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  1. INT Cores out of memory?!
  2. Rreally? gfwl and steamworks at the same time....
  3. Why Can I not Download This Yet?
  4. Gone off games list
  5. Stuttering, Low FPS, Windows Live F@()@*#()&@#!!!
  6. SLI working?
  7. Max Settings 31fps avg in benchmark
  8. Retail copy questions...
  9. This game needs patching asap.
  10. Why are UK Steam users having their pre-order removed?
  11. SecuROM+free GeForce code questions
  12. Batman AC DRM
  13. Arkham City encountered an error
  14. Activate Gamestop Copy?
  15. Catwoman DLC?
  16. UK Preloading?
  17. I dont see any physx options...
  18. Is it really necessary...
  19. Arkham City Crashing at loadout screen
  20. Increasing DX11 performance (AMD users)
  21. Steam gonna sell DLC?
  22. Can't find dsetup.dll
  23. Forcing Fullscreen Windowed
  24. How exactly did Rocksteady get a 560 to run PhysX like that?
  25. australian release date?
  26. Accidently skipped a cutscene...(Potential spoilers)
  27. Language change on BAC Steam´s version.
  28. Game not saving?
  29. You hold space bar then left ctrl to slide...
  30. Game crashes everytime.
  31. Very low sound fix
  32. Cannot bind shift+mouse button
  33. Troubles with Robin and Nightwing DLC.
  34. Pretty bad system for activating the game
  35. Cannot Launch the Game
  36. AMD Dual Core Optimizer Crashes Installation
  37. FIX THE GAME !!!!
  38. Batman AC is now region restricted?
  39. Message from the Dev regarding DX11 performance issues!!
  40. Audio Stuttering?
  41. White bar on the right of the screen.
  42. they have acknowledged the performance issue.....
  43. About the DRM...
  44. Keeps crashing after it checks for DLC
  45. Is it just me, or...
  46. ATI/AMD users: new driver release claims Batman AC DX11 improvements
  47. 2 things
  48. Snapping pics of question marks?
  49. "ran out of video memory" error crashing, unplayable
  51. I'm stuck, please help
  52. Oops, sorry!!
  53. Robin and Nightwing DLC
  54. No "Install" button in library
  55. Read This Article About DX11 in This Game
  56. Uk release today?
  57. This item is currently unavailable in your region
  58. Anyone whos working have screenshot problems?
  59. Directx11in relation to audio stuttering
  60. few questions about Steam Arkham City
  61. Cant get past checking for downloadable content?
  62. Holy Smokes Batman - 17 Gig Download?
  63. Impressions?
  64. this is bull[color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color]! we demand free download content for this game!
  65. Logitech controllers?
  66. I dont know if I should purchase this game!!! are there any problems with it
  67. Rocksteady is aware of the DX11 issues
  68. Just lost all savegames..
  69. Massive Stuttering in Cutscenes (gameplay fine)
  70. Severe consolitis infection....incurable.
  71. Skip intro and Nvidia Movies
  72. GFWL + SecuROM removal request.
  73. This Is F***king Ridiculous
  74. How can I play the game?
  75. Game Removed from the store 0_o?
  76. Registered to wrong GFWL account
  77. Batman: Arkham City Live Broadcast (No spoilers)
  78. Possible fix for a crash and other stuff.
  79. Code Already Used?
  80. Game works fine in dx9
  81. Why all the hate?
  82. So how *do* you make sure it runs in DX9?
  83. Batman: Arkham City Performance Fix:
  84. Extra skins?
  85. Install or trade?
  86. thinking about buying this...replayability?
  87. So, 2xGTX580 SLI= 3FPS?
  88. I also lost my save file. What the hell.
  89. Stuttering while loading new areas
  90. Game Currently Unavailable
  91. Can you adjust mouse sensitivity?
  92. Save Games Vanished - Nothing in files
  93. How to change mouse sensitivity?
  94. activation
  95. How do you do a ground takedown
  96. Batman can't move
  97. Any way to skip opening splash screens?
  98. About losing save files
  99. I give you the horrifying facts! Proof that the delay of the PC version was a SCAM!
  100. Negative Crossfire / SLI scaling HAHHAHAHA
  101. Turn off motion blur. Fixed my crashes and lag
  102. Catwoman service hatch
  103. Riddler gltich? (minor spoilers)
  104. captain hind sight returns
  105. [HOT] Play the game RIGHT now, if your game is locked!
  106. serial number for first time set up??
  107. Is serial number & CD key the same?
  108. UK Pre-Load...When?
  109. Best course of action - Trade the game or keep it hoping restrictions get lifted
  110. Lengthy DLC List leaked!!
  111. Just beat the game
  112. [SPOILER] Monty Hall problem in AC.
  113. Game/Folder location?
  114. Anyone with a spare Batman copy?
  115. Not in your region....WTF
  116. Is the PC controls as fluid as the console ones?
  117. Batman ac folder/files
  118. Aerial Attack Challenge
  119. Someone has some alternative solution to the DirectX 11 bug?
  120. Performing first-time setup?
  121. Physx Issues; non-dx11 stuttering
  122. PC Version is cursed/jinxed!!
  123. Honest opinions from those that have played through the story [No Spoilers]
  124. Help checking files please
  125. It's available NOW! Restart Steam!
  126. Original voiceover
  127. 3d vision disabled?
  128. GFWL update issue.
  129. NEED HELP!
  130. Multi Display/Dual Monitor help needed.
  131. Problem with Xbox 360 Controller on PC Version
  132. Assertion Failed
  133. New game starts Catwoman DLC?
  134. $25 at Origin.com
  135. $24 at Origin is why Steam must have competition
  136. Am I the only one who like to fight without attack warnings?
  137. Oh God My Balls Hurt!
  138. Batman AC crashes on startup
  139. I can't even get stable FPS in DX9!!!!!
  140. Activation limits? Really?
  141. I'd like to thank Rocksteady for treating me like a pirate (SecuROM triggers kick-in)
  142. Achievements not being earned
  143. Why is Batman Arkham City locked in Ukraine? (Ukraine)
  144. When I will be able to play Batman: Arkham City?
  145. Russia, Batman, Language
  146. Valve..What the hell is going on with batman arkham city (We need direct answers)
  147. Can't play because of Securom
  148. Batman: AC unlock question
  149. Batman: AC, Unlock Question
  150. How to play in English [Solution Inside]
  151. will a gtx580 run this @ constant 40-70fps?
  152. Runs fine for me!
  153. Ending Thoughts? [POSSIBLE SPOILERS]
  154. To those who are still unable to unlock the game.
  155. How am I to access this game?
  156. Game unavailable in Israel?
  157. PhysX Performance *Post Your Benchmarks*
  158. Game crashes when not logged into GFWL store on desktop?
  159. Releases in Europe in the 25th
  160. The game won't start up
  161. OK, steam support time to step up and give a definitive answer
  162. The real countdown for EU release
  163. GFWL Marketplace Causing Crash
  164. Won't pre-purchase again thru steam.....
  165. How to find my serial?
  166. Thanks WB, you taught me never to preorder a game again.
  167. Play the catwoman section - how? (possible spoilers)
  168. PC performance issues linked to DX11 - patch incoming.
  169. Have retail copy. Can I use code on Steam?
  170. I Hate steam :D
  171. Loss of save game
  172. POSSIBLE SPOILER: Political prisoner question
  173. Serial Code
  174. Using Physx with ATI cards
  175. Steam Achievements not unlocking?
  176. Any way to increase mouse sensitivity?
  177. Slow Starter...
  178. I see what you did there
  179. The game has just unlocked here!
  180. Activated in EU at last
  181. Shall I complete AA first?
  182. Screenshots don't work?
  183. Can't disable Steam Community In-Game
  185. Interface issue - white line at the bottom of screen
  186. Issues with "first time setup" and GFLW not showing/installing
  187. Skip intro movies.
  188. Steam cloud overwrote my save file without permission
  189. Game only uses one native DRM method
  190. Lip syncing issues.
  191. DLC question
  192. Can some of us agree...
  193. stuck on a certain part in the campaign (spoilers)
  194. Nvidia Suing Rocksteady/WB?
  195. BAC ...SUPERB!!! - My Report
  196. WTF
  197. No matter what ???
  198. Activated in Latvia
  199. AMD Catalyst 11.11b Performance Driver (November 25)
  200. Securom activation and Nvidia promotion
  201. Congratulation All For Batman Getting Unlocked
  202. Anyone else Mr frezze
  203. GFWL update error
  204. Moving Very Slowly, Very Slowly
  205. Where are the DLCs?
  206. I need two DLCs
  207. Fatal error! QA_APPROVED_BUILD
  208. Riddles
  209. FXAA vs MSAA
  210. B:AC cd key and region restriction
  211. 3D Vision Thumbs UP!!!
  212. Quickfire Explosive Gel
  213. Batman: Arkham City™ PC
  214. Can't even buy it
  215. whats the point of the helicopters and have you taken a ride on one?
  216. Stuck in Smelting Chamber, Bug!?
  217. Please don't hurt me! Of course not...
  218. Streaming some arkham city
  219. In-game Difficulty Question
  220. Batman costumes./skins
  221. Steam Cloud has deleted my Arkham City save.
  222. Can't Use Quickfire Disarm With Keyboard
  223. Steam Cloud deleted my saves!
  224. Wrecking Ball Achievement Relocked itself on Steam?
  225. [Bug] Cannot advance beyond Ra's A'gul
  226. So...no mods, no console commands another console game using keyboard & mouse...
  227. savegame gone
  228. Stuttering and FPS drops are worst when on the ground and not on the rooftops..
  229. physx not working?
  230. game crashed during physx benchmark in PhysX mod with 5870CF+9800gt
  231. GfWL: Unacceptable!
  232. Anyone else CTD at the "press start" screen?
  233. Can you log in with any other account in GFWL on the steam version?
  234. Catalyst 11.11b Released
  235. Don't get this game on PC
  236. Combat Challenges too easy?
  237. Xbox live market for unsupported countries
  238. Game always install .net framework
  239. Saves gone.
  240. Can't enter Watch Tower
  241. This Game is Amazing
  242. Save file location?
  243. Game Crashes on EXIT and START
  244. Question about dlc´s.
  245. Identity Theft Side Mission Issue
  246. Cutscenes are just...stopping
  247. "remote electrical charge" won't open door
  248. .SGD files
  249. Here is 100% how to make Arkham City STABLE for now!!
  250. New Nvidia Beta Drivers - AC Performance Increase