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  1. Gotham City Imposters Uses Games for Windows Live (Will be on Steam though)
  2. Gotham City Impostors!!!
  3. Lots of stuttering with 6950 2gb
  4. Gotham city impostors - freezing and stuttering
  5. Gotham City Impostors-Invalid Key?
  6. Gotham City Impostors - WB account required to play?
  7. Gotham City Impostors Video Series HD
  8. Gotham City Impostors Matchmaking troubles
  9. Gotham City Imposters download problems.
  10. Gotham City Not Working
  11. Gotham city inposters bad matchmakin and low FPS??
  12. gotham city imposters low framerate???
  13. the infamous "should i buy it" thread
  14. matchmaking + GFWL + overload of DLC = no sale
  15. unable to conect to games
  16. Having issues downloading GCI? Read this thread!
  17. How resolve FPS issues!
  18. No, dont buy atm
  19. Seriously? Region Locked?
  20. And yet again a game that just wont start.
  21. Jesus christ the lag
  22. i picked it up, not flawless but it's pretty fun imho
  23. Installation Issues, Game Crashes, and Support Information
  24. Game is not available in my region?
  25. Gotham City Impostors
  26. Dedicated Servers will come soon!
  27. First impressions: Can I have my $15 back, please?
  28. How much maps?
  29. FoV
  30. Videos - Gotham City Impostors HD
  31. Cut/Uncut in Germany?
  32. another first impressions thread
  33. This game is big fun !
  34. Will this game work on my lappy?
  35. Stop all the hate
  36. Some MAJOR Issues (Microsoft)
  37. [Video] First Impressions Gotham City Impostors
  38. language...FAIL
  39. Is a joke or what... i can't use mouse to move view
  40. Need help to buy the game
  41. @Skaar: Question/Suggestion about future DLC's
  42. So how do I validate my account ?
  43. Post your system specs here if you have framerate issues with the game!
  44. About those keys that unlock items for free
  45. Can't sign into Games for Windows Live
  46. Potential FPS fix
  47. Read this if you have questions regarding the game.
  48. Game suddenly started dropping me from matchmaking?
  49. list of problems i've encounterd
  50. windowed mode
  51. got my copy, THX
  52. Anyone having this problem?
  53. Whats the euro price of this game?
  54. Found a Fix for LOW FPS !
  55. Headphone Issue
  56. XP Boost item, confused with the poor description.
  57. WTT DD + DLC for GCI
  58. Windowed mode
  59. Looks like Free2Play, but its not
  60. Australian Players
  61. Am I missing something?
  62. Does steam version use GFWL?
  63. change language??
  64. Freezes on matchmaking
  65. PTT
  66. Matchmaking
  67. Why is everyone mad about DLC?......
  68. Can't even open this game
  69. GFWL Disconnect?
  70. Any chance for like a limited Demo?
  71. Not Avaialble in my Region?? I am getting XBOX version
  72. Humble request to the devs
  73. A 'Random' game mode would be helpful.
  74. Trading thread
  75. Tight
  76. the game doesn't start
  77. Might be a stupid question but...
  78. Wrong Purchase
  79. For all those who have problems with matchmaking
  80. Just played this on xbox live
  81. Needs a 4-pack option
  82. So, why GFWL?
  83. How many players required to start a match??
  84. Can anyone else sign in?
  85. Voice chat
  86. Why no one dont like game's optimization?
  87. Problem with the windows live connection
  88. What's your favorite loadout at the moment?
  89. Want to trade some games for this one!
  90. One piece of DLC I'd like to see.
  91. Activate DLC?
  92. When they release a FIX for Matchmaking?
  93. Is this a some kind of trolling or what?
  94. Pets
  95. VOIP Mute Solution
  96. Waste of money
  97. Does anyone have an Extra Arkham City Code?
  98. Buying this game?
  99. Already got Killah Kitteh mascot?
  100. Pipebomb useful?
  101. Copy/Paste From GCI Official Forums
  102. No reviews?
  103. Wild positive review appeared!
  104. Which console is this best for?
  105. "proving your prowess in solo challenges"
  106. Hearing people on mic
  107. Is there any way that I can play with a specific person on my steam friends?
  108. I bought the dress-up pack: why can't edit my costumes?
  109. Gotham City Impostors isn't detecting my Nvidia 540M GPU
  110. An appeal to the Developers from an old school gamer.
  111. Why when I host, the entire room lags? ;_;
  112. Remember the game "Kingpin?"
  113. Matchmaking? >.>
  114. Bad Code?
  115. Advice on purchase?
  116. Even teams... Lovely matchmaking..
  117. How to review this game? (to developers)
  118. Updated DirectX and FPS problem was gone! :)
  119. Unable to Join a Game?
  120. Another game absent lan support .. joy
  121. Rampage needs a better indication.
  122. Profile reset after game crash
  123. GREAT GAME..really fun but devs listen:
  124. To anyone who is on the fence about buying
  125. Leaderboards bugged
  126. [Videos] Gotham City Variated Videos [HD]
  127. Am i the only one that liked this game?
  128. A month seriously?
  129. rally good game, but can't get any games but team deathmatch
  130. office bat mascot
  131. My thoughts of the game. Adding more as I play more
  132. Developers do not learn
  133. No 360 joystick support on GFWL?
  134. Port Forward?
  135. Giantbomb Quick Look
  136. Steam Code
  137. Funny Glitch
  138. XP Boosts
  139. i want be able to play 24/7 not only 2 hours like now..
  140. System requirements...
  141. GFWL - I can't play a single match - Always Disconnected
  142. Honestly: Xbox or PC?
  143. Gotham City Impossible
  144. I want a refund.
  145. So... I just bought this out of hype...
  146. @Skaar: Please make a sticky thread about DLCs and matchmaking infos
  147. create party not working (friends not getting invites))
  148. Gotham city impostors
  149. Awful FPS
  150. Okay guys, lay the facts down for me
  151. No Chat (not voice)
  152. Wild Review Appeared [A more in-depth one then I wrote before]
  153. DLC?
  154. One team leaves before match starts, game does not end.
  155. GFWL? [color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color] please!
  156. Low FPS on NVIDIA GTX Card
  157. GCI = TF2 mixed with Brink, RPG, and awesome player movement
  158. Console ports fail and pc community gets blamed
  159. Essential unlocks.
  160. Broken Installation.
  161. Matchmaking ftl please die
  162. Valve
  163. I should have waited this is def going f2p
  164. How do I change my ingame profile name?
  165. Gotham City Impostors DLCs
  166. Anyone's DLC codes invalid?
  167. Player numbers - Just a small note:
  168. Team Balancing
  169. Game runs horribly
  170. Some Things That Should Be Adressed
  171. Worth buying?
  172. Wish I could play with friends.
  173. On the day 1 DLC...
  174. Bought this game on the 7th and am still yet to play the game...
  175. Rematch + Host Switching
  176. Gotham City Imposters Steam Group!
  177. DLC says locked
  178. So... I'm tempted - What's it really like? // Platform question
  179. How to change the FOV
  180. Listing things we would like to see and that need to be changed.
  181. How to disable voice for GFWL
  182. Just got the game/mini review
  183. Are all of the costume pieces restricted to Joker and Batman themed?
  184. XP Boosts - Can dev confirm?
  185. 82/100 points from germany! Congrats Monolith!
  186. Game is amazing, it's just hard to find games.
  187. Possible sticky for gamer tags?
  188. Can't get past loading screen
  189. No XP When Host Leaves Game
  190. Should you buy this?
  191. Indie Game Bundle With This in It?
  192. Installation Issue
  193. Your Favourite Loudout
  194. DLC redeemed via web, still locked
  195. Point Taken
  196. Does this offer gamepad functionality?
  197. Singleplayer Future?
  198. no connection to GFWL
  199. Horrible fps
  200. Thought of a fix for MM
  201. Windowed Mode
  202. Rocket Launcher noobs
  203. Keybindings Reset?
  204. Atrocious Framerates
  205. Games for Windows?
  206. Do Targeting Goggles always reveal?
  207. Is it worth it ?
  208. Gotham city impostors dont work, error 0x80070002
  209. An honest first impression
  210. Where's the Dedicated Servers?
  211. Possible Fix for GFWL Disconnection
  212. Can't login into GFWL
  213. Game Freezing help needed!
  214. FPS Issue
  215. Matchmaking as it is will kill game before it gets going
  216. There was an error creating the Windows Live ID, please try again later.
  217. Contradicting DLC notes
  218. Gamestar writes that the DLC won't come for the PC for now!?
  219. Sad and unexcuseable
  220. This game NEEDS a 4 pack
  221. My gameplay - FPS
  222. Keybinding Issue
  223. Will this game run on a m11x r1
  224. Matchmaking finds games fast now
  225. Ragequits
  226. "Permanent" 50% XP Boost?
  227. Invisability dosent work for me?
  228. extra copy any one have for
  229. Does it run ?
  230. Question about the game
  231. Can't join any matches
  232. Total Biscuit
  233. Anyone playing in australia or nz
  234. Is Gotham City Imposters GFWL and/or Steamworks?
  235. FoV Slider
  236. Considering buying GCI, how is the online population?
  237. Australia/NZ Steam Group for Oceanic Players
  238. This game needs bots
  239. Freeze when match start
  241. Game won't install?
  242. Error Code 0x80072751 (would love some help)
  243. Very Bad Game !!
  244. Game keeps exiting to desktop
  245. Can't buy this game
  246. G4WL = Crappy matchmaking
  247. Impossible create a WBID account
  248. lost my DLC i Paid for ? :(
  249. UK/EU userbase?
  250. Walls and ground not loading?