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  1. Crashing with ATI cards? Turn off Triple Buffering!
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  5. [REQUEST] 16:10 support.
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  8. Great job ...not.
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  13. The Mosquito Issue (or: why the current build is broken)
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  15. wildly peculiar and fun but unfortunately problematic bug report thread
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  17. Awesome game finally available to PC gamers
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  19. Legacy mode (gamepad support) will be added to the game
  20. OpenGL version 2.1 or above required
  21. Wait, what?! Single player only?!
  22. Hey PixelJunkies
  23. [REQUEST] Disable FPS limit!
  24. Please save graphics config locally (not in cloud)
  25. So which garden is peoples favorite one?
  26. Feb 8 update caused the game to crash my video card driver ... xp compat. mode fixes
  27. I don't like this game...
  28. game not saving all seed activations in garden 5 after fail
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  34. My Review of Pixeljunk Eden
  35. Baiyon
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  49. Request: windowed mode
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  56. Momentum
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