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  1. A Beginner's Guide to Competitive TF2
  2. Most intense 1v1 matchup?
  3. "SPUF Fortress 2" Highlander Team
  4. What Heavy minigun should our Heavy use for Highlander?
  5. Can the Scottish Resistance be used well in highlander.
  6. How's the competetive scene ?
  7. Does 6v6 do anything besides 5cp?
  8. DAE feel like Valve is making a mistake in how they handle comp
  9. Im new here
  10. Every Unlock - Why banned
  11. Unlocks Banned / Allowed and Reasoning
  12. Getting started in competitive play :
  13. Resources for finding competitive leagues/games?
  14. Mumble, Teamspeak, etc.
  15. Looking to try competitive TF2? Check out these Steam groups (both EU and NA)
  16. TF2 Map Strat - cp_granary
  17. List of active TF2 Leagues
  18. TF2 Competitive Frag Videos
  19. teamfortress.tv - the place to watch all the TF2 action!
  20. TF2 Competitive Tutorials Analysis Communication
  21. Competitive Roaming soldier guide by techno
  22. Scout tutorials
  23. ESEA Invite 11 Invite Rosters
  24. Frag Clip Thread
  25. Qun.TV - simply the best YouTube channel to find 6v6 Scout gameplay videos
  26. Being a comp medic
  27. Apprehensive about getting into Comp. TF2?
  28. Looking to do a friendly 6v6?
  29. Looking for a Mentor for Scout?
  30. ESEA S11 Registration
  31. How do I play highlander Heavy?
  32. Hello from Pixel Pickup!
  33. Starting A Low-Key Highlander Team
  34. Competitive tf2 explained (6v6)
  35. Subforum is so small, is funny to me!
  36. ESEA Weapon Bans +Stuff Announced
  37. Competitive Medieval
  38. Should the Equalizer be allowed in competitive play?
  39. Highlander Demoman Videos
  40. The SPUF Competitive Video Archive
  42. TF2 Casting Organisations and Upcoming matches
  43. Any suggestions for UGC highlander turbine sentry positions
  44. Looking for more players for a new HL team
  45. Get started into Comp TF2
  46. Anyone starting up a team?
  47. Anybody wanna mentor me on medic?
  48. Scrim.co - The TF2 Lobby Alternative
  49. HL strategy for pl maps.
  50. NZ/AUS highlander group
  51. Esports Heaven hosting the Velociraptor TF2 Challenge [EU]
  52. Looking for a scout and demo [Aus]
  53. FREE TS3 Server for new 6v6/HL Teams!
  54. ETF2L Weapon Bans
  55. Div 5/6 Soldier LF 6v6 Team
  56. a more stable site than tf2lobby?
  57. A Balance Hypothetical
  58. SMG looking for backups!
  59. TF2 Pirate Radio Podcast - Next Broadcast: 25/03/12 23:00CET
  60. YoYoTech TviQ streaming like a boss
  61. Viewmodel config question
  62. Viewmodel config question
  63. [AU] Finals Decider Tonight! Interview with Beta and Spadebox
  64. Competitive TF2 Recruitment Tool
  65. looking for low-mid level soldier, pyro, heavy [North America]
  66. VanillaTV Video Archive - Loads of top level TF2 Competitive Videos!
  67. Questions about offclassing in 6v6
  68. how to join or get started in a team?
  69. TF2 Map Strat - koth_viaduct_pro_rc3
  70. n00b's guide to finding competitive teams
  71. Crosshair Switcher
  72. Since Medic and Demo are capped at one...
  73. Competitive Divisions
  74. Looking for a Team/Friends
  75. Opps, did something..
  76. How to get people into 6s
  77. looking for a low-mid skill competitive heavy [North America]
  78. Looking for a team or players in Swansea/South Wales
  79. Starting A New Highlander Team
  80. Can the Comp Forum Lend a Hand?
  81. [READ FIRST] Forum Rules
  82. soldier LFT
  83. vanilla vs non-vanilla tournament
  84. AsiaFortress Mercenaries Cup Season3 Grand FinaL STV Demo Download Site.
  85. Flareshot's hosting a dodgeball tournament april 15th. PRIZES TO BE WON
  86. Looking for low teams to scrim against
  87. Role of a demoman in competitve play?
  88. LF: mid/high skill Sniper [North America]
  89. Looking for scout and medic for team.
  90. ETF2L Season 11 Grand Final tonight/today
  91. Joining HighLander team.
  92. Lobbies and PUGs in Asia?
  93. Competitive TF2 Spectating?
  94. Where can i find a team?
  95. looking to play in a team
  96. Youtube channels featuring TF2 tournaments?
  97. Lets Try Some SPUF Predictions for ESEA-Invite
  98. Low Level Sniper Looking For Sniping Mentor
  99. Do you know of any good or competitive servers in Australia?
  100. Gamers Assembly LAN Saturday & Sunday
  101. Competitve TF2 Coverage
  102. Quick question regarding a tactic I've seen
  103. PUG.NA
  104. TF2 exposure trough thegdstudio?
  105. Naughty Winter Crate??
  106. Division Tester
  107. Where's the best place to find scrims?
  108. Is this legit?
  109. The agony of loss
  110. First Big ESEA-I S11 Match TONIGHT
  111. Low- Open 6v6 team looking for scrims
  112. Best way to learn?
  113. Looking for a heavy for new highlander team
  114. Euro Season 12 preview and team updates
  115. How to find a team?
  116. My son needs a team so he can stop pwning nubs and asking to pwn me one on one
  117. a little question
  118. Gaming monitors
  119. semi comp demo needed for NA highlander team
  120. Team Colonslash Guidance Scheme
  121. Are reskins allowed?
  122. Roaming soldier questions
  123. Request Sticky: "Introduction Competetive League and Teamplay"
  124. Reddit Round Robin Highlander Tournament Coverage
  125. ETF2L HL Season 2 Division 1: May Contain Nuts vs Turbopoop eSports!
  126. New UGC HL team looking for mid/high-skill players for the summer season.
  127. Top EU 6v6 players play Highlander
  128. My HL Team is an Embarassment
  129. Official SalTV hangout thread!
  130. Highlander pug.na IRC Bot!
  131. Angel's Cup 6v6 coverage
  132. Lan Trilogy - Insomnia43
  133. New ETF2L Highlander team is looking for players!
  134. How do i get this crosshair ?
  135. Wireplay Highlander League Signups Open
  136. Medic Pyro or Scout for Hire for Highlander
  137. TC_hydro
  138. ETF2L Highlander National Cup in June
  139. soldier with mid/high skills
  140. Alienware Cup 21: TF2 - 200 one day cup on Sunday April 29th
  141. IFA recruiting Mid HL players for UGC S7!
  142. Hypothetical question for Highlander
  143. Some questions about comp Medic
  144. Competitive Scene and Resources
  145. What do you think the Spy's job is in a competitive match?
  146. UGC Highlander Divisions?
  147. Highlander Team Recruiting New Players For League/Ladder
  148. Seasoned Comp player looking for TF2 team
  149. Velociraptor Cup EU 6v6 Cast
  150. ETF2L HL Season 2 Division 1: May Contain Nuts vs 27!
  151. ETF2L HL Season 2 Division 1: May Contain Nuts vs Colony!
  152. Second Lethal-Zone MGE Server
  153. Back to the roots
  154. AsiaFortress 4v4 KoTH Cup
  155. Looking for a European HL heavy!
  156. Tf2 addicts Highlander team recruitment.
  157. CEVO TF2 will not go on anymore?
  158. Wheres mah ETF2L medal? :'(
  159. Starting Competitive Team Fortress 2
  161. Velociraptor Challenge upper brakcet final tonight
  162. *Kurwa*Clan will destroy you, then laugh at you
  163. TM87 Highlander Team Recruiting!
  164. When's the next HL season?
  165. Am I Missing Something?
  166. TF2@I45 UK gaming festival casts
  167. Captains Mode in TF2 [Dota Idea]
  168. Interested in following Comp. Suggestions?
  169. Helpful path on pl_upward
  170. recruiting spanish talking team!
  171. The Competitive Words EXPLAINED!
  172. Bombing as a Demo?
  173. ETF2L HL Season 2 Division 1 Final: May Contain Nuts vs SNSD!
  174. ESL of TF2 Section Was interrupted.
  175. roamer / pain train or equalizer
  176. Competitive TF2 - We Need You!
  177. Seanbud scout video + twitch channel
  178. I45 lan footage
  179. eXtravision celebration episode
  180. LF Roamer mentor
  181. Should Comp Medics' Loadout focus on Self-Defense or healing?
  182. Badwater Basin first point discussion
  183. Pro clan or community
  184. I46 - 24th - 27th August - 6v6 and First Ever Highlander Lan! (Europe)
  185. Looking for 1on1 duel partners
  186. Highlander Scout help
  187. huge_status_monitor
  188. LFM Medic
  189. Viewmodels off vs High FoV?
  190. Site with map layouts and names
  191. Anyone have a high quality version of Pandemic S5 Frag Vid?
  192. Want a girl to talk about you?
  193. 9v9 Highlander arena
  194. My (somewhat) exclusive comp. TF2 YouTube channel.
  195. How Far Comp TF2 Has come
  196. CEVO Team Fortress 2: Highlander Revival Tournament
  197. ETF2L 6v6 Nations Cup
  198. TF2 team
  199. Match highlights?
  200. UGC Euro Questions?
  201. Medal
  202. UGC Season 7 is right around the corner!
  203. Help With a Demo Playback?
  204. Shop style selecting
  205. [DEMOCALL]
  206. www.twitch.tv/lolimjustin
  207. Best mumble recordings EU
  208. Why do comp Soldiers all use the Original?
  209. b4nny's 4k blind det sticky trap
  210. UGC all star matchs coming up.
  211. Ruwin
  212. UGC Match Comms
  213. When medics do the midfight in a doublemix
  214. we want you to join our team
  215. 6v6 Roamer Commentary
  216. Official UGC All-Star Match Information
  217. Pushes!
  218. Best way to contact a UGC admin?
  219. Finding a casual "competitive" league?
  220. ESEA-LAN Right Around The Corner
  221. Looking for NA 6s CEVO tryouts. All classes.
  222. CLAN recruiting
  223. Carnage?
  224. Anyone else ready for UGC highlander?
  225. CEVO Now Hiring for Team Fortress 2 Staff
  226. First Matches, How'd They Go?
  227. What are the best loadouts for competitive Highlander
  228. ~Thanks For Playing~ Looking to Scrim This Weekend!
  229. 6 Player Comp Class Selection
  230. Looking for a clan!
  231. Is there an "Unprofessional" Competitive TF2 League?
  232. Team starting in 6's?
  233. eXtv fundraising to send two NA teams to i46
  234. The Sticky Jumper IS viable in comp!
  235. Does anyone still play?
  236. Do you have what it takes to compete in the ready steady pan tournament?
  237. Pyro loadout, credit to team?
  238. How to find european mixes? New to competitive TF2
  239. Can Doomsday be competitive?
  240. any aussie puggers out there?
  241. new weapons in comp scene?
  242. Plzz make me competitive spy
  243. Holy ghost...
  244. Looking for names! Winner will get a Scrap!
  245. ESEA LAN finals
  246. News: ESEA Season 11 LAN Playoffs
  247. Intel glow ruins Comp CTF
  248. I was looking at the rules for competitive tf2..and
  249. Is the Escape Plan allowed this season?
  250. Looking for a clan.