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  1. is this good?
  2. a review, of sorts.
  3. Link to a demo here
  4. Trailer music
  5. Don't play this, play STO if you want good space combat.
  6. game is in rough shape
  7. Manual Unavailable
  8. I ask for my money back..
  9. bug-reports
  10. Mining Lasers
  11. Not Bad So Far
  12. CTD at campaign load fix
  13. Is this a joke..?
  14. I'm loving this game!
  15. Anyone finish this game?
  16. Hints and Greets
  17. I didnt' see the Gladator DLC download
  18. No Female Avatars in this game
  19. Mulit-player
  20. Finished the Tutorial
  21. I uninstalled the game
  22. The Joke is on Me and You if you buy this game....
  23. I reinstalled the game
  24. Play for full game free via VOID
  25. InPageError when starting game
  26. Link to offical forums
  27. Starpoint Gemini 2 in the making!
  28. Worth the 7?
  29. This Game is ok if it were the 90s review
  30. is anybody else seeing these ... Shadows?
  31. Need some help.
  32. Remember Starfleet Command