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  1. Dear Esther.
  2. End of Dear Esther *Spoilers*
  3. Dear Esther Translation
  4. Absolutely Grand.
  5. Worth buying?
  6. Improvements suggestions
  7. On Randomness
  8. Feature Wishlist
  9. kind of regret the puchase, game puts me to sleep.
  10. What KIND of adventure game?
  11. No HDR?
  12. Good game but the Final Boss was way too easy...
  13. Ending (SPOILERS DO NOT READ!!)
  14. Ending Discussion *SPOILERS*
  15. Dear Esther Translation
  16. A visual tour
  17. The Significance of Twenty-One? (SPOILERS)
  18. Is the game a tribute to E. Phillips Oppenheim?
  19. Trouble with chapters unlocking
  20. Script from the mod version / captions for the release version
  21. Interesting
  22. Looks a lot like stalker.
  23. Auto-walk?
  24. Masterpiece
  25. *SPOLERS* The ending explained.
  26. Improvements Needed
  27. Pretty game, but very underwhelming.
  28. The Screenshot/Wallpaper Topic
  29. Differences between playthroughs
  30. Unable to play >.>
  31. Just some reactions and general praise.*POSSIBLY SOME SPOILERS*
  32. My 2 cents.
  33. Are you alone on the island?
  34. Dear Esther Co-op!
  35. So...How is this game?
  36. My thoughts
  37. Dear Esther Playthrough
  38. Umm, how do you save?
  39. Possible man-made object in the floor/rock texture?
  40. tried mod-too hard
  41. A new strand in the gaming web?
  42. Walking speed
  43. Swim Up - no default key?
  44. this is a visual novel, not a game
  45. Screen resolution
  46. SPOILERS Secrets and Story
  47. so what is the true story? writer, book, reader?
  48. My Dear Esther video review
  49. When does it go on sale for $1.99
  50. Chemical Compounds
  51. All at once
  52. Ok, what is going on?
  53. I'm not very good with system requirments.
  54. I payed money for this?!
  55. Read Before You Buy.
  56. Dear Esther Walkthrough
  57. Donnelly
  58. Soundtrack?
  59. Have just 'Finished' Dear Esther (spoilers)
  60. Easter eggs and hidden objects (SPOILERS)
  61. The name is Bob, Head Bob
  62. ~~~SPOILERS~~~ Second Play Through Different Scene
  63. Playing with a controller
  64. I don't care about my $10. I care about the damage you've done to indie gaming
  65. Intel HD Graphics 3000
  66. Is this different from the free version?
  67. !!! SPOILERS !!! identity of narrator, thoughts on story
  68. What Did it Mean to You? [Spoilers]
  69. Worth Every Damn Penny!
  70. Long live the eco-noodles!
  71. Can i run this on low?
  72. Dear Esther Soundtrack
  73. Writings (on walls, etc)
  74. More languajes?
  75. Anyone any good at languages? (one of the books in Dear Esther)
  76. The REAL Location of the Car Accident
  77. Anyone Have Thoughts On These Symbols?
  78. Adam Sandler movie Vs. Dear Esther (3D glasses))
  79. "Making Of" stuff
  80. Morse code ....
  81. Sand Symbol
  82. Failed to load launcher dll
  83. Dan's Twitter Feed Might Provide Future Answers?
  84. I cried (spoilers)
  85. The 21 Issue (Spoiler)
  86. What should we call it, if it is not 'a game'?
  87. Donate $10 Dollars to an experiment?
  88. Not just a good game, but an important one!
  89. No end credits? (spoilers)
  90. Game crashes when chosing inverted xbox controls
  91. [SPOILERS] Let's talk Bible
  92. *spoilers* My take on 'Dear Esther'
  93. How many differences of scenes are there??? (BIG SPOILERS)
  94. Eyefinity & Nvidia Surround?
  95. 4 maps in map folder called: Donelley.bsp, Esther.bsp, Jakobson.bsp and Paul.bsp
  96. Servers are busy
  97. This Game is the Epitome of Interactive Art
  98. PC/Windows Official Bug Thread!
  99. The ghosts/figures - discuss (Spoilers!)
  100. Semi-Official Dear Esther Tweak Thread
  101. Which Hebridean island does this take place on?
  102. If You're Thick Enough To Buy A Game Before...
  103. Korsakovia remake now?
  104. Reflections bug?
  105. Community Translation Packs
  106. Not worth the time or money
  107. How to kill the boss in chapter five?
  108. Failing Randomization/Variation?
  109. Why the Source engine?
  110. Christ almighty.
  111. Game fails to open
  112. Symbolism within the game
  113. [Solved]Crashing to desktop.
  114. The cave was absolutely stunning, wish Skyrim had caves like this
  115. Why do Source(tm) based games not work with GPs 100%?
  116. Freezing at loadscreen
  117. Title Updates
  118. Bringing first person back - away from the doom era
  119. at least it's controller enabled
  120. Limbo, The Path and Dear Esther...
  121. Controller problem
  122. The significance of the number 21? [SPOILERS]
  123. What I believe happened. **SPOILERS**
  124. Why all the hate?
  125. QubaHQ review of Dear Esther
  126. Dear Esther - A work of art (My video Homage)
  127. Does anyone else feel a bit alienated by the various analysis of the game?(Spoilers)
  128. Play Throught (spoiler)
  129. How To Play It For Free
  130. No fan-site yet?
  131. Turn the (wonderful) music off?
  132. Jakobson or Jacobson ?
  133. Translate
  134. Subtitles?
  135. a content-wise failure - that "armada"... [SPOILER]
  136. 81 minutes of gameplay? HUH?
  137. console zoom??? [SOLVED!]
  138. sorry
  139. one sided
  140. Hopes for a Korsakovia re-release too?
  141. Has Anyone Made An Updated Script?
  142. People are willing to...
  143. Source Engine Version
  144. This game..
  145. My thoughts on on the game, and the people who tend to defend/attack the game
  146. Further Development
  147. Why are all my friends putting this on their wishlist?
  148. Just The Author's Personal Experiences?
  149. Dea Esther voice randomization
  150. Heart Form (second Cave with water)
  151. Not Working
  152. Picture of Esther
  153. When you try to describe this game...
  154. Shadowy figures and seagulls (Spoilers)
  155. Boat without a bottom, etc
  156. Sign on the gate near the end (spoilers)
  157. I am from Poland
  158. So if there any point for someone who has played the original?
  159. New Dear Esther Gameplay Playthrough.
  160. How many hours has everyone clocked in the game so far?
  161. 360 controller not working
  162. Autorun?
  164. my honest review.
  165. Fan-made translated voiceovers?
  166. Use of the word 'aerial'
  167. Anyone else think the narrator has... SPOILERS
  168. "Esther Donnelly" -- wha?
  169. Subtle changes between plays?
  170. Dear Esther Walkthrough - All levels [HD5870] (1080p) in best quality possible
  171. Radio signals
  172. Halloween and/or DLC
  173. **Spoiler?** Did anyone else notized the man in the cave?
  174. List of Ghost sightings.
  175. Weird human figures at the end.
  176. This is not for low IQs
  177. The people behind Dear Esther
  178. How many units sold?
  179. So this game
  180. Is this game basically myst???
  181. IF the game had achievements...
  182. Game was good, but...
  183. Dear Esther - A Homage (1080P mind-blowing must see!!!)
  184. hut by the jetty?
  185. Dear Esther - Portal 2 GlaDOS cross over
  186. Dear Esther developers Q+A
  187. Blackscreen on startup
  188. Ya tengo los subtítulos en español
  189. Art, Games, and Dear Esther
  190. Enjoyed the artwork.
  191. Thechineseroom developing a new Amnesia game along with Frictional Games
  192. Taking the story literally?
  193. 21
  194. This experience felt like "Mercerism" (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?)
  195. Transcript of the new version?
  196. manuscript maybe?
  197. [Spoilers] My understanding of Dear Esther + interesting points
  198. Can my computer run Dear Esther?
  199. Did Dear Esther just update?
  200. What if
  201. Thanks!
  202. I'm interested in buying this game -- questions please
  203. How to open the console?
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  211. How old?
  212. Dear Esther - Portuguese Translation
  213. Dear Esther - Bulgarian Translation
  214. I only noticed this now, on my 5th playthrough
  215. Dear Esther is shutting my computer off every time
  217. Walking speed hack?
  218. Easter Egg?
  219. Dear Esther: Why I Was Disappointed
  220. Who is Esther? What happened to her?
  221. Reflection in the water
  222. Easter Egg - Depeche mode Just can't get enough reversal
  223. questions
  224. Bird(Spoilers)
  225. Let's play
  226. So what excactly is the gameplay like?
  227. display duration for subtitles
  228. DEAR ESTHER MOVIE [1h 10min 15sec] (1080p)
  229. minecarts at the last level??
  230. Dear Esther Lag
  231. Thank You
  233. French version in progress...
  234. Save some Time and Money
  235. Ghost Figure Walking [Screenshots]
  236. Maybee a way of explaination about the little stone scultpures
  237. DE Script (of the 2012 version) in here
  238. Dear Esther - Brazilian Portuguese Translation
  239. Dear Esther Review (or what is Dear Esther)
  240. trade
  241. Favorite quotes and context. (May contain spoilers)
  242. From someone who watched someone else
  243. Fibonacci and the way out (may contain spoilers)
  244. cut-content from the original mod
  245. To hell with this game son
  246. So these guys are aiding with Machine For Pigs?
  247. Dear Esther: Ghost Locations Guide!
  248. Okay, but it's no "The Path".
  249. Dear Esther inspired music
  250. Well played thechineseroom, well played