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  1. Game looks amazing, how is it?
  2. for what this game says......
  3. How is this game compared to X3?
  4. Demo Available Here
  5. The Only Thing This Game Needs!
  6. Does this game support the Xbox 360 controller?
  7. Questions Regarding Evochron?
  8. Wary about the age of the game? Fear not!
  9. Question about space exploration
  10. is this still coded in darkbasic?
  11. some noob question
  12. Impossible Captcha
  13. Pre-Steam CD key activation?
  14. Some Questions about this Game
  15. Steam offer is a bit odd
  16. Dedicated server service?
  17. Frontier: First Encounters
  18. Eyefinity
  19. Manual?
  20. Evo Merc Mods: One Stop Shop
  21. Help getting into the game.
  22. Learning cliff
  23. feedback from playing demo
  24. Does game have a defined end?
  25. How's the Co-op?
  26. If you need help with Evochron Mercenary!
  27. Runtime Error 506?
  28. They Had Me At TrackIR
  29. Game and Music
  30. Demo time ran out - Got a few Questions.
  31. Had never heard of this game. It's good!
  32. Runs too fast, any help?
  34. Programmed in DarkBasic Professional
  35. Multiplayer?
  36. What's this about an expansion?
  37. A question for the community
  38. note: does not support dhcp (routers)
  39. Demo experiences plus concerns, questions
  40. Combat too hard?
  41. This game is pretty fun
  42. Server Testing Anyone?
  43. A few questions about the game...
  44. Does this game have story?
  45. What am I doing wrong?
  46. Joystick mapping??
  47. Dual screen setup
  48. Questions For The Dev?
  49. Arvoch Alliance - for those who want a mission based campaign.
  50. Evochron Mercenary vs Freelancer???
  51. Having trouble starting out
  52. What does "without plot restrictions" actually mean?
  53. An odd question
  54. this game seems to be totally awesome-is it?
  55. A Detailed review of Evochron Mercenary
  56. Jumping.
  57. Cant download
  58. Controls keep resetting
  59. Logitech extreme 3d pro throttle not adjusting speed parameter
  60. Problem with the resolution
  61. no available content servers
  62. Crash when running 5760x1080 (Eyefinity 3x1920x1080)
  63. Can't connect to any server !
  64. Search failed, verify internet connection...
  65. Almost sold but....
  66. Rune-time error
  67. I kinda like Darkstar One, will I like this?
  68. The update/expansion
  69. Unable to figure out objectives
  70. (good) .. i m lost :)
  71. Runtime Crash
  72. Joystick recommendations
  73. Ummm...
  74. This game reminds me of ( E and B) awsome.
  75. What's a "license"?
  76. my first impression of Evochron Mercenary
  77. I have a problem
  78. If I liked Freelancer...
  79. Can't host private game!
  80. One question
  81. Joystick issues
  82. How Do I Answer A Distress Call
  83. Ship variety
  84. How to join clans?
  85. *Blushes* ... I ran out of fuel
  86. Ugh... Radio Chatter
  87. crash on start of tutorial
  88. Question: Does Evochron Mercenary Windows 7 64bit?
  89. Game version?
  90. Noob into game. Ship rolls very slow
  91. Aerial combat?
  92. Game creats a directory in the root of hard disk?!
  93. Debating on purchasing...
  94. Joystick Sensitivity Option Makes No Difference?
  95. Crash when alt-tabbing out (when using fullscreen exclusive mode)
  96. Annoying HUD
  97. just some good music that goes with the game.
  98. Update 1.808
  99. Game now runs at Double Speed?
  100. First steps?
  101. Is there an EU server?
  102. Upon Exit...
  103. Active Australian community?
  104. Any AI Space Battles?
  105. Crashes in about five minutes.
  106. Ghraphic mods?
  107. X52 pro?
  108. Noob questions
  109. Game crashes during loading...
  110. Mod Pack
  111. To Cloud or not to Cloud?
  112. How do you get 3D Head Tracking to work with FaceTrackNoIR?
  113. Blocked german players?
  114. Random Saves?
  115. Quardo Fx 1800m
  116. Quick question about co op with a friend...
  117. This game is ****
  118. A question to dev abour MouseClick event.
  119. forum -- forbidden access
  120. Forum access forbidden & Multiplayer error
  121. Add to Steam with Impulse code?
  122. How to equip a weapon which is in Cargo?
  123. Question about contracts
  124. Multiplayer Error
  125. Multiplayer question.
  126. can you switch from civilian to military hulls?
  127. Fighting +10 hostiles at once
  128. New Player Guide&Tips
  129. Evochron or Sol: Exodus???
  130. Antimatter - where to mine it?
  131. My character is gone.
  132. Never played a game like this before..
  133. Does game have local LAN play option or only internet?
  134. Is there a way to fire 1 rocket at a time with the xcalibur?
  135. Quick Question:DRM?
  136. This game is junk.
  137. So is this game a 3D Space Rangers 2?
  138. Anyone want these coupons in trade?
  139. Beginner's Problem
  140. How do you review quests?
  141. Multiplayer questions.
  142. What a cluster the interface is...
  143. Ridiculous NAV issues
  144. Why does everyone hate me?
  145. Vindictive moderators of Starwraith.
  146. How do I destroy a capital ship?
  147. finally found my spot to build...
  148. Evochron actual release date Sep 17, 2010?
  149. Before I buy, is there a Multiplayer Population?
  150. Looking into this game...
  151. Question for people that've played
  152. Simultaneous joystick /and/ mouse control
  153. Much nicer gfx.
  154. Territory Control?
  155. here's to hoping this game goes on sale.
  156. Just got a 285 MB update, whats new?
  157. Important Hints for Evochron Mercenary
  158. Cave asteroid?
  159. Joystick calibration
  160. Four quick questions
  161. A Question on Speed
  162. Just glad to see...
  163. Nice looking but...
  164. Joystick suggestions
  165. Is this the result of that Infinity Tech Demo?
  166. Creating a clan with a friend
  167. Mouse/Keyboard - Joystick or gamepad???
  168. Should I get this and can I run it?
  169. All the money I need...
  170. More Comprehensive/ Easier to understand tutorial?
  171. How many players are there online on average?
  172. how do i mine?
  173. Game wont launch Unable to detect/activate a compatible screen resolution
  174. runtime error 506
  175. IDS/Newton accelerating
  176. A similar game?
  177. Obligatory is it worth it thread
  178. Cant access site
  179. coop?
  180. Flightstick/Joystick compatibility
  181. Old space games still better then this turd - Get freespace 2 instead.
  182. resource for new players
  183. the tutorial keeps crashing
  184. I used to play jumpgate
  185. runtime Error 506
  186. Runtime error 3002
  187. This game is reminds me of Infinity... should I play?
  188. Very impressive game so far :)
  189. helpful stuff
  190. When I try to register
  191. Game won't load
  192. How do I find my friends?
  193. Seems buggy and not very fun so far
  194. Window Mode
  195. Getting to Different Sectors Noob Question
  196. Amazing little gem (I recommend this game)
  197. Where do i find a Mamoth frame?
  198. Invert mouse?
  199. Everytime I try and register on the forums I get a registration error
  200. Games learning curve too high?
  201. storing item in cargo bay
  202. Multi
  203. combat question
  204. finding and retrieving lost items?
  205. New space sim...
  206. Cargo
  207. Getting back into Evochron
  208. Looking for Players :)
  209. [Clan][Server][Players] Is it worth it ?
  210. CosmicConflict - A new and improved EM role-play server!
  211. Ouya Support
  212. I Liked freelancer, will I like this?
  213. Cockpit
  214. Steam sale, and why you should buy this.
  215. Life on the planets
  216. Demo played; First impression.
  217. Deeply reminded of Elite 2
  218. Is there a manual
  219. Runtime error 1507
  220. Is there a plot?
  221. mutli packs for sale?
  222. Crashing on multiplayer join?
  223. Just got it, save failed
  224. please help!
  225. Going to try this out -- also a plus IMO even without playing it yet
  226. Comparable to other games
  227. How many players does the co-op support?
  228. multplayer issue
  229. How will the expansion work once released to play?
  230. Trouble finding containers.
  231. Steam registration vs Direct (and vice versa)
  232. Enemy missles.
  233. IDS off and main engine
  234. Newbie looks for german speaking clan
  235. Spare copy for trade/sale?
  236. Buying more cargo bays
  237. I get a DLL error when I try to turn on the 3D head tracking.
  238. crap game
  239. unplayable
  240. Is this the closest there is to Elite?
  241. Shields and instant explode, help please
  242. getting to a stash on a planet
  243. Color blind mode
  244. Failing the Master Quest
  245. New Pilot Help Video Series
  246. Tried the demo...
  247. Multiplayer Pause?
  248. Evochron Mercenary Expansion Released!
  249. Arvoch Alliance and Rogue system
  250. TrackIR with Evochron