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  1. First!
  2. Favorite Racer?
  3. This game needs achievements
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  5. what the hell...
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  7. Having problems playing the game.
  8. Suggestion for sega & steam
  9. Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed Announced
  10. [Fixes / Tweaks] Fixes for most of the problems [Crashes, fake 60 FPS, slow FPS...]
  11. Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing
  12. It's very nice game! I would recommend it.
  13. 4 player split screen?
  14. I just bought this game but config window doesn't appear.
  15. This doesnt use Games For Windows Live does it?
  16. Change Controls?
  17. Gamepads? Logitech Rumble Pad
  18. Is Metal Sonic (DLC) in this the PC version?
  19. Game crashes on launch
  20. Sonic in a car.
  21. Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing won't detect my graphics card
  22. Racing Wheel Support
  23. save game files
  24. Simple request
  25. Online
  26. Sonic And Sega All Stars Racing Transformed roster will vary from version to version
  27. keybord not works
  28. Change Sonic the Hedgehog 4 - Episode II by BulletStorm!
  29. Crash after race selection, Multithreading Issue?
  30. Transformed for PC canned?
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  32. Is TRANSFORMED going to have Controller Support?
  33. Not sure if I can run "Transformed"
  34. Pyro, Heavy and Spy in Transformed have BAD voices. My idea on how to fix it!
  35. So few topics on this place? D:
  36. [Project] Replace TF2 voices
  37. Transformed doesn't work on Radeon 3000 series (and other Radeons too).
  38. Transformed online multiplayer
  39. sonic transformed cant change controller layout pointer is moving on its own.
  40. Online Custom Games not working
  41. Someone having freezes in-game?
  42. How to disable in-game voice chat?
  43. Is the "3 exclusive legendary racers" PC Exclusive -or- Steam Exclusive ???
  44. Sonic Transformed not even in the top 10 sales!?!?!?!!
  45. How is All star mode activated (in 'Transformed')
  46. All Stars Racing Transformed: Rendering Issues (Like, BAD ones)
  47. Anybody want to do custom matches?
  48. White Screen/Missing Models in "Fullscreen/Windowed" Mode? (Transformed)
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  50. Need Help with Sonic all stars racing
  51. Quick Question
  52. Where is the save file in Sonic and all stars racing transformed?
  53. Transformed: Any way to force AA?
  54. Where is the config file located?
  55. 2 Wireless Controllers Problem
  56. Sonic All Stars Racing is crashing on startup
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  59. Video Settings?
  60. One copy left from 4-pack
  61. 2560x1080 Problems
  62. My Blind Playthrough
  63. How do i shoot backwards(keyboard) ?
  64. Can i change the track once a lobby is made?
  65. A really good karting game...
  66. AppCrash on game start
  67. Difficulty
  68. Game is broken?
  69. Can't Open the config?
  70. Local multiplayer, bottom screen has graphics bugs
  71. TwitchTV Korza Sonic Stream!
  72. Gamepad randomly pressing buttons during gameplay
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  74. HD 7850+i3 2120... Why am I not getting 60fps?
  75. FPS Plummets when boosting or a collision
  76. article about Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
  77. In middle of a race the game get crazy?
  78. Multiplayer grand prix/career?
  79. It CAN be played in 5760x1080 CHECK IT OUT!