs Skyrim?
  132. Crossbows in legendary
  133. For all you guys struggling in SP
  134. ValveTestApp32833 Unlock Retail ???
  135. game crash
  136. U.S. service member stationed over seas cant instal game
  137. Buggy game (can't go further taht the chapter 8 because of bugs)
  138. Playing with onlive
  139. No Games Were Found
  140. Looking for coop partners
  141. I finished War in The North!
  142. No manual? Broken link?
  143. This game was strangled at birth
  144. War in the North Killed my Xbox Controller?
  145. Cant set proper resolution
  146. What is the dwarven "Ground Pound" skill?
  147. Anyone beat on Legendary?
  148. Stuck in chapter 3 (the stone giant) cause of bug
  149. New Patch on the way!
  150. New Game, Legendary Difficulty
  151. Resolution bug....
  152. Keyboard and Mouse configuration options?
  153. WTF were they thinking?
  154. Trying to intall From DVD but Refuses
  155. UK Release Date - delayed again
  156. [Guide] How to mute in-game microphones [Guide]
  157. On sale at Origin for $25
  158. BUG!
  159. Force the game to save?
  160. Solution when experiencing stuttering issues (at least for me)
  161. Unsmooth Mouse
  162. A Fantastic Game
  163. Game Review and my Opinion
  164. Lord of the Rings War in the North has stopped working
  165. Movie Weapons
  166. console and pc Coop?
  167. Game Keeps Crashing!!! Chaper 8 Part 2
  168. Just bought Game, First Problem!!!.........
  169. Japan release
  170. 2 questions about war in the north.
  171. So is a linear streight foward rpg, or does it have depth and immersion?
  172. I cant connect to servers
  173. Looking for Co-Op partner for war in the north
  174. Region Locking?
  175. Does it Get Any Better? - Let's Play
  176. This site legit?
  177. lotr:witr @ 29.99!
  178. coop issues
  179. Storage?
  180. LOTR $62 Cheaper @ GMG
  181. Crashing at Chapter 1 Part 19
  182. Got a coupon for 25% off this game on Steam, if anyone's interested
  183. 25% off coupon for 1 coal
  184. .exe crash
  185. Save Game Request
  186. $18 @ BuyGameCDKeys
  187. Open/Closed letter to the developers.
  188. 25% off LoTR....
  189. World is completly white!
  190. Beginner looking for Co-op player(s)
  191. Disable Mic.
  192. LOTR Pre-Load?
  193. $15 at GMG
  194. FPS Lag
  195. Good and Bad
  196. Worth it just for coop?
  197. Former Snowblind Animator Confirms Layoffs, Casts Shadow on Studio's Future
  198. I'm considering buying this game!
  199. How can you guys compare this [color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color] with skyrim!
  200. Game is updating
  201. Disable voice chat?
  202. LF people to play
  203. Key settings bug
  204. How many waves in the Lorien Challenge?
  205. how do i use my dlc armor sets on pc?
  206. Game bugged
  207. Two things
  208. 60% off at GMG - some questions
  209. Forcing Anisotropic Filtering
  210. World Map
  211. To high expectations...
  212. LOTR: WITN is Games For Windows LIVE or not?
  213. Bug completely stopped my progression
  214. failed to verify 11.8 file
  215. why should a SP game even need steam
  216. This is not Bf3!!
  217. Who here has extra copies of LOTR: war of the north. I
  218. Major Lagg issues
  219. [VIDEO] Ripper and YAZ Play: - Lord of the Rings - War in the North
  220. Explosive arrows
  221. War in the north, any way for change the FOV?
  222. Can I play with someone with a PSN version?
  223. Difficulty
  224. The Lord of the Rings: War in the North $15!
  225. Today i had a bug that was new to me.
  226. Steam cloud saves?
  227. ATI issues still not fixed
  228. Anyone wants a -25% Coupon for War in the North?
  229. Problem with Chapter 1 part 13
  230. is this game worth it
  231. Anyone know how to set resolution to 1360x768?
  232. Stuttering still??!
  233. War in the North Snow?
  234. war in the north, loot question
  235. Problem with Riddle man at Prancing Pony not giving me money? War in the North.
  236. How do you manually save? LOTR - War in the North
  237. Are you able to replay an entire level? War in the North.
  238. Anywhere to Store Items? War in the North.
  239. Barrow wight lord glitch
  240. Strength of Our Alliance achievement
  241. Any chance of seeing Battle for Middle Earth on Steam?
  242. How to get DLC?
  243. No widescreen ?
  244. WitN 10 dollars
  245. $9.99 digital download at Gamestop
  246. Great game
  247. Anyone still play Co-Op on this?
  248. Game Crashes to Desktop
  249. Click to Start crash.
  250. War in the North $10 US on Gamefly.