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  1. Looks really good
  2. System Requirements
  3. Looks awesome. Let's predict how it'll be incredibly disappointing.
  4. Should I get this on PC or Xbox?
  5. release date?
  6. Demo?
  7. Seemed interesting
  8. Measured Expectations
  9. Not buying a game that splits MP community from day 1
  10. Translated into Russian
  11. Save game mechanics?
  12. Can't wait to play this
  13. 4 Player Co-op = Survival mode?!?!?!
  14. 20% Off Pre-order until Apr. 16th
  15. Thank you Sega
  16. Dan Marshall Pack ?
  17. Release date 30 april?
  18. invasion groups?
  19. PC version locked at 30FPS?
  20. To anyone about to buy this
  21. SEGA Support "Available in April"
  22. >Steam >Coming soon >No Binary domain >What's coming on?
  23. Don't know which way to go....
  24. Binary Domain official release date: April 27
  25. Binary Domain Removed from Steam?
  26. Voice commands?
  27. PC videos?
  28. Preloading ?
  29. The countdown to release has begun!
  30. Dedicated server?
  31. the "lol it's a console port" thread
  32. No install button? No problem, click here.
  33. is there a mouse sliding on in this game?
  34. Not a bad port-
  35. Xbox360 Wireless Controller
  36. Problem
  37. anyone in mp?
  38. Disabled Voice Commands?
  39. Is there no way to toggle aiming sensitivity when using an X360 controller?
  40. So what's up with the super stealthy release?
  41. G13 Mouse Issues (includes fix)
  42. "tab" the only way to talk?
  43. Demo stuck at Now Loading screen
  44. LOL you just got trolled.
  45. Mode Not Supported
  46. My say on BD.
  47. Savegame folder
  48. Demo suxorz
  49. Keyboard controls totally borked?
  50. is game released
  51. Binary Domain has stopped working
  52. Blurry shadows
  53. Mouse acceleration/smothing. Any way to disable it?
  54. Requesting FoV fix
  55. Funny sysreq
  56. Console port... get it fixed
  57. resolution problem
  58. Anyone playing multiplayer today?
  59. water visual glitches [screenshots]
  60. The game won't start.
  61. Voice commands are crappy.
  62. Things you are enjoying so far
  63. Offline Multiplayer vs Bots?
  64. Optimus Issues Again! Bad Form, SEGA...
  65. I am tired of empty multiplayer on PC
  66. Voice commands
  67. Bug at the start
  68. When I saw how bad binary domain was. I went immediately to trade froums and tried se
  69. Nnnngh, jetskis
  70. No "invert Y axis" option?
  71. MP Team Survival! On now!
  72. Thank god this game is bombing
  73. Settings not saved? (and mouse accel)
  74. Thanks Thread :)
  75. 16:9 Resolution and still black bars (yes, I adjusted screensize ingame)
  76. Game Engine
  77. MP expressions
  78. For those of you with mouse acceleration/deceleration issues
  79. Full trust savegame
  80. Critical Error - Help!
  81. level up, unlock?
  82. How you lost a sale
  83. Who likes the game
  84. What if you don't have a mic? RANT
  85. Sega, do you know what a keyboard is?
  86. Much Better Than Expected
  87. Sega/Devil's Details, please patch in a sensitivity bar for gamepad users!
  88. I want to patch a lot of patches
  89. Binary Domain 20% -GMG
  90. Is the co-op any good???
  91. Key mappings incorrect
  92. How we can get SEGA to fix Binary Domain
  93. Amazing game mouse aint that big of an issue.
  94. Mouse Axis inveted?
  95. Increase level of detail distance
  96. Demo stuck at the 'start' screen
  97. Error when I exit the game
  98. RPS Review
  99. Words that still won't get Reconized
  100. I don't know if I like the game
  101. Why would you not include a CoOp Campaign?
  102. Patch released!!!
  103. FOV settings
  104. Thank You Sega
  105. Best FOV setting?
  106. Why can I not use Mouse 2 to move forward?
  107. 1 more update = sale
  108. Ypdate that make the game "fully" support mouse ? yeah right...
  109. Worth unpack it?
  110. Fail textures lol
  111. Playing Without Headset?
  112. So uh...How can I switch to my Side Arm?
  113. Sad Multi is dead
  114. The trailer part......
  115. Best ending question
  116. how do I get thru the gate into the slums?
  117. since the mouse sucked...
  118. shut off the sewer?
  119. Binary Domain Multiplayer Problem PC
  120. multiplayer worth it?
  121. Hey Sega we want Binary Domain 2
  122. error with Binary Domain Configuration tool, any help?
  123. The more I played it, the more I liked it.
  124. multiplayer not working
  125. Binary Domain at $20 from Getgamesgo.....
  126. Game optimization
  127. Multiplayer map pack free?
  128. Wouldn't it be smart for SEGA to release a proper mouse fix before summer sales?
  129. Graphics device is invalid, please run the configuration tool
  130. Need some Help
  131. Need players for multiplayer.....
  132. June 8: New update released
  133. Game is not in my Library anymore
  134. Game cannot recognize the triggers on a Horipad EX2, any ideas?
  135. Problem with Configuration tool
  136. Can no longer give orders via buttons
  137. FYI for people in Japan
  138. Achievements broken?
  139. FPS Spikes?
  140. Binary Domain $10 at Amazon
  141. wired 360 controller issues
  142. single-player?
  143. Binary Domain Multiplayer: Build the group
  144. trading hitman collecion + kane and lych complete for bd key of amazon
  145. Stuck at loading screen
  146. This game was unexpectedly good
  147. No idea why this game didn't get better reviews.
  148. Binary Domain worth it?
  149. what kind of co-op is it?
  150. MP is dead
  151. Possible to turn music off or down?
  152. total rubbish
  153. Binary Domain is $9.99 at GetGames
  154. $10 on Amazon
  155. Control problem, trigger buttons.
  156. Binary Domain - fps drops
  157. Speech FX - Is it me?
  158. Incredible how well written this game is.
  159. how to configure this game-does not work with 360 ctrler
  160. Daily Deal: Binary Domain 75% off.
  161. Buy it! Binary Domain is ahmazing imo
  162. Dan Marshall Pack? Seriouslyyy?
  163. Shadows quality
  164. 2 Questions: How long is this game AND is there any replay value?
  165. Maybe buying.
  166. How active is the multiplayer?
  167. Multiplayer with just 2 players?
  168. Want to play Binary Domain online?
  169. Best ending (obvious spoilers)
  170. Foreign-language disc-versions
  171. Not recognizing Mic at all - suggestions?
  172. Jetski level
  173. Never have i hated a game that much at the beginning and loved it so much by the end.
  174. my graphicsconfig.cfg file does not exist?
  175. Invasion Mode - Crash
  176. Binary Domain 75% off on Get Games.
  177. Is there no way to fix the mouse yet?
  178. dumb ai squadmates
  179. Extracting .PAR files?
  180. $8 at GMG
  181. Options??
  182. OK, I am officially pissed off (SPOILERS!!!)
  183. Any Fun?
  184. Controller Issues
  185. Xbox 360 controller issue.
  186. How to change language???
  187. WIP - Binary Domain Graphic Configuration Tool Extended
  188. Binary Domain Optimus Fix (working on GT 650M)
  189. Keyboard commands?
  190. config issue
  191. problems /w Logitech F710
  192. Controller Issues (Triggers is Camera, Start is R3, etc)
  193. Game won't use main screen
  194. Looking people for achievement hunting
  195. Key rebinding
  196. DLC's not available