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  1. And i get to give the first post EVER on this section
  2. The Music
  3. Content
  4. I thought this game was free?
  5. Can run without steam once bought?
  6. How long is Cave Story and Cave Story+?
  7. Actual gameplay/story/controls?
  8. Hidden Achievements?
  9. Should Valve remake this in Source?
  10. Upgraded "HD" Graphics
  11. Not running?
  12. Mod: Play as Red on all 3 Difficulties :)
  13. [Solved] Why do I have a yellow outfit?
  14. Wind Fortress Counter Fault
  15. Arguably the most well-known indie game of all time
  16. Aspect Ratio?
  17. Desktop Shortcut missing
  18. CaveStory+.exe has stopped working
  19. Soundtrack! I'd gladly buy one!
  20. No Curly Mode
  21. Coward Achievement
  22. Some questions regarding the in-game decisions.. [SPOILERS]
  23. So, does anyone have a damn game icon?
  24. Any chance for Steam Cloud?
  25. Cave Story+ freezes my entire pc...
  26. It's HUZZAH!! (and grassland)
  27. Nicalis - Pixel relationship?
  28. Cave Story + won't launch properly
  29. [Help] Text keeps freezing during game...
  30. Xbox controller support?
  31. Future Content and Updates Suggestion Thread
  32. Achievements bugged in offline mode
  33. What are the exact changes to hard mode?
  34. S Rank Sanctuary.
  35. Challenges aren't unlocking
  36. Wind Fortress Speedrun - time carrying over after death
  37. Steam Cloud
  38. App Store version of the game to Steam?
  39. Fun Nicalis Facts
  40. Cave Story.......SOURCE?
  41. Cave Story+ Does Not Launch - Any Suggestions?
  42. Cave Story + OST
  43. Visual C++ Runtime Error R6030 when trying to launch Cave Story
  44. [bug][achievement] defeating first balrog as curly brace doesn't unlock achievement
  45. Were there any balance changes?
  46. Crash
  47. Really bad lag spikes
  48. How to change translation and more
  49. Boss Rush Rank A.
  50. WHERE IS IT!?!?!?!??!
  51. VSYNC and Screen Tearing.
  52. Why CaveStory+ ?
  53. Challenges?
  54. Help me i cant end the game. i mean take acchi
  55. Curious about the resolution
  56. Cave Story
  57. Guys, need help...
  58. Need a save!
  59. Ikachan BGM?
  60. The game crashes at certain points
  61. Where does your Sacred Grounds time get saved/displayed after a normal game?
  62. Cave Story+ (Mac): will it work with a USB joypad?
  63. Skipping through cutscene text ?
  64. Ending Achievements not working?
  65. Xmas achievement?
  66. finding the core? help please?
  67. modding? adding jenkas nightmare?
  68. Part of the HIB 4
  69. "Press button 1 to begin"
  70. Curly isn't appearing in the bolder room
  71. Translate Cave Story + at Spanish
  72. Spanish subtitles?
  73. Cave Story+ in Humble Bundle
  74. Game Not Working
  75. [Video] First Impressions Cave Story+
  76. desktop icon is lacks icon
  77. Possible to play in window mode?
  78. Cave Story + Is In The Humble Bundle 4
  79. I cant get out of the first room
  80. Screen tearing
  81. Challenge data linked to Save data?
  82. Keyboard vs Gamepad?
  83. 'Merry Holiday Happy Euphamism' Achievement
  84. Monster X
  85. Save file location and compatibility
  86. For those who want Remastered Soundtrack.
  87. Original CS Save file (profile.dat) conversion?
  88. Achievement mess up?
  89. How to unlock the ???? modes?
  90. Deleted file, lost Curly
  91. Bombs?
  92. Is there a way I can change the difficulty after I started the game?
  93. Annoyance at abundance of net slang (among other things)
  94. Friend gave me HIB as a gift, included DLs and Steam Codes
  95. HIB version of Cave Story+ music in the Steam version - Is this possible?
  96. Not Getting any Boss Achievements?
  97. Screen distorts(?) when pausing?
  98. Can't Pick up the Dog in Curly's
  99. Mimiga Hero?
  100. Challenges Rank Times
  101. Stuck after credits
  102. Quick question about achievements
  103. Best Weapon in exchange for polar star
  104. Can't view achievement anymore?
  105. Nemesis vs Sword
  106. Remastered soundtrack added in the newest update
  107. Cave Story + quit unexpectedly.
  108. Update?
  109. Cave Story+ update breaks the game on Mac OSX Lion
  110. change deadzone?
  111. So what did the update do?
  112. Stuck in the Labyrinth
  113. Resolution
  114. Modding, hacking?
  115. Ugh My Ears
  116. Stutter
  117. before you buy this game!
  118. crash at startup ):
  119. No control in menus
  120. A Little Help Please
  121. Alright, so, is it worth getting this game instead of just playing the original?
  122. Any chance of save game cloud support in future?
  123. Christmas achievement?
  124. Christmas Revamp
  125. is this game the same as the free cave story?
  126. Stuck in the sandzone!
  127. What's the exact frame rate of Cavestory+?
  128. Times Do Not Reset Upon Restart!
  129. Final boss help (spoiler)
  130. Does the Christmas Update work on OSX?
  131. Another good game...
  132. Booster vs. tow rope
  133. Monster X advice???
  134. Controller help?
  135. Buy Cave Story +
  136. Seasonal art glitches?
  137. full screen!
  138. Challenges and option under Story Mode?
  139. Screen Tearing/VSync
  140. Keyboard does not work
  141. How far have you gotten into hard mode?
  142. Two Questions...
  143. Save file for Sacred Ground? (spoilers)
  144. Wii version Vs Steam verson
  145. Great way to get the original resolution set up
  146. Corrupted save file. Can anyone help?
  147. Yellow outfit?
  148. Getting rid of seasonal art
  149. 1 file constantly needs to be reacquired.
  150. 1 file constantly needs to be reacquired.
  151. Hard mode > Life Capsules?
  152. Curly not appearing in Plantation
  153. Save Files?
  154. Got, but didn't get, Lifepot achievement??
  155. I don't get it.
  156. Jenka's Puppies Bug
  157. No visual at all when game starts.
  158. Questions regqrding best ending and challenges
  159. Jesus, why?
  160. The final boss is too hard! Any help?
  161. works xbox 360 controller on win7 64-bit?
  162. Q. about soundtrack
  163. Speedrun questions (mild spoilers)
  164. Hard mode, unstoppable achievement
  165. Save migration from Windows to Mac
  166. Problem with achievements.
  167. Anyone have a save game I can borrow?
  168. What happened to the seasona graphics?
  169. Letter from Sue
  170. Sanctuary Timeattack
  171. The ending?
  172. Dog question (not glitch related)
  173. [Sand zone] How to get last puppy?
  174. Best gun for hard mode?
  175. Cave Story: What after labyrinth? (spoiler alert)
  176. No Rockets/Life Capsules
  177. Didn't got the Mimiga Hero Achievement
  178. Post-Launch Review: Cave Story +
  179. Help!
  180. Back to Japanese?
  181. Bloody Sanctuary S Rank
  182. Are the Secrets Cheap?
  183. Hard Mode - Final Bosses (of Normal Ending)
  184. Saved Game Request: Save Curly.
  185. 4 Endings?
  186. A question about the achivements. (And a save file request.)
  187. Remastered soundtrack...?
  188. Re-mapping controls?
  189. Easiest Ending?
  190. Achievement Curse Broken not work?
  191. Cant see bottom of screen....?
  192. Mac version crashes instantly
  193. Happy Birthday Pixel!
  194. Controller not working, stumped
  195. Cave Story-4th Ending Walkthrough
  196. What do i do in the first level?
  197. Can't get out of the jail cell
  198. 3rd Ending worth another playthrough?
  199. Can't get out of first room in Hell
  200. Is there a way to get curly back if ... ( spoilers )
  201. Care to retry?
  202. "Future content updates"
  203. What is the difference between this version and the freeware version?
  204. I've never played Cave Story, is it worth it?
  205. 3D on PC
  206. Hard Mode Monster X strategies
  207. cant see bottom of screen
  208. Merry Holiday Happy Euphemism Achievement
  209. So I'm going for the "Untouchable" and "Unstoppable" achievements...
  210. Changing difficulty
  211. Is "Curse Broken" still broken?
  212. Hatred for New Graphics
  213. "Non-final build. Do not distribute."...uh, what?
  214. Two patches in two days, and no changelog
  215. Game updated, I lost my save
  216. Seasonal Art & Curly Story
  217. Crashing on Macintosh
  218. Labyrinth Help, Fix or Save
  219. Game won't launch
  220. Original translation?
  221. Massive lag?
  222. Cave Story Freeware (For unsatisfied users)
  223. Problem at startup
  224. Black screen...
  225. Windows 8 Incompatibility.
  226. More language
  227. [Linux] Missing Executable Error
  228. Unable to get the Fish Preserve achievement?
  229. Cave Story+ Trainer
  230. RetroPort SNES Controller not working properly
  231. Missing executable on Windows 7
  232. I [color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color]ed up... ;-;
  233. Cave Story+ Won't Start
  234. DM DOKURO Music pack