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  1. First post: How do you unlock the hidden characters UMK3?
  2. How do you play 2 player local?
  3. Games For Windows Live
  4. Dont press the button "Start"
  5. Is there any way to practice with a stopped enemy??
  6. Someone come play MK2 with me
  7. screen resolution options
  8. Some questions
  9. I want this game, what U ask ? :P
  10. UE3ShaderCompileWorker.exe Error
  11. Help adjusting Fighstick contrls(6 buttons)
  12. GFWL offline mode?
  13. Question for developers
  14. Any one trading Mortal Kombat Kollection?
  15. Need movement key remapping option ASAP!
  16. online
  17. 1920x1080
  18. Noob Saibot, Rain, Ermac, Smoke where they are in UMK3?
  19. Anyone tried this game on XP?
  20. no BLOOD?!?
  21. Playing with xbox360 joypad
  22. Good. Now give us MK9.
  23. I want this game.
  24. Trade Magicka for MK Collection
  25. Want MK9 on PC? Buy this, show support
  26. Warning , Don't buy it !
  27. Boon, I love you.
  28. So woefully broken...
  29. How To: Get ur Controllers working (emulate x360 pad)
  30. Unofficial Issues Thread
  31. GRRR No Mortal Kombat Trilogy??
  32. To those saying "buy this"....
  33. Online Failure
  34. Black screen..... this is fun! =l
  35. MK:AK lag
  36. My tragedy
  37. joystick compatibility not built in
  38. Any ideas???
  39. Mortal Kombat Move List
  40. Strange problem
  41. Before you buy MK Kollection, read this.
  42. No MK trilogy =FAIL
  43. Contoller Problem
  44. Instantly regret buying this. Quick Release / Bad port.
  45. More controller Issues
  46. Fightstick support?
  47. Playing Online
  48. Scorpion spear sound glitch
  49. anyway to active my product key thro Steam ??
  50. Is this uncut for australia?
  51. a bit disappointed
  52. Having a damn good time. I've died to mintaro over 20 times. Finally beat him.
  53. PLAYER 2 on keyboard
  54. The "Press Enter" problem Solutions
  55. Suggestions Thread
  56. A question to all of you.
  57. SUPPORT: 3rd party controllers
  58. What is the best controller for this game?
  59. UMK3 Secret Characters
  60. Video Card Question
  61. Slow game
  62. Post your LIVE ID
  63. Dissapointed that it's NOT "arcade version"
  64. NVIDIA Drivers: How to remove the black bars in fullscreen.
  65. So this is why people hate GFWL
  66. This game seems pretty good!
  67. PS3 controller not working in game.
  68. Ridiculous difficulty ?
  69. the stink of a console port
  70. So, how is multiplayer?
  71. Mk3 Character Unlocks
  72. Is it just me, or this game freaking awesome?
  73. Patch
  74. How do I configure my joypad?
  75. Screen Resoluction Solved !
  76. Mortal kombat exe's?
  77. Add me up?
  78. move buttons
  79. Game won't start :/
  80. controls: constantly going left
  81. "Official" Mortal Kombat Forum
  82. How do you enable player2? / MKTril is WAY better.
  83. Tip: Before you buy the Arcade Kollektion...
  84. One sided lag/delay.
  85. Empty lobbies!? how come?
  86. What rev is UMK3 in the MKAK?
  87. MK is my favourite fightin game ever
  88. Why the hell is this game so laggy online?
  89. HELP, i just bought the game and i cant login to windows live.
  90. Fix this fast!!
  91. will be released a HD version in the future? like dlc or whatever?
  92. Buy this one at gamersgate instead...
  93. CapsLock!
  94. Should have had crossplatform multiplayer
  95. Noob Saibot
  96. Practice Mode?
  97. Tips and advice for UMK3.
  98. Can't play with friends?
  99. UMK3 music is low ?
  100. Logitech Dual Action Gamepad
  101. Want to trade for 50% Off Warner Bros Coupon
  102. Cannot press enter to start the game
  103. Quick match dont working?
  104. Reporting a possible bug/cheat,special attacks disabled at first round
  105. Inverted up/down
  106. 25 years old, grew up with mk 2. This is an epic package.
  107. unlocking ermac, mileena, classic subzero
  108. Can't launch the game
  109. Fatalities Not Working?
  110. arcade stick?
  111. Best Solution for Pad Problem
  112. Can't pick anyone else but robot-smoke?
  113. Frequent Crashing to Desktop
  114. Painted Graphics Slowdown
  115. Achievements?
  116. PS3 Version
  117. Crashes on load. Can't even start it...
  118. Mileena is overpowered
  119. ScreenShots Thread
  120. Cyborg Smoke is OP in MK3
  121. MK2 and MK3
  122. Error 0x080072751 when trying to download update.
  123. Controllers
  124. Want to play with a friend on the same computer? YOU CAN'T!
  125. MP Community?
  126. Why is no one hosting?
  127. Feature Request - Connection filter
  128. buy or no
  129. Cannot unlock Mileena, Ermac, or Classic Sub-Zero
  130. Problems [Visual & Controller]
  131. Internet connection of 10 Mbps or faster required to play online?
  132. Does this game run on the original arcade graphics or is this a SNES port?
  133. Need help,game crash on start up.
  134. CD key problems
  135. Is there a way to bind movement keys?
  136. Lag Issues? Read This!
  137. MK:AK PC new update?
  138. New patch problem
  139. MANUAL UPDATE for MKAK PC link added
  140. Does this patch work for anybody?
  141. Patch notes or changes?
  142. Online Game: nobody??
  143. Mortal Kombat Kollection Won't Start!!
  144. can not find players
  145. starting to regret this purchase
  146. I have found a new kind of cheat in game
  147. Let's try FAQ
  148. this rules
  149. Another thread about the patch.
  150. how its work
  151. New problem after the patch
  152. Is there Noob Saibot in any of these games?
  153. How most of the community feels about the patch in picture form.
  154. Possible for two-player play on the same comp?
  155. Problem Whit Mortal kombat kollection
  156. when the game goes faster than usal
  157. So, what's the list of changes of this patch?
  158. I HATE GFWL!
  159. What To Expect If You Buy This Game (On Steam) & Other Useful Info
  160. Release date for MK9 on pc from Ed Boon
  161. Window mode?
  162. laymens terms of getting MK to work that any one can get first try
  163. Startup problem
  164. Has anyone informed Steam of this patch issue?
  165. Nightwolf Shoulder Move Spamming
  166. Want To Have A Crazy Match In UMK3 Multiplayer (Online Or Offline)? Try This
  167. Various questions about the hitbox and the special moves in MK
  168. MK armageddon port, so will it be released?
  169. Multiplayer suck
  170. Reptile in MK1?
  171. Update issue
  172. Quit bug.
  173. Nobody playing anymore?
  174. Delay
  175. MK:AK on the PS3?
  176. So ya, it happened, fueled by a hang over, a MK filled morning.
  177. After 5mins of gameplay game slows down to a screeching halt
  178. MK II Babality and Friendship almost impossible ?
  179. Odd main menu graphic glitches
  180. Again, a new way to cheat
  181. Very strange bug : No sound during Ranked ?
  182. My thoughts about this rude release
  183. Mortal Kombat 4 coming on steam?
  184. 4on4 and 2on2 playable online!
  185. Good news and bad news!
  186. This game is no longer supported.
  187. My MK Videos
  188. Keyboard?
  189. That letter.
  190. Activate Player 2 with XBOX controller almost done
  191. AMD processors, GFWL and Windows XP heads up.
  192. Press enter.
  193. This VS last PC MK release.
  194. player 2 unbalanced ? (Q for MK pros)
  195. someone playing?
  196. Game Crashes
  197. R.I.P MKAK ?
  198. Inaccurate Moves List
  199. MK9 Mugen port to PC
  200. Good news, everyone!
  201. Injustice
  202. MK Freezing 1-frame per 30 seconds Virtual Memory Problem
  203. Add me to play.
  204. MKAK Indoor Tournament
  205. UMK3 MKAK best players?
  206. Achievement Trading?
  207. James Rolfe (a.k.a The Angry Video Game Nerd) Talks About His Mortal Kombat Memories
  208. First time in sale!!!
  209. idioma espaņol y control qamba pro
  210. Question
  211. Just a question
  212. 2 player lan?
  213. cant play game
  214. Is this game just unplayable?
  215. Basic question
  216. Anyone plays Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection Pc?
  217. Whats with the bad reviews for MKAK?
  218. Pixel Shader 3.0? Why?
  219. Mortal Kombat Kollection & Windows 8
  220. Is this game worth $9.99
  221. Mortal kombat arcade kollection problem
  222. PSX Controller up/down issue
  223. Options
  224. arcade kollection
  225. Mortal Kombat finally coming to PC ?
  226. 360 contoller not working in game.
  227. Help with config
  228. When will the Preorders arrive for MK Komplete?
  229. MK9 resolution options
  230. Where is my MK9 savefiles?
  231. Mortal Kombat IX Komplete Edition Pc Version (VIDEO)
  232. Is ANYONE playing MKKE online?
  233. Looking for Mortal Kombat Komplete (MK9)? This isn't it.
  234. Need help with MKAC
  235. Can't play the game, won't even start:
  236. Crash everytime I start up
  237. Request to add Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition to Steam User Forums
  238. Mortal Kombat Komplete 55% off on Amazon.com
  239. Online Lag?
  240. Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition PC Steam - Ladders 2v2 (local) [VIDEO]
  241. 13.49 on Amazon.
  242. Is there a way to create a blank configuration in-game?
  243. MK9 I've lost all progress
  244. MKAK gonna die in july?
  245. What are the multiplayer options?
  246. Invisibility vs bots?
  247. Joystick wont run When launch game from steam
  248. "Press Enter" Solution on Windows 8 (Professional x64)
  249. Speed Issues
  250. MKK not starting.