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  1. Things I really, really, REALLY do not want to see in King Arthur II
  2. White Space Issue
  3. New King Arthur II Screenshots!
  4. All about King Arthur II
  5. KA2 Totalbiscuit gamescon footage
  6. King Arthur II - The Role-playing Wargame Video Dev Diaries Released
  7. Issues
  8. King Arthur II DevDiaries!
  9. In-depth features weekly on the DevBlog
  10. King Arthur II A Christmas gift!
  11. King Arthur II Pre-order started on Steam!
  12. Will king arthur II have runtime error problems?
  13. Performance issues in King Arthur II
  14. Can't start game - WMVCore.ddl
  15. No multiplayer?
  16. Question about retail (non-digital) copy of King Arthur II
  17. King Arthur II is updated today, so what's in it?
  18. Videos from KA II Prologue
  19. King Arthur 2 Prize Giveaway.
  20. Thoughts...
  21. King Arthur II no Steam overlay?
  22. The downloading texts and language Bug - solved
  23. King Arhur II retail activate on steam ?
  24. are there any alternate endings to the prologue campaign?
  25. problem with x64/x86 detection?
  26. Glad I purchased
  27. Raiding Picts bug?
  28. So what happened to it coming out this week...?
  29. A very first impressions video
  30. Please mark texts as read/unread
  31. Small facts series
  32. Steam Achievements and Cloud for King Arthur II?
  33. King Arthur II Review
  34. Problem with King Arthur II
  35. Just post specifications and performance please.
  36. Dead Legions feedback
  37. KAII- Prologue Review:
  38. King Arthur II, the good and the bad
  39. KA II Daft question, creating new armies
  40. King Arthur II: A way to split armies?
  41. Will there be a demo for KA II?
  42. King Arthur II Wiki Is Now Up
  43. KA II Screen/menu issue.
  44. King Arthur II Online Manual
  45. King Arthur II: Dead Legions Gameplay Video
  46. After installing new Steam Beta, KA II is not working
  47. Angry Joe plays King Arthur II Prologue
  48. Improvement Thread
  49. To Neocore - Reproducible gamecrash (with savegame)
  50. There is no icon for Halls of Wisdom
  51. Prologue and Complete Campaign
  52. Quick Impressions
  53. Ninth legion quest(spoiler)
  54. Necore games, will any version besides the Steam version of KA2 be patched?
  55. KA2 - 25/1/2012 Patch?
  56. Mouse Cursor vanished
  57. WMVCore.dll unsolvable issue
  58. 27.1 safely?
  59. Demo is out for King Arthur II
  60. 28th?
  61. Problem with the game VISUAL CC++
  62. Gamer's Gate KA2 to steam possibility?
  63. Can't launch x64 executables
  64. Unable to capture provinces.
  65. What fixed the game for me
  66. 27/01 last patch feedback
  67. Bug with the artifact forge
  68. Thanks
  69. KAII Now Unlocked On Steam
  70. 27th still no full game
  71. refund?
  72. KA 2 STILL not unlocked
  73. King Arthur 2 Release
  74. Scenario CTD
  75. KA II stuck at 5 hours til unlocked
  76. Unit Flee button?
  77. Its Unlocked
  78. Purchased one got the other instead
  79. Ka2 - World Map
  80. Download Reset? );
  81. Launch The Game and nothing....
  82. not mad at all but just one problem still
  83. How Do I even break alliances...
  84. Pre-ordered KA2, still just the Prologue. lol wut?
  85. Dead Legion campaign still in?
  86. Where is the main campaign?
  87. Modding ?
  88. Lets role-play King Arthur II
  89. Scenario mode unplayable
  90. Using Heroes in Reserves?
  91. Can't see mouse cursor
  92. How do you make more armies
  93. Invisible Mouse
  94. Available languages?
  95. Army wide skills
  96. Dead Legions prolouge
  97. The Outcasts
  98. To the Devs
  99. Where are formations?
  100. King Arthur 2 FAQ
  101. Crash on start up
  102. Just got this... stuck at wintertime
  103. Upload all my units?
  104. Future SLI support?
  105. Replacing a hero's retinue
  106. KA2 Campaign - PC Specs & GPU Settings?
  107. Camera moves uncontrollably
  108. How do i create a second army
  109. How do i open up the reserve units without going into town?
  110. Prologue broken?
  111. Nobles in exile crash
  112. Hedge Knight in London BUG
  113. Nobles in Exile
  114. Get the Game Manual HERE
  115. Crashed need help
  116. Starting a battle surrounded
  117. The Crumbling Citadel Quest Bug - Game Ender
  118. Load Times--Anyone else?
  119. Bug with Caracalla?
  120. Story progression stuck at the end of chapter 3.
  121. Closing the wounds
  122. just me?
  123. Base Game/Standalone Issue
  124. Oxford possessed bug
  125. Localization bugs
  126. after finishing campaign...
  127. what's dead legion about?
  128. Exclusive First Look! Check This Out!
  129. A rather serious issue with the game, can't buy the main version.
  130. Can't teleport.
  131. Invisible Armies
  132. Please make the recipe items you already have appear blue text, not black
  133. Chapter 3 "The Outcasts" bug?
  134. stuck at the end of chapter 1 -- unsure if bug
  135. Do special units evolve with tiers?
  136. Can't Launch the game. CTD as soon as I try to launch it.
  137. bug in battles
  138. Impossible to recruit directly to the reserve?
  139. Chapter 3 Crashes
  140. Increasing power of the grail shard does nothing?
  141. Units need description in battles
  142. Heros stat bonus does not show/work with units
  143. Patch ETA
  144. How to get second army?
  145. Framerate issues
  146. William Pendragon - Class
  147. 2 King Arthur games on steam?
  148. Ring of Gorlois recipe-bug
  149. Giving KA2 some time to fix its bugs
  150. Leadership and you
  151. Units tiers [question]
  152. No campaign
  153. Same performance on lowest setting as highest.
  154. Several Issues
  155. How to trade artifacts amongst heroes?
  156. A modest proposal
  157. Anyone started a new prologue game since tonight's patch?
  158. Crash on specific End Turn
  159. Stuck at Chapter 3
  161. Diplomatic action "Arcane Education" causes crash
  162. FPS difference in prologue and main
  163. Infested Village [question]
  164. Performance is WORSE after the patch!
  165. Merlins Apprentice Broken - Game Ending Bug
  166. Recruitment elite units [question]
  167. HELP camapaign bug huge probably
  168. nVidia ForceWare 295.51 - Beta is out, and it is good for the game!
  169. will the x86 error get fixed
  170. Dead Legions
  171. Gargant walking animation bug (Video available)
  172. Prologue quest help
  173. Game Crash when Moving Units to Reserve
  174. problems with getting the shard of the grail act 3 king arthur 2
  175. Crippling diplomacy bug
  176. My humble list of bugs
  177. Multi-Threaded?
  178. Game Crash
  179. Runtime error Coretech2_x86
  180. problem with loading the game (King Arthur 2)
  181. EZ fix for performance issues with windows 7 64bit
  182. Cleansing the Highlands bug?
  183. Soon you reach another junction...
  184. Province Bonus Questions
  185. Am I supposed to become enemies with ______ after in Act 4? [SPOILERS]
  186. King Arthur 2 only in english!!!!!
  187. Can the Gamersgate version be activated on Steam?
  188. A 16 GB update
  189. Runtime error Coretech2_x86
  190. Stuck at cinematic
  191. problems with getting the shard of the grail act 3 king arthur 2
  192. Tonights Patch
  193. Saved games not working after patch
  194. Many problems.
  195. Crash on Fomorian battle with 1.1.02
  196. Cannot load Flag texture
  197. Quest crash
  199. What does Ancient Wisdom do for Twilight Spires??
  200. the new emperor objective bug?
  201. Runtime Error -> CtD
  202. Own Dead Legions, how can I activate the full game?
  203. "northward bound" Crash
  204. Crashing
  205. Is the game broken?
  206. KAII update v1.1.02
  207. Game Crash
  208. How to produce more elite/morality troops [Exploit]
  209. Constantly having Blackscreen and Graphic Card Drivers crash
  211. Request for regarding the end
  212. Is it worth it?
  213. KA2 Act 4 Bug *spoilers*
  214. Temporary "Fix" for Preformance Issues
  215. Game Crash! Lots of bugs.
  216. Chapter 2: Merlin quest stuck
  217. Bugs in v1.1.03
  218. Humble suggestions (including balance)
  219. Have the silly quests from the first game been fixed?
  220. Have the silly quests from the first game been fixed?
  221. Two annoying bugs.
  222. Crashing after diplomatic actions
  223. Morgana Quest "Numue" glitch/ bug
  224. More than 100 million polygons on the battlefield.
  225. Anyone on the fence
  226. Blackthorn or Vindicators
  227. game crash at the loading of the last battle of the first chapter
  228. Game is now unplayable after the patch
  229. Error, morganas quest
  230. Fix the link from the steam game library to the RIGHT forum!
  231. Finished KA2 yet?
  232. So I beat the game
  233. Castle siege in KA2?
  234. Teleport Bug
  235. Manual for King Arthur 2
  236. Manual????????
  237. Can't take a skill a skill at level up for some reason
  238. ??New Patch?? WHEN??
  239. Teleport Bug
  240. King Arthur II Competition
  241. [Spoiler] Ending?
  242. Active Spell Icons Not Showing Bug?
  243. KAII update v1.1.01
  244. KAII update v1.1.03
  245. KAII update v1.1.04
  246. merlins legacy the riddle
  247. So how do fiefdoms work exactly?
  248. So tried to finish campaign and....
  249. Another weekend, another runtime error...
  250. I cant play even on low res