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  1. Ys The Oath of Felghana unofficial tech support thread
  3. Some Gameplay Impressions of Felghana (Video)
  4. Black screen after launch.
  5. game crash
  6. Ys The Oath of Felghana Review
  7. Replayability?
  8. This game = buy
  9. 360 Controller support?
  10. Ys Oath In Felghana Experience
  11. How to Pronounce "Ys"
  12. Time for first playthrough?
  13. EAX 2.0 - Anyone get it to work?
  14. Cannot start Y's - Crash dump
  15. Controls no longer save since inserting a controller
  16. Game Settings?
  17. Solution for controls not saving
  18. First update?
  19. VSync on/off.
  20. Anyway to use the mouse for attacking?
  21. Favorite song in the soundtrack?
  22. Enemies drop Leafs? Can they be picked up?
  23. Widescreen support feedback
  24. Aspect Ratio Fix [16:9][16:10]
  25. "No-fall mode"?
  26. [BUG] Achievement - Consult an FAQ Already
  27. Anyone else think the Steam trailer is bad?
  28. Aspect Ratio - Hex Fix Using Cheat Engine
  29. "Lower Processing Frame Rate"
  30. Savior of Swine achievement not working?
  31. what does FSAA quality do?
  32. [SPOILERS] Boss Skipped?!?
  33. And now The Legend of Heroes pls!
  34. not working
  35. Missable achievements?
  36. no voice acting?
  37. No option to save Clear Game data
  38. Speedrunning / Time Attack
  39. Old school heaven - This is a must buy if you liked Zelda and Alundra.
  40. Bluescreen Crashing
  41. Jade Ring
  42. Boss fights aren't well designed
  43. Difficulty levels
  44. No text in game?
  45. [SOLVED]Crash upon starting the game
  46. Storing save and config files locally (turning off Steamcloud support).
  47. [issue] Time Attack not showing on startup
  48. Crashing to Desktop :(
  49. Leveling up for bosses.
  50. Completely newbie regarding Ys.
  51. Controller enabled
  52. More Fun than Ninja Gaiden 3
  53. Crashing
  54. Beating very easy didn't give me an outfit for Elena. By design or a bug?
  55. Best place to level after 50?
  56. Hidden bosses
  57. Debug mode and achievements.
  58. How long is this game?
  59. Lava Zone bug
  60. difficulty setting
  61. Getting Raval that's not in chests.
  62. Gyalva Fight Bug?
  63. Wanted to say thank you
  64. Installing error
  65. Devs, Dialogue Skip?
  66. Achievements
  67. Napishtim on steam??
  68. One question XCEED, about the achievements...
  69. Opinions on the story-aspect of the game
  70. Vibration test issue
  71. For those new to the Ys series and interested in the other games.
  72. So... What does the Oath refer to? **SPOILERS**
  73. Minor Menu Bug
  74. Cant find save/Falcom folder
  75. No double boost?
  76. Any chance we see other Falcom games on Steam?
  77. Ys: The Oath in Felghana review is now up!
  78. Achievement questions.
  79. Controller stopped being recognized
  80. Istersiva (Boss) Glitch
  81. Japanese version ?
  82. Just realized how many versions of Ys III there are
  83. porting more Y's to the PC?
  84. Beast Master achievement
  85. Is it just me, or is the Spirit Cape kind of game-breaking?
  86. How far am I?
  87. Lunge spam macro.
  88. Mad cats fightstick TE compatibility
  89. I'll give you more than money...
  90. Correct Aspect Ratio?
  91. How are you supposed to kill the lava dragon?
  92. Crashes Crashes OMG: Disable Avast!
  93. Sure this has been noticed by others
  94. Isnt Ellefale (Hard Mode Time Attack) a bit unfair?
  95. Forever Alone Achievement
  96. Configuration Questions
  97. Steam vs PSP version?
  98. Netbook playable?
  99. I suggest an achievement based on Istersiva.
  100. New game+, max armor levels
  101. The Reasonable Request(s) Thread
  102. Voice Over question
  103. Introduction thread
  104. You know what, I HATE Dularn. (Spoilers, ranting.)
  105. Crash at title screen
  106. Controller Support?
  107. The little details in the game *SPOILERS*
  108. How do I do a proper Lunge Attack?
  109. The XSeed Steam Group
  110. Just finished the game (normal mode)!
  111. Ingame mouse question???
  112. Bought the game? Enjoy its soundtrack!
  113. Illburns Ruins - how do I survive this place?
  114. Preorder Ys: Origin?
  115. Non-Steam Hard Copy of Ys:TOIF?
  116. Will Origins or other Ys games feature full vo work?
  117. Show your boss fights!
  118. Suddenly experiencing random crashes.
  119. Time Attack and Hard modes disappeared
  120. Can't click anything on title screen.
  121. Easy and Very Easy are a joke
  122. Day 1 - Story doesn't advance
  123. [Video] First Impressions of Ys: The Oath in Felghana
  124. Ys: The Oath in Felghana Playthrough [Vid Series]
  125. Having a (probably stupid) problem. Spoilers.
  126. Ys series Opening Videos
  127. why isnt it working?
  128. Missing Soundtrack?
  129. Corpse Party
  130. Update?
  131. Istersiva and Boss Rush leaderboards
  132. Ys: Origin - do I need to play Ys1&2 First?
  133. wired 360 controler
  134. Thank you!
  135. Thank you, XSEED!
  136. PC features?
  137. Ys Origin is coming out soon !
  138. Doujin Ys Style game
  139. PC-Engine ports
  140. Question about the ending (obvious spoilers)
  141. Some performance issues since the last update
  142. Cannot find Japanese setting
  143. XSEED: My Ys Origin Request
  144. Inferno is inferno !
  145. Which achievements are affected by debug mode?
  146. Release date for Ys Origin?
  147. Missing graphics at map transition points
  148. Ys Origin is OUT!
  149. Ys Origin Bug / Suggestions thread
  150. never played a ys game but interested
  151. Origin: is it a good game? the soundtrack sounded beautiful
  152. XSEED, I have been waiting for you...
  153. What are these games like?
  154. Tried Ys for first time possibly underrated
  155. 4 characters total in Origin ? Wow! :D
  156. Wow. Ys Origin is my first Ys game, and...
  157. Power Shot/ Lunge Attack
  158. What does no fall mode do?
  159. An unbeatable fight...
  160. what am I missing?
  161. Ys Origin Error
  162. Similar Games?
  163. Ys Origin Boss Fight Performance Issues
  164. Count Your Blessing Achievement Question
  165. jarate poor video quality
  166. ys:origins crashing
  167. Final Boss 2nd Phase
  168. Are Roos crashing the game.
  169. are saves from the older version compatible?
  170. Ys Origin - Boss Rush Glitch
  171. Ys Origin: Sir Yunica?
  172. Origin/Oath In Felghana Soundtrack
  173. Those of you playing with mouse and keyboard ...
  174. Bug regarding Yunica's SP gain on Nightmare
  175. Game manual
  176. How to unlock EX version for characters?
  177. Favorite B.G.M. for Origins?
  178. Slipgate Central's review of Ys Origin is now live!
  179. Having 0 fun at Chester...
  180. Ys Origin: First Kishgal fight
  181. "SP Bonus"
  182. Dear Xseed games.
  183. EX Charcaters
  184. New forum name?
  185. Question about SP gain in Arena Mode
  186. Ys Origin bug: Wailing Blue achievement not recording properly.
  187. "Untouchable" Achievement
  188. Quesiton about Cryptozoologist enemies
  189. [View Global Achievements] and [Leaderboards] not Visiblie on Community Page
  190. Origin, How do i change the Resolution, and keyboard mapping?
  191. Regarding Boss Rush
  192. Toal and the Devil's Corridor
  193. Adol Vs Chuck Norris
  194. When playing as the third Charcater where is the third fire Gem?
  195. How can I set my controls so they mimic Spiral Knights?
  196. Ys Origin, Toal Fact chests without Mask of Eyes
  197. YsO Missed Opportunity: Adol Story Mode
  198. YsO: No Credit to Yuzo Koshiro?
  199. Faster SP Gain For Bonus Shop
  200. Any Possiblity of XSeed Releasing the PC version of YS6: Ark of Napishtim?
  201. What is YOUR favorite Ys game?
  202. Does Hugo have an auto attack button?
  203. Extra mode differences
  204. Requesting Naphishtim Adol advice
  205. Hugo in the Silent Sands - Am I underleveled?
  206. Some bugs, maybe? Ys Origin
  207. Just past origin with Yunica
  208. Jump-Fireball-Thrust Technique
  209. Voice acting?
  210. Ys Pc Sales
  211. Toal's final boss battle was... (minor spoilers)
  212. That was awesome!
  213. Toal final boss strat? (spoilers)
  214. question for xseed - brave story
  215. Magic sound effect.
  216. Game Controller Question
  217. How to get Widescreen (Origins)
  218. Save Recover
  219. [Origin] Stuck on Arthropod´s Chamber
  220. Ys: The Oath in Felghana. Pause while fighting a boss?
  221. question about graphics settings
  222. Looking for someone's save files
  223. Unlocking Yunica's Schoolgirl Outfit After Reinstalling Game Files
  224. Origin or Oath?
  225. Text alignment in leaderboards
  226. Ys series on GOG?
  227. Game not listed in search box of Steam store
  228. Toal in "Teleport Room"
  229. Oath in Felghana coming to Summer sale indie bundle
  230. 360 controller trigger buttons not working
  231. Origin Arena
  232. Ys origin input config file
  233. Ys I & II
  234. should i get this on pc or psp
  235. Please add Japanese Language!
  236. Ys Oath in Felghana has been in the top under $10.00 all day
  237. ys origin no 360 gamepad ;(
  238. "Should I buy it" thread
  239. 360 gamepad button config
  240. Similar games with multiplayer?
  241. Error code 80 - Can not start the game
  242. Should I buy Ys:Origin now while its a flash sale or wait for a chance on daily deal?
  243. Configuration won't be applied
  244. Longer Jump? (Possible spoilers?)
  245. Boss "Lower Difficulty" option
  246. Framerate issues
  247. More YS Games on Steam?
  248. Someone's impression of Ys Origin just from first looks...
  249. Unable to launch Ys Origin (Error Code 80)
  250. YS origin: how to teleport?