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  1. how f2p is this game?
  2. Redeemable Code
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  10. Does this game install any bad anti cheat programs?
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  13. Refunded Purchases
  14. A Free mount for those who reach Level 20.**
  15. ID/Password does not match
  16. How is this game for a Single Player?
  17. Cannot Connect to server
  18. Doesn't even start up when i press play
  19. Sound options?
  20. CD Key/promo code not working,.
  21. Very Final Fantasy XI inspired
  22. Antivirus Alerts - Help Requested
  23. I didn't get my mount
  24. confused about the game
  25. Vertical sync, anisotropic filtering
  26. Patcher stuck at "Retrieving update information"
  27. Special Offer
  28. screen fit problem
  29. Error message when you want to register
  30. Pandora Saga shuts down after entering LoginID/Pass
  31. Be mindfull of ToS
  32. Free Raptr Rewards Pandora Saga Starter Boost Pack
  33. Can't Register Anywhere
  34. Game Won't Start
  35. Log in problems
  36. game unavailable
  37. Unable to uninstall game
  38. Special Offer Ended?
  39. I see a lot of false information being spread about this game, let me clear it up