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  15. Alliegence: How to keep it?
  16. So is this game Total War in space?
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  19. Multiplayer?
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  24. Distant Stars
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  26. East Asia, Australia, West Coast USA maybe?
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  30. Still can't connect to ICO
  31. I need to move Sins from impulse to steam but dont know how!
  32. Whats rebellion gonna be like?
  33. What kind of game?
  34. Good space rts game?
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  38. Need 1 player (right now) for 5 on 5
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  42. [H]Mass Effect 2 + coal [W] Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity
  43. installing 7ds mod on steam
  44. [H] The Ball, Alien Breed 3, Hydrophobia, coal, and more [W] SOASE
  45. Star Trek mod
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  51. Mini Freeze
  52. I'm looking for a good galactic expansion Strategy game
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  55. Will trade for this game
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  57. Worth it?
  58. Two quick questions.
  59. 1 player needed for 5 on 5
  60. pirates 10 times stronger then any empire o.O
  61. Looking For Deatailed Tutorial
  62. More Rebellion details released!
  63. Get this or wait for Rebellion?
  64. What's the difference between this and Sword of the Stars?
  65. SOASE not starting
  66. Mouse/Camera oversensitive
  67. Replay of 4-on-4 game (no AI, real game) posted
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  69. Dirty Sanchez online multiplayer map pack update released
  70. Two more replays of games with (mostly) pro players
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  75. Sins Chat room (like IRC, but over Steam)
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  82. French translation
  83. Help Us Track Down the Black Screen
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  85. Possible Black Screen Fix
  86. Loading Impacts Skyboxes
  87. What order for story?
  88. Question for Sins of a Solar Empire players.
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  91. How is it?
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  96. First Custom Map Pack for Rebellion released!
  97. Any tips for a total noob
  98. Know anyone with trinity in their inventory who's looking to trade?
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  101. Crashes after loading
  102. Vasari
  103. Any Discount on Rebellion for Owning Trinity?
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  105. Can't connect to ICO
  106. Any reason to pick up Trinity before Rebellion?
  107. Anyway to connect trade routes...
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  110. No campaign
  111. Stop asking questions
  112. Is is true that you get a discount on Rebellion if you own Trinity?
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  131. Mp??
  132. How is Trinity's online pop now with Rebellion out?
  133. Why most 4X games are like this?
  134. Trinity - What is the play order?
  135. BLACK SCREEN on startup
  136. Is there any way to force a resolution?
  137. 2 quick questions
  138. you think i could run it
  139. A way/mod to make pirates easier?
  140. Could I run this game?
  141. Tips
  142. Trinity 50 % off coupon
  143. Wanna play? :)
  144. How do I install mods?