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  1. Steam Chat Client for iPhone
  2. Steam Mobile!? PLEEEASSEE
  3. iPhone/iPod Touch App
  4. Do you think there should be a mobile version of STEAM
  5. Steam for Windows Phone
  6. Steam for iOS (and Android) is finally here.
  7. Steam Mobile account beta help!
  8. Steam for webOS
  9. What is this?
  10. 2 Step Phone Verification For Steam
  11. MeeGo
  12. [Suggestion] Group chat
  13. Steam Mobile Feedback Roundup (iOS/Android)
  14. Apk please?
  15. [Suggestion] Implement an Android UI
  16. [Suggestion] Cross platform chat logging
  17. I receive an "Account not part of Beta" error, but I am, am I not?
  18. Issue with Steam Mobile IPOD TOUCH
  19. How do I get a beta invite?
  20. A Steam web app
  21. Please add Activate Product Key via Mobile App
  22. Feedback
  23. [Suggestion] See Group Annoucement Comments
  24. [Bug] You are not old enough to view this
  25. Needs compatibility for older devices! (3G, 3GS, and 2nd Gen iPod Touch)
  26. Status/notification sync between main client and mobile client
  27. Push notifications
  28. Noticed...
  29. Steam Trading on steam mobile
  30. Update On Beta Progress
  31. Seen on the Steam Mobile App Promo Image
  32. Screen orientation bug
  33. Making Announcements and Status
  34. Sale notifications
  35. Any iPad plans?
  36. So what are these strings for?
  37. Amazon appstore?
  38. Valve Mobile Beta
  39. How??
  40. steam:// URL on iOS
  41. Any way to log out?
  42. Any plans to make games playable?
  43. Install Steam Mobile without logging into Android Market.
  44. Did the invites disappear?
  45. "this app is incompatible with this iphone"
  46. Quick Video Walkthrough
  47. What about Blackberry
  48. Beta Invite
  49. [Suggestion] Steam Wallet Funds
  50. Can provide the .apk file download?
  51. AT&T Galaxy S2 I777 Incompatible
  52. [Bug] Screenshot button does nothing
  53. [Suggestion] Shorten group announcement posts
  54. [Bug] Unintentional web browsing capability
  55. Why can't we trade the beta invites?
  56. Issue With Scrolling Catalog Ad
  57. [Bug?] Steam Guard keeps activating
  58. iOS / Android market doesn't mention closed beta (invite only)
  59. Steam Mobile Access question.
  60. [Unofficial] Steam Mobile App Invitation Thread
  61. Steam Mobile Games
  62. [BUG/SUGGESTION iOS] Keyboard Dismisses after every message
  63. Canīt run Beta
  64. whats about Bada?
  65. Invalid login
  66. Whata about Symbian
  67. [CLIENT Bug, related to App] "In-Game" but Not in Game.
  68. "This application is incompatible with this Ipod touch"
  69. Can we buy steam games using iTunes credit?
  70. [Suggestion/Android/iOS] - Select-able Links in Chat
  71. Can't sign off
  72. [BUG] Pages do not load. Black screen.
  73. My suggestions
  74. Feature Request - Launch Games on desktop client
  75. Unable to connect to Steam.
  76. Wireless connection
  77. You should really make a FAQ and stick it!
  78. No Golden Potato?
  79. [Suggestion]Minigames
  80. Incorrect Login
  81. [Bug] iOS- Chat stops working after home button pressed
  82. [Bug/Request] - Catalog Featured items rotate too fast
  83. [Suggestion] Android steam friends chat return key
  84. [Suggestion] Flag a game for download
  85. [Suggestion] Can't send message with enter
  86. Android user: Suggestion (buttons too small etc)
  87. Can't View Settings Option [TEMP FIX FOUND]
  88. Can't login.
  89. [Bug] Android - Message Notifications After Exiting App
  90. iOS Bugs?
  91. Recieved giftable inventory item for mobile beta, but no code for myself.
  92. [Suggestion] Disable Mobile Access
  93. C2DM(Push) Notifications on android?
  94. First Impressions
  96. A User's Critique of the Steam Mobile Beta
  97. [Suggestion] Friend tagging
  98. [Suggestion] Clear All Chat Logs Option & Group Members Lists
  99. [SUGGESTION] Add Platform Filtering or Search
  100. Working fine on ICS 4.0
  101. [Bug] Editing profile box breaks the formatting
  102. [BUG] Credit card Information - Security Breach
  103. Library
  104. [BUG minor] Navigation profile
  105. [BUG] DOB resets after app restart
  106. [Bug] Return Key does not send chat message
  107. User's review on Steam Mobile App (Android)
  108. [Suggestion] Steam Mobile doesnt get affected by internet filters.
  109. (Bug) Notification sound clipping on Android
  110. Mobile Status?
  111. [Bug] SuperUser Access
  112. [suggestion] Add the possibility to use an additional password
  113. [Suggestion] Add Steam Workshop submission to the user profile page.
  114. [Suggestion] Steam Group Features and Functionality
  115. [Suggestion] Auto-scroll on chat and non-dissapearing keyboard
  116. Bug- Steam Guard During Login
  117. [Feedback] Impressions of Android version
  118. [Suggestion] Access the side panel from swiping
  119. [Suggestions] General impressions and suggestions
  120. [BUG] Memory leak
  121. Is there a way to sign out of just the friends chat?
  122. [BUG] Regional-Restricted Games Appear on Search
  123. Let me turn off chat window support for my pc please.
  124. [Performance][Android] Main Menu is Slow
  125. Suggestions
  126. [BUG] Catalog search constantly resetting
  127. Steam Mobile Raffle Giveaway(UPDATE Jan 29 9:38am EST)
  128. Valve has the potential to revolutionize and capture the mobile gaming market.
  129. Can we trade and gift games in the mobile version of Steam?
  130. [Heads up] New Invites Handed Out (1/28/12)
  131. [Suggestion] Don't lower keyboard when chatting
  132. APK needed.
  133. [Bug]Android Notification Options
  134. Cant see anything in catalogue
  135. [Suggestion] 'User is typing' and dropdown menu
  136. Cannot apply coupons at checkout
  137. Move "Remove Friend"
  138. [Bug] Multiple Client Issues
  139. [Feature] Better Session Management
  140. Thank you Valve!
  141. Security Issue: No password prompt before purchase (iOS)
  142. Android - Remove Notification bar logo
  143. [1 Bug], [3 Suggestions] Motorola Droid, Store crash
  144. cant get to settings
  145. [Suggestions] Show/write Recommendations
  146. Messages not showing
  147. How exactly does the Steam app work in conjunction with the desktop client?
  148. Activation?
  149. [Feature] Add support for Inventory items inline in Chat
  150. Praise/Critiques/Recommendations/ Suggestions for Steam Mobile beta app
  151. [Suggestion/Android] Install to SD Card
  152. Voice chat, group chat w/ voice
  153. [BUG] Stuck on reconnecting
  154. My suggestion thread.
  155. [Bug] Empty Friends List
  156. [Bug] Jerky scrolling on iOS
  157. [Suggestion] Shorten body of text for long group summary and group announcement posts
  158. [Suggestion] Vibration When Phone is Silenced
  159. Online payment methods missing
  160. signed in Mobile and computer?
  161. Steam Mobile on Kindle Fire?
  162. [Suggestion] post comments?
  163. Droid Chat Logs
  164. Steam Mobile APP iOS 5 design + feedback:
  165. Chat status in chat screen & others
  166. [Suggestion] Wi-Fi only mode
  167. [Bug] Permanent 'reconnecting' status on Android
  168. [Request] Steam mobile for Symbian^1 and S3
  169. [Suggestion] Steam Friends - Show Mobile?
  170. [UI] Hide keyboard when scrolling
  171. Steam app has ability to search for friends in list, but steam doesn't?
  172. Steam guard each time I close app?
  173. Always need to enter the Steam Guard Code?
  174. Steam Mobile Version for Nokia X3 - 02 ?
  175. [Bug] Pull out menu
  176. i have mobile beta and i have a question
  177. [Suggestion] Make a J2ME version
  178. No notification when message recieved..
  179. Misclassification in Battery Usage [Android]
  180. chat bug ?
  181. Some feedback [BUG] [SUGGESTION]
  182. Laggyness
  183. "The Steam Guard Code you have entered is incorrect. Please try again"
  184. Been in beta for almost a day. Bugs to report.
  185. [Bug] Can't multitask if Steam PC is not on?
  186. Remember device?
  187. Ipod Touch 2G?
  188. Lite mode / Msg traffic
  189. Won't load friends - Can receive/send messages ok & browse other things.
  190. [bug] messages not being received
  191. One thing to make it perfect...
  192. Poor IM UI behavior
  193. I like the app, but one minor bug I noted
  194. Just one single thing, and it will be perfect.
  195. [Bug] "Unable to connect to Steam"
  196. Steam Mobile Chat Suggestion
  197. [Suggestion] Add Confirmation on Removing items from Wishlist
  198. My few suggestions
  199. [Bug] Catalog game Carousel at top of the page should have clickable links
  200. Thank you
  201. [Bug] Not playing any sound during chat
  202. [Suggestion] Friends List
  203. Account not in beta?
  204. sync message log?
  205. Need a way to keep Iphone Steam app running so my chat status remains "online"
  206. [Suggestion]iDeal
  207. Create a "Mobile" Status
  208. [Suggestion] Steam Trade Mobile?
  209. [Suggestion] Steam Mobile as a two factor validation for trading
  210. [Bug] "Incorrect login" for correct credentials
  211. Steam Verification
  212. Few bugs and suggestions.
  213. One simple update
  214. beta tradable?
  215. [Suggestion] Forum Access
  216. [Suggestion] Label the deals/sales as 'Daily/Mid-week/etc'
  217. How to change language?
  218. Will Nokia have Steam mobile?
  219. Giving away a Steam Mobile Beta Invite Gift.
  220. [BUG] No "View all games" button
  221. [Bug] Lost connection when disabling another App
  222. Friends list not refreshing when using 3G
  223. [Suggestions] Inventory + Forum integration for steam mobile
  224. [Suggestion] News Aggregation
  225. [Bug] "Not found" page when viewing certain games from wishlist
  226. [Suggestion] Clear field button in search
  227. Passing through proxy
  228. Does anyone have a beta invite for steam on mobile devices?
  229. iPhone steam App review!
  230. can trade with steam mobile?
  231. Steam Mobile Invite
  232. {suggestions} Many
  233. chat to friend or accidentally remove them iOS
  234. (sugestion)bugg?
  235. Pop ups/notifications?
  236. [BUG] Seaching Store Causes Steam To Disconnect/crash
  237. [BUG] Editing Profile Removes Links and Location
  238. [Suggestion] Steam mobile games library
  239. [BUG] Side-menu issue
  240. [BUG] Every Person on your Friend's List Always Appears as Online.
  241. [Suggestion] I would love to see an "All News" tab.
  242. [BUG] Simultaneous logins
  243. How to get the Steam app w/o access to Android Market?
  244. My general feedback/bug report/suggestions
  245. [BUG] Online Status Unchanging after app close
  246. [Sugestion] On Android Task Bar
  247. Constant status updates
  248. Steam APK
  249. [Suggestion] Catalog Forum Link
  250. [Huge suggestion] that i think everyone would agree with (Please read)