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  1. Vessel looks fantastic
  2. Crashes
  3. Demo size
  4. Technical Support
  5. bought full version but demo got installed too
  6. Jon Hopkins music used in Vessel
  7. So, ummm, what am I supposed to do?
  8. I could hardly be happier
  9. Great indie title !
  10. Lovely game but now im stuck :(
  11. Should be rated Mature
  12. I'd buy this if...
  13. One tiny problem...
  14. Vessel has something most puzzle games lack
  15. A Tip to Developers (Expounded)
  16. A couple of requests.
  17. Review + walkthrough of vessel. PS this game is awesome!
  18. Controller issues
  19. Bugs.
  20. i'm stuck on something probably simple
  21. Stuck at tree
  22. To the Developers: You guys are awesome!
  23. Bugged puzzles
  24. XBOX 360 Controller Issues / Frame Rate Cap
  25. You know, I was a bit disapointed at one part. (Third area spoilers.)
  26. Red Canister
  27. Please add Steam Cloud
  28. Upgrade Nozzles
  29. How long is this game?
  30. Protoplasm lost - Bug?
  31. [VIDEO] First Impressions of the game
  32. Hint needed - 2nd Stage of Game [maybe Gameplay Spoilers]
  33. The Hint Thread
  34. Final puzzle unsolvable?
  35. Warning: issue with demo
  36. Hello Seatlle, i have an AZERTY keyboard :)
  37. Exploit using white fluids
  38. Welcome to Vessel::Greetings from the art team
  39. bug in 5th factory
  40. What to do with final boss?
  41. Mouse has stopped working
  42. Boss after the cave puzzles
  43. Upgrade nozzle machine
  44. Save system
  45. Achievements thread
  46. game finished
  47. Black Overlay Bug
  48. Thanks for the game! Thread
  49. Glitch at Factory 7
  50. How not to screw up the caves boss battle
  51. Thoughts on the game so far
  52. I don't know if I missed something or game mechanics are broken beyond imagination
  53. Game length
  54. Game crashes at Factory 5
  55. "Eye" bug
  56. Orchard, Getting Drinker Seed Help
  57. The glow goo is broken.
  58. Unlimited liquids exploit
  59. Some Issues with Protoplasma
  60. Mines Lava Boss broken. Cannot finish.
  61. Level Editor?
  62. Stange Achievement....
  63. Final level unbelievably frustrating
  64. Puzzles auto completing
  65. My Vessel video review
  66. Vessel LP
  67. Auto-save crashes on when loaded
  68. First written review I've seen - 9/10
  69. Platformer vs Puzzle Game
  70. Misspelled
  71. Jon Hopkins Soundtrack location.-
  72. Patch! (3/6/12)
  73. All Achievements (Spoilers inside)
  74. Important
  75. Steam won't let me buy
  76. Accelerator (asked for spoilers)
  77. This game needs a sequel.
  78. Vessel HD Video Review
  79. Whats next from StrangeLoopGames?
  80. Is this a bug? (changing ammo type)
  81. Strange lag
  82. I love this game! But Im stuck at the final of the orchard :( searching for tips
  83. Graphical bug with dark fluro
  84. Stuck Glitch at Factory boss
  85. Please remove from my Games List!
  86. UI Shows Xbox 360 button prompts, no controller connected
  87. Unable to rebind controls.
  88. A Vessel Video Review
  89. Want more health?
  90. Balance bug/warning for FACTORY boss (NON-Spoiler)
  91. Odd Impressions Beating the Game
  92. Nozzle won't stop blowing.
  93. [Video] First Impressions of Vessel
  94. Props to the devs, I really like Vessel
  95. Factory Machine 4 - glitch causing me grief.
  96. Anybody understands the ending ? SPOILERS !!
  97. Stuck at the final boss in the mines! need a few tips
  98. Mines Puzzle Number 3
  99. Nice game, but demo regularly freezes
  100. My thoughts abput the game.
  101. [COMPLETE] Vessel Video Walkthrough - Ft, cirby88
  102. Some glitches I found in the game during my walkthrough!
  103. [SPOILERS] Game Ending completely broke game experience. My take on it.
  104. 10% off at dev site & get steam code
  105. Is This Still Coming to Consoles?
  106. [GLITCH] Unlimited upgrade points
  107. Need Help With Save Game Issue
  108. What about the ending?
  109. New patch?
  110. Bug? Or new patch?
  111. Vessel new puzzles idea.
  112. Achievement bug
  113. Everything after menu screen lags horribly
  114. Vessel Game Group on steam.
  115. Europeans: buy from dev, not on Steam!
  116. Vessel fan art thread.
  117. Vessel prototype tech videos
  118. One of my all time favorite games, utterly brilliant.
  119. The Vessel Quiz!
  120. Vessel Config options / Keyboard config
  121. How long is the game?
  122. Worst best game i've played in a while
  123. How do I get past...
  124. Wasted protoplasm
  125. "Detected device doesn't support the minimum requirements to run the game."
  126. Daily deal - 24/6/2012
  127. Vessel Error Message
  128. On Sale cheaper during Summer sale?
  129. No keyboard config = no sale 8( EDIT: Solved
  130. Is It Worth It - YES!
  131. This game is something else....
  132. Framerate issue/"choppy" gameplay
  133. Games freezes at Factory Boss
  134. Saving Games in Full Version?
  135. Crash during the final scene
  136. Wow
  137. Got stuck in a few places
  138. Crashes while loading factory
  139. Amazing game so far( still playing) with a few issues.
  140. I can't finish the game
  141. Resolution options are not there
  142. Can't get third (drinker) seed
  143. found major bug
  144. "Internal Rejection" achievement broken?
  145. Save game path
  146. Funny waterfall bug
  147. Flash deal- is it worth?
  148. mac osx?
  149. No sound at all.
  150. Final Protoplasm Puzzle has an issue *Spoilers*
  151. Windowed mode resolution
  152. Should you get Vessel
  153. Frequent crashes
  154. another mine boss glitch
  155. Factory puzzle glitch?
  156. Mine Boss Fun
  157. Freezes makes full game unplayable
  158. Mine Boss Glitch
  159. Glitch in factory boss level
  160. Drinker Seed Issue
  161. help with achievements
  162. Good Play
  163. Help! Game freezes at the same spot repeatedly
  164. Tank Capacity Upgrades Question
  165. One tiny tiny thing bugging me...
  166. Brilliant
  167. Silent Sale
  168. Controller not working correctly
  169. Games is locked at 60fps even though vysnc is off in options and forced off in driver
  170. I can't get Internal Rejection to work
  171. [SPOILER] Completing the Final Room in the Orchard area is impossible
  172. EXE crash
  173. Mines - second machine [help]
  174. Can't get into orchard (lava fluro falls apart)
  175. Stuck
  176. Game breaking bugs- Video
  177. Problem with my hose firing properly
  178. Stuck on early level
  179. Can't aim!