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  1. Can't wait to play!!
  2. Can't download?
  3. Achievements?
  4. Can't play as Finnish (Pagans)
  5. Manual?!
  6. Known Issues
  7. Windowed mode, performance boosts, extra settings, and more!
  8. Crashes on Startup
  9. Don't forget to register your copy before the 17th!
  10. New Player - advice?
  11. Bundle with Mac?
  12. Can't start the game from the Launcher
  13. Need Help with Multiplayer
  14. Game of Thrones
  15. Buy this game immediately!
  16. How to start a plot?
  17. [video] CK2 Tutorial - Early game items...
  18. Great game!!!
  19. no sound?
  20. New Player - Question on Starting a War
  21. quick questions
  22. Questions of Love and deceit
  23. Unable to proceed through War tutorial
  24. My Ally is an Idiot.
  25. Changing Dynasty names.
  26. First patch (1.03b) -- out now on Steam.
  27. Vassals and how they build
  28. Missing flags/shields?
  29. Suggestions
  30. Bug?
  31. First game
  32. Launching Game Annoyance
  33. C++ runtime error when loading flags
  34. Anyone know if Amazon Code Works?
  35. what this game misses - advisor videos/events
  36. Coat of arms DLC gone after yesterdays patch?
  37. Tax and Levies
  38. List of traits
  39. Loyalty during transition
  40. Demenses limit and vassals?
  41. Stories from CK2 (AAR)
  42. Ways to get claims?
  43. how to support an existing plot
  44. Buildbot runs every launch
  45. Where is the manual
  46. How to go on Crusade
  47. title loss on succession
  48. videocard a little worse than needed
  49. Vassal Inheritence warning!?!
  50. Marriage and Chancellor for girls
  51. Crusader Kings II Giveaway
  52. Manual/In Depth Guide
  53. Development Types Questions
  54. First time startup...every time??
  55. Game Crashes after launcher
  56. Inheritance Hijinks, Ho!
  57. CK2 Desktop Icon white & startup issue
  58. Lost Need Help
  59. Assassination: False Odds?
  60. Crappy peace treaties
  61. My king is Saxon??
  62. Feature or oversight?
  63. Be careful if your ruler is female
  64. a few questions please help..
  65. Modding ?
  66. So...Im stuck...
  67. So, if a queen ruler and a king ruler of different countries get married
  68. Need a few pointers regarding midgame
  69. Succession Exploitation Not Proceeding As Planned
  70. My vassal is declaring war on his own!!!!
  71. Dealing with a hated heir?
  72. Mac version
  73. "Some gold will keep the servants quiet..."
  74. A few well placed executions can do a world of good
  76. Crusade = Worthless
  77. Why isn't "create a title" cheaper when you own all the counties in it?
  78. Can you make yourself emperor?
  79. desire better alliance FFS!
  80. Tyranny bug
  81. Scottish Bastard Impossible To Play As
  82. Quick Question About Changing Difficulty
  83. Is it touch friendly?
  84. What I REALLY REALLY want.
  85. Inbred Trait
  86. Well That was Weird...
  87. Playing as Duke Nunu of Portucale seems impossible =/
  88. Claim England?
  89. [video] CK2 LP Series (and tutorial series)
  90. Seeing the Goal Of a Liege's War?
  91. Please explain these couple of things to me
  92. Crusader Kings II steam key for a low price
  93. How do you make plots work?
  94. holy orders
  95. help, gave random lands
  96. Anyone have any Paradox Coupons?
  97. cheats
  98. Game Over for no reason?
  99. Will there be any sales coming?
  100. The relationship between Satan and his son...
  101. Best way to get new lands?
  102. A Guide...?
  103. Don't really get this war for somebody else's sake system -.-
  104. Helpful Youtube Tutorial
  105. Anyone managed to take Rome?
  106. CK2 multiplayer
  107. How can you affect crown law?
  108. Kingdom of Portugal - day 1 - 26th Jul 1139
  109. Declare independance?
  110. So huh, what do I do now?
  111. Is there a way to stop shore landings?
  112. [image] revolting vassal who is content ... ?
  113. Anyone selling a key for cheap?
  114. At Last a Real Game !
  115. question about conquering
  116. How can you see the city infrastructure?
  117. question about graphics issues
  118. Crash on launch
  119. Post Mortem Dev Diary
  120. Launch Error
  121. Trading this game.
  122. So, this was good, what about Sengoku?
  123. How does CK2 compare to KoH
  124. Some advice
  125. Interesting countries to play + playing pagan/muslim
  126. Let's Play in Portuguese
  127. Anybody Modding Yet?
  128. Confused on war
  129. Why continue fighting for someone whom hates me?
  130. Thank you!
  131. Conquest Mod?
  132. Tyranny
  133. Cannot play after v1.04 patch
  134. Empires
  135. Can some one post empire mod please?
  136. Mongol Invasion
  137. best ruler ever? [img]
  138. Possible bug to laws in latest patch?
  139. Support kickstart for a old school Hardcore shooter like RB6 and SWAT
  140. Hmm about ploting.
  141. Question about demesne (region) control
  142. Question on Inheritance
  143. Good game for intro to grand strategy?
  144. Randomly switching heirs?
  145. Why Can England Take my entire country... when i can only do a province at a time
  146. What would you like to see in the game?
  147. How to join an IA army ?
  148. Missing Coat of Arms Skins
  149. Duchy titles
  150. Pressing courtiers claim?
  151. Is there a fast way (cheat) to declare war?
  152. Genetic traits
  153. Taking direct control of a county?
  154. New ruler DLC is coming!
  155. Ruler randomly converts to Sunni. What?
  156. Game of Thrones Comment...
  157. Land and titles
  158. Patch v1.04c is now available?
  159. valve bot
  160. Religious Authority
  161. No Heir Bugg ?
  162. How to Mark Someone As "Special"?
  163. The Ruler Creator
  164. Irish Campaigned -- Possibly Screwed?
  165. Crusader Kings II for $17.99 on Amazon. Is it worth it?
  166. CK2 for less than $14 on a brazilian website.
  167. This game is way to complicated
  168. Incredibly confused...
  169. How do I bring back the icons on top of screen?
  170. Overwhelmed
  171. Heir Bugged
  172. 5 Min Help for Noobs
  173. Ruler Customization DLC?
  174. Questions
  175. How to use Character Creator?
  176. How to Marry the Unwilling
  177. Paranormal Europe Mod
  178. blackened out heraldry
  179. Trading for Crusader Kings II
  180. MAJOR BUG- family birth crest
  181. Game on Sale
  182. Inbreeding.
  183. Granting Land to Daughters?
  184. This is a very good video tutorial.
  185. Infidel
  186. Paradox Games
  187. Marrying a title claimant -- anything i should know?
  188. What are the winning conditions ?
  189. Crash to Desktop Issues
  190. Tips for playing as Sweden
  191. Matrilineal Marriage
  192. Graphical Error
  193. Mac version 1.0
  194. Question about Warfare
  195. Files
  196. Game breaking bug
  197. Suggestions for scary daughters?
  198. Entitlement
  199. On sale at Amazon
  200. CKII, Steam and Mods
  201. Buildings
  202. Issue with Mac version compatability
  203. How true to the game is the store trailer?
  204. Mac / Steam overlay issue
  205. Getting other vassals to assist you in war against the liege?
  206. Heir question
  207. Mac graphics
  208. Conquering land and making new lords. Help?
  209. Trait ID Numbers
  210. How to host multiplayer?
  211. How do you change the culture of conquered lands?
  212. Fix for missing shields/heraldry not working
  213. 50% off. I might buy it.
  214. Issue with CK2,crashing on loading...
  215. Trade offer
  216. Game crashes on start up, but was working
  217. i want to depose my liege, the duke Achaia, but cant annex his territories
  218. Where is the play as Muslim DLC?
  219. cant declare war on muslims?
  220. Tips and Tricks
  221. More DLC to be released?
  222. Ruler Designer DLC not being detected?
  223. original CK still good?
  224. A few questions about CK2's DLC scheme
  225. Can't select one of my counties
  226. German language?
  227. Hard English - I am struggling
  228. Is any DLC a must-buy?
  229. Can't Conquer?
  230. made my own dynasty but cant get rid of trait "lowborn"
  231. WTF!? I just bought this game at 50% off and now its 75 % off :(
  232. CK2 75% off - worth it?
  233. CKII manual
  234. Crusader Kings Complete
  235. Graphics issues and other issues on Mac version
  236. giveway Crusader Kings II: Dynasty Shields
  237. Runtime Error on startup
  238. How do i get started doing anything ?
  239. How to lose the Pope as my Liege?
  240. Crusader Kings 2 font and GUI size too small.
  241. how do u win holy wars?
  242. If you're like "???" and have no idea what to do ...
  243. Foreign heir?
  244. No sound in CK2
  245. CK Complete Graphics Problem, Flickering
  246. Large amount of land - what do i do with it?
  247. Constant Crashing Please Help
  248. Nice house to play as? + question
  249. any mods that add more kingdoms and emp
  250. Trial and error: Do NOT start learning the game with Holy Roman Empire