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  1. Has anyone tried this out yet?
  2. Sound not working
  3. Game doesn't work...
  4. Save files for the game.
  5. Not Wizball... (sadface)
  6. Don't buy if you use XP.
  7. Anyone else find the paddle slugglish with the mouse?
  8. When I was young, Taito had a game named Arkanoid
  9. Some of the best pixel art.
  10. Does the game have a windowed mode?
  11. unless you love retro, Wizorb is boring
  12. [Video] First Impressions of Wizorb
  13. Few achievement questions
  14. Ball Trajectory & How to Use Alter Spell?
  15. Unlimited Free Continues
  16. Some (really little) bugs
  17. Update 3-16, what does it do?
  18. Game crashes to Desktop since today's patch
  19. Is it possible to mod this game?
  20. Black screen when I press play ( at steam )
  21. Wizorb Appreciation
  22. Wizorb: My Review
  23. Tips how to defeat the last boss?
  24. Changing controls?
  25. Crashes or no sound with HDMI audio
  26. This would be such an awesome game, only if...
  27. Crash after Tribute logo
  28. Devilish/Bad Omen
  29. Too hard? Tips to make the game easier
  30. Can I register on Steam my Gamersgate Wizorb ?
  31. Price
  32. Graphical glitch in town
  33. Really need a dual core CPU ?
  34. This game reminds me of...
  35. What's the secret to high scores?
  36. Lost orb bug
  37. Frustrating Trajectory (Tip for those new or haven't noticed)
  38. Beware returning to town! Also magnets.
  39. How to get these achievements?
  40. 100% Achievement Club
  41. Feedbacks, some bugs, etc.
  42. Mac OS X compatibility issue
  43. Yep - Not playing this anymore
  44. Private Detective achievement
  45. Lags in World 4
  46. In One Gulp
  47. level 5 boss
  48. Xbox Controller?
  49. Daily Deal - Worth It?
  50. Wont startup
  51. So, does this or doesn't this work as a coffee break game?
  52. Wizorb Won't launch
  53. Trading Cubemen for Wizorb
  54. This is sooo close to being a brilliant game
  55. Charmed Achievement - Any Tips?
  56. Refund Pls
  57. Pleaase help :(
  58. Game crashes after Tribute logo
  59. Achievement Tips
  60. Potential Reason for Startup Crashes
  61. Fastest way to 50,000 gold?
  62. Wizorb do not start
  63. I'm not the only one who smirked at this, right?
  64. Any way to change the controls?
  65. [VIDEO] First time playing Wizorb...
  66. Wizorb won't work