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  1. Game had a graphic hicup now wont go pass 30FPS
  2. KoA:R Length?
  3. Anyone find a way to change the FoV?
  4. Word of warning to anyone who gets headaches from Console Ports FoV
  5. about preorder and house of valor
  6. Graphic Error
  8. ATI issues? Parts of screens missing...
  9. Steam pre-order
  10. Crossfire Support?
  11. Fonts issue
  12. CD Key
  13. Do I have to play the entire game on Hard for Destiny Dominated?
  14. Lockpicking skill useful?
  15. retail copy installation?
  16. Faeblade assassination?
  17. is there way change xbox 360 controller button setting?
  18. DLC you think they make Co-op?
  19. They need to change xbox 360 controller button layout
  20. Cost of repairing purple items
  21. You get Mass effect 3 armor if you play the demo
  22. To easy?
  23. Am I nitpicking?
  24. Game is just not displaying...
  25. Auto-Run
  26. Slow animation
  27. wont let me play
  28. Game won't unlock
  29. Says "Now Available" but then claims its not released
  30. who think this game can be mod
  31. Walking slowly
  32. Skipping the tutorial
  33. Do enemies respawn?
  34. Skill:Crossfire
  35. View distance.
  36. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning 1080 PC Part 2 - Kingdom of the loots
  37. Acid Solution?
  38. wayyyy tooooo easyy
  39. Not letting me login to EA server...
  40. Blacksmithing material vendors?
  41. beat me whip me, make me wright bad checks.
  42. Small Splash Screen then minimizes then Nothing
  43. finesse bonus item?
  44. KOA:R feedback & suggestions
  45. Plains of Erathell Urn Experimentation (non-story spoilers)
  46. Steam pre-order
  47. Is this game all about the Elves again?
  48. Bow as primary weapon
  49. Freeze when looting
  50. Price drop very quickly?
  51. Seperate keys for primary/secondary weapons
  52. I can't access my EA account?
  53. Save game problems and a tip
  54. Any preload for England?
  55. Any hints on how to improve camera ?
  56. Countdown to EU release
  57. anyone played all 3 classes and have an overview?
  58. Kingdoms of Amalur 1080 FXAA Graphics Mod Comparison
  59. Does McFarlane's influence show in the art design?
  60. Suddenly crashing on startup after today's Steam Update
  61. Did not receive pre-order TF2 items
  62. Lets Play KoA
  63. Feb 9- Still cant play the game
  64. The games out in the UK now
  65. Steam lied - game did not unlock
  66. Unknown Connection Error Occurred
  67. Steam Update? 2/9/2012
  68. New Patch for Pre-Order DLC
  69. List the improvements/mods you would make if you could
  70. Video Corruption in Some Games
  71. Red outlines while playing
  72. Is this game worth it ?
  73. Demo stuff not on the chest?
  74. Unlucky Charm warning (spoiler)
  75. Weapon DLC worth it?
  76. DLC missing?
  77. Multiple processes on exit
  78. How do you tell what version of KoA you are running?
  79. Horrible lag and FPS since patch?
  80. Quest log causing game to crash.
  81. Annoying texture bug
  82. Builds
  83. Release date for Japan
  84. Needs more destiny.
  85. Patch changelog
  86. Can I activate this game on Steam if I buy it from Amazon?
  87. When will the prorder items become tradable?
  88. The Coming Storm mainquest stuck!
  89. Main Quest Ending Discussion *spoilers inside*
  90. Bass sound issues
  91. Favorite Combo
  92. Decrypting Game Files
  93. still locked
  94. No EA login prompt
  95. Cured chest, figuring out the sequence
  96. Need help
  97. Tips for building a Hack n Slash bezerker bastard?
  98. ME3 Items - From Demo Only or Full Game?
  99. Quest Bug in the Ysa area *minor spoilers*
  100. Keyboard and mouse not responding
  101. Retalenting
  102. Any talent suggestions for a Magic/Finesse?
  103. Can I play the game?
  104. any way to store items?
  105. Levelling Up Help Please
  106. EA account required, or not?
  107. Size/length of the game?
  108. BUG : unable to enter personal Gossamer house in Canneroc
  109. so... i'm sure there is a thread already but
  110. Demo black screen instead of game graphic
  111. First non-sale game to take Skyrim out of the top sales spot on Steam
  112. Mage Playstyle
  113. Quake skill question
  114. mage rogue or warrior?
  115. Play with a controller?
  116. Save File Location
  117. Crafting
  118. Thoughts on the game - Discussion
  119. Completing the fey questline before starting the main questline.
  120. Miles ahead of skyrim
  121. Black Screen
  122. How long is this game?
  123. No sound issue
  124. "The Treasures of Culn" quest failure
  125. Gates of Mel Senshir
  126. Remap movement keys to mouse
  127. Help me with something please
  128. Problem running in the game
  129. Collision and clipping bugs
  130. Mouse and Keybord problem arrows for running [walking left right up down
  131. I love this freaking game.
  132. Greatsword, Longsword, or Hammer?
  133. sound glitch
  134. HA HA HA, what a joke
  135. The Cd Key what for?
  136. need help with build
  137. Gear drop random?
  138. Increase Draw Distance?
  139. Can you zoom out?
  140. House Of Valor
  141. Combat in demo vs. retail game.
  142. When to max Blacksmithing?
  143. Starting in windowed mode?
  144. House/Storage?
  145. Steam Trading Please
  146. Won't play anything past opening cinematic
  147. Question
  148. Problems with buttom mapping
  149. Who is this game for?
  150. problem with Ballad Of Bloody Bones quest?
  151. Cannot Interact/Kill Rock Troll - Bug?
  152. Camera controled by movement keys - Any way to lessen extreme positions
  153. Increasing bag size?
  154. Difficulty
  155. Loading Times
  156. How do you get the online pass items?
  157. The Century Flowers bug
  158. Russian subtitles
  159. Problem with Crisis of Faith Quest
  160. Game won't start
  161. Question about saves.
  162. Micro-stutter since update
  163. Rampant inflation
  164. KAOR with P3200
  165. Might - Adrenaline Surge Bugged?
  166. Going Rogue Quest Help
  167. Crashing at Mel Senshir
  168. KoAR and Skyrim Comparisions are NUTS!
  169. Warsworn Questline (*spoiler*)
  170. Confused about descriptions on Weapons and Armor bundle dlc
  171. Need Advice Before Buying
  172. How or where do I find my dlc and special weapons and armor?
  173. Transferring game saves
  174. Thinking of buying... but EA?
  175. Failed to contact key server error
  176. DLC on steam?
  177. Any way to disable zooming out while in combat?
  178. Gtx580 USer - I prefer this too Skyrim
  179. Steam Cloud synchronisation questions
  180. Claustrophobic
  181. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
  182. Aster Strongbox Key?
  183. Q: Quick swap secondary weapon?
  184. BUG: Cannot complete Fae-Quest "The Champions"
  185. Seriously, whats up with the camera?
  186. Unlocking doors at Castle Gastyr
  187. On the fence about the game? I'm streaming.
  188. TF2 hats: Will it be tradable?
  189. Strange "bug?"
  190. Without a console, can you move a quest on?
  191. Chakram and staff question
  192. No healers?
  193. Adding Kingdoms of Amalur to Steam
  194. Found a bug after remapping keys
  195. amBx Cyborg gaming lights
  196. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning 1080 PART 5 - Gnome Punting
  197. DLC Armor... Is it worth it?
  198. Anyone know what these achievements are?
  199. Hybrid Armor
  200. Loading disabling mousing o.O
  201. Help me get this clear?
  202. Am I the only one.....
  203. What ist FOV?
  204. Trading PS3 Fate-touched code for Steam code
  205. Blank screen?
  206. keybind!
  207. How did you kill [Spoiler] as melee?
  208. Did this game make the same 'mistake' as Skyrim?
  209. Getting achievement
  210. Broken character textures, help!
  211. Maps for all of Amalur
  212. How to bet the monks at Tarin?
  213. Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning - 1st mini boss
  214. Stuck at An Old Friend Quest (Endless Loading)
  215. Mods?
  216. list of in-game tips?
  217. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning 1080 PART 6 - Could he be alive?
  218. How do I get out of Mel Senshir?
  219. fatalmaverick lets plays! Kingdoms of Amalur - Episode 8
  220. Screen Modes ??
  221. Can I do a second playthrogh?
  222. FoV mod error.
  223. How Long Is This Game?
  224. To all those people complaining the game is too easy on Hard
  225. What class combo do you find most fun and why?
  226. Cradle of Summer Inaccessible? (Minor Spoilers)
  227. Steam didn't recognize the Unlocks in the demo?!
  228. Background Music
  229. OK....Help me out here, please?!
  230. Selling Amalur steam gift for $50
  231. Help me please
  232. Loot System = Lottery
  233. Armor and Weapon mesh mods?
  234. i can not play the game ???
  235. What's so hard about allowing us to bind other mouse buttons
  236. ME3 daggers
  237. No more XP gain after finishing main storyline?
  238. Koa:R disapear of my library
  239. Gathering Flames - Neverending Quest?
  240. Kingdoms of Amalur - The Fatality
  241. House of Valor question
  242. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Weapons and Armor Bundle
  243. stereo instead of surround
  244. Fast travel wont work anymore
  245. Does block count for mage sheild
  246. Black Screening on Main Quest
  247. Unraveling your Fate
  248. Why, why, WHY...
  249. Retail box, activate on Steam?
  250. So how do you change the FoV?