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  1. L.A. Noire -75%
  2. Anyone playing this on a dual core with acceptable performance?
  3. [W] LA Noire
  4. RS Games - Regional Restriction
  5. Whats the drm like for LA Noire?
  6. 30 FPS Cap Remover
  7. Trading 50% off L.A. Noire Coupon for Coal
  8. Best experienced on PC or console?
  9. [W] L.A. Noire
  10. [W] LA Noir [H] Far Cry 2 FE
  11. Is this a bad port?
  12. Mouse and Keyboard
  13. No Steam Cloud? No controller support?
  14. Will It Work - Yeah, Another one of those threads
  15. [H]11 coal (might be 12 later) + coupons [W] LA Noire
  16. Worth It At 75% Off? XBOX Better?
  17. L.A Noire 75% for section 8 prejudice & coupon
  18. Want: L.A. Noire Have: Worms ultimate mayhem, Homefront
  19. Still Unsure--Is it worth it?
  20. Proposition
  21. For those thinking of buying it
  22. [H] 21 Coal (3 Crafts) [W] L.A. Noire
  23. No dialogue.
  24. [W] L.A. Noire [H] a few options
  25. Such a disappointment
  26. GFWL?
  27. Brady Guide worth it?
  28. Frame Cap Remover Installation Help
  29. [H] LA Noire + Brady Guide [W] LA Noire
  30. norton wont let me play
  31. does a PS3 pad work?
  32. [H] 40 Coal, TF2 items [W] LA Noire
  33. Social Club Registration: Optional or not?
  34. [H]Portal 2 as trade gift [W] L.A. Noire
  35. Only lights up half hat
  36. I'm getting strange error "L.A noire exe is missing"
  37. How to remove black bars?
  38. What am I doing wrong?
  39. Need help: No voices.
  40. No sound and cinematics skipped
  41. Help, unplayable
  42. Stuck on Synchronizing
  43. Disable VSync?
  44. How to access the FULL brady guide???
  45. Unable to start game, infinite loop
  46. i cannot play this game
  47. [W] LA Noire [H]Oblivion GOTY Titans and 1..2..3..KICKIT
  48. Low FPS - I can't play this.
  49. Music not stopping after finding all clues
  50. How do you move in this game?
  51. Cannot get launcher to work, please help
  52. Invalid CD Key
  53. This deal is a winner
  54. Unknown Error Aftering launcher (Solved)
  55. Seriously this game is unplayable....
  56. Just bought the game. Can't move. [~solved~ (not sure what caused it)]
  57. Failed to load library fmod_event.dll
  58. Game won't load [Video inside]
  59. LANLauncher has encountered a problem
  60. W= cop runs ...s = runs other way! Never stops! HELP!
  61. .NET Framework Issues (Please Help)
  62. L.A. Noire.exe is missing! Help please!!
  63. Download size and other stuff
  64. Anyone know if this game works fine with a Radeon HD 6670?
  65. [H] -50% coupon [W] offers
  66. Brady Guide??
  67. What if I used 6970 2GB DDR5?
  68. shift+tab makes lowers my framerate at 13 fps
  69. Does this game pick up in the "action" department?
  70. Help! please. please. please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  71. Total Cases?
  72. Lagging on a high end PC?
  73. Key presses unresponsive in game
  74. AD96: Failed to create d3d resource. Please restart your computer, help me :(
  75. Notebook triggered everytime I approach the car.
  76. No Dialogue/Speech in-game
  77. Screen flickering
  78. Brady Guioe?
  79. L.A. Noire Crrash on start
  80. So about the infinite synchronizing bug...
  81. Totally pointless but impressive details you have spotted
  82. 2 hours into the game and already 10% completition o_O
  83. This game is fantastic
  84. Guide down?
  85. L.A. Noire
  86. L.A Noire won't start, says theres no disk in drive
  87. Steam Cloud for savegames and settings please... Rockstar!
  88. No talking animation
  89. DLC Download?
  90. AA not working with ATI 5870
  91. Failed to create d3d
  92. Cannot launch, windows XP
  93. Installation L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition
  94. The Golden Butterfly
  95. Won't launch, windows 7.
  96. "Left" input without me doing anything
  97. did rockstar already patched this?
  98. xp sp3. launcher crash
  99. verify integrity
  100. how to access the piano machine gun?
  101. [H] L.A. Noire 50% Off [W] Offers
  102. LA Noire download stalls at 91%
  103. Is there any way to get rid of the black bars on this game?
  104. Problem with czech langpack
  105. Regarding 'Da Bars'
  106. La. Noire Low fps
  107. How do you log in?
  108. msvcr90.dll error windows xp
  109. get rid of 'checking for downloadable content'
  110. Is this a bug??
  111. how do i turn off the shadows?
  112. Want to trade coupon
  113. Rockstar Social Club Problems
  114. More Trouble In Windows 7
  115. see lights trough walls,persons
  116. Suspended Noire Download
  117. l.a noire not downloading
  118. Msvcr90.dll error
  119. So disappointed
  120. Bind mouse thumb button (4,5)
  121. Can't continue
  122. missing homicide desk in complete edition
  123. AA doesn't work?
  124. Does the game ship with a 64bit version?
  125. L.A. Noire endless sync.
  126. Fix (that works) to uncap frame rate
  127. l.a. noire bug or glitch or so
  128. Like the game isnt loading textures??
  129. Nice Engine, A Little Disappointed In The Storyline And GunPlay
  130. Does the game really need Gameshield?
  131. The Set Up mission problem
  132. Game won't launch
  133. What I did to make it run acceptable
  134. Game won't download ("suspended")
  135. Extreme slowdown following The White Shoe Slaying
  136. 12 fps during gameplay, 30 during interrogation
  137. Crossfire with 5830's black screen FIXED
  138. Games takes forever to load on "Checking for downloadable content..."
  139. Controller buttons not working - Great Game
  140. L.A. Noire Graphics Artifacts
  141. terrible fps on new computer
  142. I finished LA Noire
  143. How do you delete save games?
  144. Installation issue (retail)
  145. Detective Phelps, LA PD
  146. Traffic Desk STUCK
  147. LA:N crashes before title screen; tried many fixes
  148. Yet another endless sync fix
  149. Pointless game; want your opinions
  150. Subdued car sounds
  151. The Pay Off
  152. Installing is stuck?
  153. Registration
  154. Rockstar Doesn't Do Happy Endings (Spoilers)
  155. Can I run it?
  156. Where are the other cases?
  157. Startup crash still not solved?
  158. Social Club question
  159. my solution for not being able to launch game
  160. Achievements Not Unlocking
  161. LA Noire winXP
  162. Ridiculous Pop-in and Texture Lag
  163. Experience: What's the point?
  164. Unlocking cars - where are they?
  165. rusty galloway
  166. L.A. Noire Game Save Manager
  167. LANoire.exe is missin
  168. Where is Red Dead Redemption?
  169. msvcr90.dll error SOLUTION
  170. Can you skip dlc cases?
  171. Columbo
  172. HollyWoodLand Walkabout!!
  173. Vice - Naked City - Possible Bug
  174. Game not launching...
  175. Anyone mod or open files yet?
  176. Steam - Error - Steam servers are currently too busy to blah blah
  177. Downloading problems
  178. L.A Noire Performance
  179. ATI Crossfire Performance Issues
  180. Surprised by how Godd this Games Performs.
  181. what is the beep sound
  182. Starting the game over?
  183. Achivement Problem
  184. Error: PCGS1: Cannot create save game directory
  185. Fixes for FPS Cap and Performance Issues?
  186. I can't tackle
  187. Adding Steam Achievements to retail copy of L.A. Noire?
  188. How to display in-game frame rate?
  189. Possible to skip intro/logo videos?
  190. On the last case now...
  191. Any way to remove FPS cap?
  192. Violence in questioning?
  193. An Update
  194. New update. Who's responsible?
  195. Social club crashes now
  196. DX11 gives worse performance
  197. Possible Fix for the error 26 xxxx?
  198. 1360x768 Resolution No More?
  199. Wiki page for LA Noire fixes
  200. Patch removed resolution options!
  201. Infinite sync.
  202. Acquired this game in trade (Cheap) should I add to my library or sell on again?
  203. DX11 & shift-TAB = a nono
  204. New 60fps tool
  205. Skip intros?
  206. Runtime 16 crashes
  207. LA Noire doesn't load past Team Bondi logo
  208. Consistent skip in performance
  209. Thank you, Team Bondi, from the bottom of my heart.
  210. Game not installing
  211. I have a 50% off coupon to give away free
  212. anyone know where guide goes?
  213. Community in-game overlay not working
  214. Steam is not capable of solving my problem.
  215. Game wont start, even after uac/admin changes
  216. Trouble Punching
  217. Street Crimes
  218. dx 11 freeze
  219. Intergrated graphic problem fixed?
  220. Remove the crappy DRM if you want more sales
  221. midweek madness!!!!!!!! your advice
  222. DLC is seperate?
  223. Dont buy L.A. Noire 30 fps has limit.
  224. re: content - Will I love or hate this game? :)
  225. Midweek madness...I am disappoint
  226. Is DLC is Present in the Complete Edition
  227. So is L.A. Noire like a "Detective GTA4 ?" Or what ?
  228. Should i buy with this rig?
  229. Download Restarted
  230. LA Noire + DLC Pack vs Complete Edition
  231. People from Ukraine or Belarus
  232. Driving doest seem to working for me
  233. It it worth it? No probably not.
  234. How does the DLC work
  235. runtime error 216 at 0055813
  236. Can't startup - different problem than what I've seen
  237. Crazy bug! does some one know how to fix it?
  238. L.A. Noire Hangs on First Loading Screen
  239. Looks just like mafia?
  241. FPS Question.
  242. CRC Error? HELP!
  243. RULE BOOK? Not 'guide'; rules!
  244. Doesn't work on Windows 8?
  245. Game do not run. Issue helpers not work
  246. No Dialogue?
  247. dx11 crash
  248. Trees are moving on my screen
  249. Lacking achievments?
  250. runs like crap with radoen hd 5750