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  1. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning coming to steam!
  2. Stuck in a demo
  3. Graphical issue
  4. The Official First Impressions Thread (Demo)
  5. Demo keeps crashing
  6. ME3 Rewards?
  7. Fantastic demo! Definite preorder.
  8. 60 dollar port woo....
  9. Demo freezing
  10. lots of graphical pop-in?
  11. I thought this was an EA title
  12. Cannot remap directional keys
  13. Broken Console Port?
  14. Everytime i hit an enemy the game freezes a little. Intentional?
  15. Steam Preorder Bonus
  16. No video
  17. Game doesn't even start or do anything
  18. Shameless!
  19. Official Response Needed...
  20. Anybody get x360ce to work with this?
  21. Demo gives Black screen.
  22. What sort of RPG is this?
  23. Cannot start the demo on Steam
  24. Can't use arrow keys for movement?
  25. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning -> EA
  26. Black/Glitched Screen FIX
  27. Anyone else having problems with this game?
  28. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
  29. Mouse/camera problems
  30. Did they beta test this game?
  31. Demo Experience
  32. Only thing I dislike about this game so far is...
  33. I will not buy this game if I can't change movement keybindings
  34. Fatal error with connecting with EA
  35. I had no interest in this game until I played the demo
  36. It's too... MMO-ish
  37. Do you think you can activate a boxed copy on steam?
  38. Demo freezes when I equip the bow
  39. So, the developers were ashamed to be compared to Fable?
  40. Texture maps displaying anomalies
  41. Demo, i CANT save ?
  42. An Absolute Disgrace
  43. Horrible.
  44. Lockpicking needs alot of polish!
  45. Pre-purchasing Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
  46. Arcania VS. Amalur
  47. Automatic camera - distracting?
  48. No Fate Touched preorder weapons?
  49. Dialogues very quiet
  50. Instant Crash on Loading
  51. Does EA get money?
  52. Region lock
  53. Changing Resolution
  54. Does the PC Demo unlock mass Effect stuff?
  55. Question about hitches
  56. Blurry Text?
  57. Earned demo items will be available on Steam version?
  58. "demo code was 'carved out' of the game code"
  59. Can't even see...
  60. Error when trying to login with my EA Account
  61. Beheading (Decapitation) Pic inside :)
  62. My gripes with KoA
  63. video for the first 25min
  64. Resolution Setting
  65. Guys..first impressions..one chance...
  66. Can't download demo?
  67. Amazon version able to activate on Steam?
  68. To Pre-Order or not to Pre-Order, That is the question...
  69. Demo not launching at all
  70. Kingdoms of Alamur: final thoughts on the demo.
  71. Everybody uses steam in his native language, there we go again
  72. My point of view
  73. What level did you get to?
  74. Really? Can't even register?
  75. Wah QQ PC port
  76. IGN Review+Q/A.
  77. Why in God's Name Does This Exist When There Are Games Like SKYRIM Available?
  78. So Far I Like It BUT...
  79. Horrible, horrible demo
  80. Questions, Questions..questions!!
  81. All Unlocks?
  82. Failed to connect to EA Servers
  83. game graphuics not inoitializing
  84. Story telling
  85. Factions
  86. Mage/Rogue underpowered? (Envenomed Edge)
  87. Demo: Black Screen
  88. Freezing When I Pick Up Bow
  89. Control issues in demo
  90. Did they even try testing this on ati cards?
  91. Pre ordering as a gift?
  92. Can we expect other resolutions?
  93. Small concern about pre-purchase in my game library.
  94. Not bad
  95. Downloading Demo does not work in Germany
  96. Pre-Ordered Kingdoms of Amalur and dont want the TF2 Items it gives you?
  97. Demo time limit is annoying
  99. story line ?
  100. Pre order help!!! D:
  101. Boxed KOA:R vs Steam download/linked version.
  102. solved
  103. A demo that requires you to make an account?
  104. When is the mass efect 3 semo out whant the items from it :D
  105. Archery
  106. I got a KOA gift but no hats
  107. Demo/Full Game Question
  108. Demo Keybinding..You can't!
  109. Potential greatness, but not in the demo.
  110. Made Fan Trailer
  111. Beware of the single-player "Online Pass" and day-one DLC
  112. Penny Arcade's review...
  113. What a disaster
  114. Preload?
  115. Permanent Online Connection?
  116. Scrolling in the Skills menu with a Trackball?
  117. So then, it's not online?
  118. Spawns
  119. Everything black?
  120. I can't take this game seriously when...
  121. Just what is the value of the pre-order tf2 masks?
  122. The've deleted the demo?
  123. Is this game a console port (developer responses)
  124. game hard powers off my computer
  125. Can you walk?
  126. Do you get a pre order pack on steam?
  127. Demo can't even save my controls?
  128. Reckoning Wiki
  129. Can't re-map movement controls? No Deal, guys
  130. So is this...
  131. Will there be an updated demo?
  132. Looking for the Pre-Order TF2 items
  133. Game Blocked: Solved.
  134. :) Do Download: Enjoyable!!!
  135. Show support to 38 studios and BHG Games
  136. Anyone buy game from Steam? Do you get this problem...
  137. Please give this game mod suport.
  138. Camera sloppy in Demo
  139. Game developer Schilling apologizes for demo...
  140. Anyone else.. black screen?
  141. Steam Release Date Differs
  142. seems like a great new game
  143. 1up Article.
  144. Invert camera?
  145. What's up with Crime?
  146. PC Gaming not dead
  147. Will Tf2 items be tradeable?
  148. My main gripe is the auto-targetting
  149. Impossibility to set the key for walking ( solved)
  150. Reckoning Remapping Tool - Secondary attack, select ability with mouse wheel + more
  151. Anyway to preorder a copy off amazon from outside the us?
  152. KoA Review - 9.0
  153. I have just Pre-Purchased this Game
  154. Steam version and DLCs
  155. Can you Pre Load it?
  156. Problem with demo - full black screen with blinking typing cursor
  157. AU Released Changed on Origin
  158. Can't change movement keys
  159. Kesryth Live Streaming Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning 24 Hour Marathon!
  160. Fiery chakrams omg yes yes yes yes ohhhhhhhhh ugh.
  161. Can We Change FOV?
  162. Advantages of PC version?
  163. 12 Hours left till Release and still no Pre-Load ? WTF
  164. Which destiny will you choose?
  165. UK: Yesterday it said release was 7th, now it says 10th- wtf?
  166. 200+ hours of content...
  167. Will there be Achievements for this game?
  168. bought the game off origin and...
  170. Open World??
  171. Any thoughts on the deity options?
  172. Game manual?
  173. Chance of Slightly Early Unlock?
  174. Will steam version include a CD KEY!? need offical answer.
  175. Day 0 patch or Ballads DLC (Both?)
  176. question about demo saves
  177. pre purchase items
  178. Pre-Load!
  179. Live streams-givaways.
  180. It's playable now
  181. Game Still Unavailable
  182. Warning to Finesse/Stealth builds
  183. Saves?
  184. Forgot where the demo unlockables would be
  185. Hard Copy Activatable on steam?
  186. stalled on 100% decryption,
  187. hugely distorted mess on triplescreen
  188. Decrypting Bug?
  189. Unable to bind keys to mouse?
  190. Local Map Bug
  191. Preorder Bonus
  192. WTF Lag?
  193. Can't combine shards! HELP!
  194. Really want this game but I can't buy it....
  195. FXAA Injector
  196. Gamers Heroes - Kingdoms of Amalur Guide Collection
  197. Pre-order installed and even pre-loaded, can activate with VPN?
  198. Camera
  199. Graphic Issue after entering Gorhart
  200. Sagecrafting does not work it seems :(
  201. Game information reference
  202. Full version = better than demo?
  203. Can't remap keys
  204. Scrolling the text descriptions in the abilities screen.
  205. PC Graphics Options
  206. Did Steam give me a used copy of the game?
  207. This Game Is Unavailable
  208. Game wont start
  209. Viewing the Skills
  210. Is EA or 38 studios gathering data?-Full game
  211. Initial Thoughts
  212. If I buy this game in a brick&mortar store, can I associate it on my steam account?
  213. Troll at start unable to finishing move
  214. Demo didnt work, will I be able to run release?
  215. Stealth Useless?
  216. Are there towns/Cities comparable to Skyrim?
  217. Installation Issues, Game Crashes, and Support Information
  218. How stable is it for you guys?
  219. GameStop Pre-order codes......
  220. Game Slowdown
  221. First impression
  222. How to remove the splash screens
  223. Once again Steam Cloud ruins my save.
  224. Can you spell P-O-R-T?
  225. uk box copy of reckoning
  226. Downloaded Demo, doesnt work...
  227. Is the demo representative of the final product?
  228. Thank you 38Studios
  229. My Kingdoms of Amalur Playthrough
  230. Mass Effect armor = Amazingness
  231. Curse of Mana Drain -- How do I get rid of it?
  232. Price tag
  233. Kingdoms of Amalur 1080 Graphics Comparison - Plus A few Visual Tweaks
  234. Support for x360ce
  235. First house
  236. Is it taking forever to download this game for you too
  237. Anyone help? CD Key
  238. Fans of R.A. Salvatore: He's doing a live AMA on Reddit right now
  239. What I need to do with the game cd-key?
  240. Origin to Steam?
  241. Saved Game Location?
  242. AMD + Postproceesing work in full version??...
  243. How Demanding?
  244. **SPOILERS** Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning 1080 LP PART 1 - Let plays this B**ch!
  245. 4,900 players
  246. video issue
  247. Demo button doesn't work
  248. HORRIBLE save system.
  249. Godman85's brutally honest review of 8 hours of gameplay
  250. Will the promo items become tradable?