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  1. The game
  2. [Video] First Impressions Dustforce
  3. No movie on steam page
  4. Dustforce stopped working
  5. Bugs
  6. Game crashes on level Caverns
  7. Does this game allow you to rebind keys?
  8. Crash issues (w/ temporary fix), and no controller support (even through Joy2Key)
  9. Music/OST
  10. Dustforce FAQ
  11. Bug and Issue Reporting Thread
  12. The different characters.
  13. Dustforce Review - MultiPlayed
  14. Best Indie Game This Year (So Far)!
  15. Improvement Suggestion Box
  16. Totalbiscuit plays Dustforce
  17. Achievements..
  18. Framerate issue?
  19. Soundtrack?
  20. Demo?
  21. Giga Difficult
  22. Local Co-op?
  23. [H] Worms Reloaded 19,99 [W] Dustforce 8,09
  24. looks cool, but will it be basically free with indie bundle?
  25. Keyboard vs. Gamepad?
  26. Top ranking constantly dashing!
  27. Gold locks?
  28. Live streaming Dustforce now :)
  29. The game runs EXTREMELY slow...
  30. is there a way to get to the pause menu without escape?
  31. Xbox Controller
  32. Controls
  33. 1 achievement?
  34. What does F2 and F5 keys display?
  35. Game Auto-crashes to desktop on launch
  36. Whyyy there isn't a demo?
  37. Amazingly addictive game, good job devs!
  38. Great game, two small complaints
  39. Thank you so much for basically making the music folder an album.
  40. What's the deal with the completion grade?
  41. Steam Cloud
  42. Suggestion: Range indicator for combo attack?
  43. control
  44. Is Dustforce only purchasable on Steam?
  45. How to activate Xbox Controller?
  46. [VIDEO] My first look on the game
  47. Black bars on 16:10 monitor
  48. Post your videos/scores thread
  49. Can we get an update on the bug fixes?
  50. character differences
  51. Oh dear god this game is hard
  52. [Video] Super Secret Areas on Downhill (Level 1)
  53. How do I...? (spoilers inside)
  54. Considering this. Looks neat but...
  55. [Spoilerish] First Level Secret
  56. Missing icon in steam library.
  57. Tips and tricks
  58. How do you switch characters?
  59. No sound in intro.
  60. 1/18 Patch, and upcoming ones
  61. Some general ranting and confusion.
  62. Tutorial in Book of Times?
  63. quick question to developers
  64. How to progress without grinding same levels over and over?
  65. Two obvious tipps, which I didn't know...
  66. How about X-input support?
  67. wtf! i can't open the game
  68. 1/19 Patch
  69. Moon temple - How do I get back to the main level ?
  70. Slides
  71. Game crashing to desktop when I launch it
  72. My thoughts on this game.
  73. Leaderboards down?
  74. Online/LAN Multiplayer
  75. Quick reminder
  76. double jumps never happening.
  77. Couple of wallpapers
  78. some questions about wall mechanics
  79. So..What IS beyond the red doors?
  80. My review is up now!
  81. How to play multiplayer?
  82. replays not working? characters just standing around
  83. Scoreboard is Always Blank
  84. Dear devs, reagarding the level "Hideout".
  85. I unlocked all the red doors...
  86. Some... apparently not so obvious advice.
  87. Invalid leaderboard position
  88. Don't know if I should put this here or in the Issue thread...
  89. Friends best times won't show up
  90. Creating a List of Legitimate Dustforce Achievements
  92. Retro Levels
  93. Crash in Alleyway
  94. @ Devs. Future Plans for Dustforce?
  95. Suggestion: ability to filter scoreboards by character
  96. An official thank you
  97. Please make the game remember whether the "Friends" checkbox is selected
  98. Moon temple, if I complete it like this would you delete my score? (leaderboard)
  99. List of suggestions
  100. Couple questions
  101. Hidden secret!!!
  102. Reaching gold doors [help please]
  103. Review Thread
  104. Virus alert
  105. Leaderboard issue
  106. Game suggestions (if you like dustforce)
  107. Dustforce soundtrack now available!
  108. Dustforce Installation?
  109. Dashing
  110. Preventing sreensaver
  111. the double jump mechanic
  112. strange demand
  113. How are targets selected for the multi slash?
  114. Spikes aren't so bad!
  115. If you die or get hit...
  116. Boss Levels
  117. Reset Controls
  118. Keys are the worst part of this game
  119. [W] Dustforce [H] AZS, HL2, TF2 Items
  120. Worth it?
  121. Can I just have my money back?
  122. Another suggestion: manual?
  123. Is there Co-Op?
  124. Dustforce makes me feel like a ninja, BUT...
  125. Won't get into game.
  126. Technical question: Collision
  127. Multiplayer's Sweet!!
  128. Please unlock ALL levels?
  129. running on the ceilings, frustrating
  130. What's at the top of the world map?
  131. When are we going to get an update?
  132. Need more lifes and maps in multiplayer!
  133. streaming some failure
  134. Dustforce Multiplayer Metagame?
  135. Suggestion : Achievements
  136. Giga Difficult: beatable?
  137. Questions for upcoming interview with Lifeformed, composer of Dustforce soundtrack
  138. Game crashes, but works sometimes..?
  139. Glitch Time on Scoreboard
  140. "Giga not so difficult"...
  141. Patch notes?
  142. Times never being registered in Moon Temple
  143. Not enough threads praising this game.
  144. Wii Classic controller compability
  145. Memory leak?
  146. New level pack
  147. Dustforce.exe crashes at launch
  148. Hidden Areas
  149. Can't get to Level
  150. Dustforce Double S Group
  151. Is this right?
  152. An idea to make (almost) everyone happy.
  153. Amplified Gamers Podcast Interview with Lifeformed
  154. When is the level editor coming?
  155. characters
  156. multiplatform?
  157. Please rate my night temple speedrun
  158. Hidden Shrine?
  159. Clocktower (any help would be appreciated!)
  160. how do you local co-op
  161. Can someone please make a guide?
  162. Capture The Flag mode
  163. demo in the foreseeable future?
  164. Hi all!
  165. dustwraith and coop
  166. Mac release?
  167. Crashing at the end of each level
  168. Client Crash Fix for Vista and 7
  169. Aerial jumpdash - Bug or feature?
  170. I want to get this game, but I can't afford it, will someone trade with me?
  171. Bug? All my progress has been lost
  172. Dustforce updated, now I can't open the game. [FIX INSIDE]
  173. Make more games with this engine.
  174. Update news would be much appreciated.
  175. When will the devs add the level editor?
  176. Discriminating dustkid?
  177. Combat combos
  178. Lost all my progress somehow
  179. Somewhat interesting
  180. Keyboard sensitivity ? bug ?
  181. Multi-Level Speedrunning
  182. Dustforce Display Problem
  183. how to run Dustforce on a controller?
  184. Just bought this game
  185. this game gives me arthritis
  186. Game review: Awesome gameplay, but was released unfinished
  187. Am I really stuck here...?
  188. Black screen upon startup
  189. mc chris/Dustforce mashup
  190. Make sticking to sloped ceilings easier
  191. Tome of Levels
  192. Suggestion: S Rank Helper Option
  193. Friend's Highscore empty
  194. The double jump needs to be elaborated upon
  195. Display Problems
  196. How do you get out of the forest?
  197. Possibilities of the Level Editor (Preview)
  198. Dustforce: My first impression video
  199. Reflections, the old demo and tropes
  200. Game stutters in fullscreen mode
  201. Delete progress
  202. We did it!
  203. Possible Sprite Editing?
  204. Save Manager Utility
  205. Resolution is messed up
  206. Control feels sloppy
  207. Double S and yet it isn't
  208. No jump when holding up + left/right
  209. Steam kills fps in Dustforce
  210. Any way we can add prototype music in level editor?
  211. Great game... but controls need a bit of work
  212. What kind of levels are you going to create?
  213. Can't Pickup Keys
  214. Dustforce community
  215. Ghost Question to Developers
  216. Dustforce on sale?
  217. Is it like Super Meat Boy?
  218. Can we have a Mac OSX version please...
  219. Mac Version doesn't work - [Update - patch released]
  220. Dustforce Update
  221. custom map dowloads??!
  222. ..... nice update you have there :P
  223. Update prevent running DF
  224. Some questions about the new update
  225. Official bug reporting thread for the new update
  226. How do I access my Dustforce Soundtrack?
  227. Does this game have a story?
  228. Windowed + Disable intro = Game won't launch
  229. Should you buy it? An old school platformer fan's review
  230. Tome of Levels for other Difficult levels?
  231. Thank You Devs!!!!!!
  232. Dustforce; no controller?
  233. How "long" is it?
  234. Leaderboards wipe
  235. Higher Level Players: Keyboard or Gamepad?
  236. Startup crash *FIX*
  237. Updating maps on the atlas
  238. Do the multiplayer game modes need to be unlocked?
  239. Air-dash Mechanic?
  240. Zetta/Yotta Difficult
  241. Possible editor bug?
  242. Advanced Mechanics Help
  243. Hitbox why do you hate me so much?!
  244. Mac - Wii Remote Classic Controller
  245. Need a guide for getting custom maps to work
  246. TwitchTV Dustforce streams
  247. What bitrate quality is the Steam soundtrack?
  248. Recommended gamepad?
  249. How to people gain so much momentum?
  250. And that makes a complete set!