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  1. This is so Awesome!
  2. Downloading AOE Online
  3. cool, but the wrong direction IMO
  4. Age of Empires Online: All in Wonder Bundle at 66% discount
  5. Getting Started: Age of Empires Online on Steam
  6. Stupid question but,,,
  7. Actually NVM, love this game
  8. Usual "GFWL =" thread...
  9. Can't run the game - APPCRASH - KERNELBASE.dll - spartan.exe
  10. Why do we have to have a Windows Live AND Xbox Live?
  11. How do I get a key for it if I have to download it AGAIN?
  12. Do addons I buy on steam link to my GFWL account?
  13. What are your views?
  14. A few quickies
  15. Is anyone getting this added to their Steam library right now?
  16. Skirmish booster pack not free anymore?
  17. Is there a auction house in the game?
  18. Would I have to redownload game if I buy?
  19. Why is this game locked in my region?
  20. Age of Empires Online - New Player's Guide
  21. Why isn't this the main forum for the STEAM release of AoE? No Microsoft forums plz.
  22. do I have to re-download it?
  23. Steam Accounts vs. GFWL Accounts
  24. Thanks for AoE:Online
  25. How long is the All in Wonder Bundle going to be on sale?
  26. Can we get some Steam achievements for the game?
  27. Do premium civs carry over to the Steam version?
  28. Why do I need a product key for GFWL, if I got the game from Steam for free?
  29. So how do you delete a false GFWL identity?
  30. not free to play
  31. game asks for cd key
  32. Can't Launch Game: Check Parental Controls Config
  33. Can't play - GFWL is garbage
  34. "Be The Shield" Quest is Flawed
  35. Games for windows live
  36. So, did this also turn free 2 play, pay 4 fun?
  37. Gold Farmers? Really!?
  38. Chat Dialog
  39. All in WOnder Bundle
  40. The Age of Empires Online Database was updated.
  41. quick question
  42. Some common answers to install, gameplay, upgrading and add-ons
  43. Noob Question
  44. No resume game option if you get DC'd!?
  45. Help me getting better I suck!
  46. Can't find the key, getting a headache.
  47. Age Of Empires Online Crashing on loading screen at the start
  48. Newly purchase game isn't show on my game library
  49. Steam performs first time setup every time I launch AoEO
  50. Isn't really free?
  51. AoE:Region locked ?
  52. Coop skirmish with f2p and prenium ?
  53. Support and Troubleshooting FAQ
  54. Freeze issue
  55. GFWL - "another windows live application is already running" problem
  56. DLC+CD code.
  57. fortress should increase population limit
  58. Once you get it running with a friend, it is worth it
  59. Is the game worth it?
  60. Where do i get the key?
  61. If you already have an account can you use that?
  62. Thought I missed the sale.
  63. Just purchased, received receipt... not in library or downloads.
  64. Celtic Civilization not showing up?
  65. I HAS A HORSEY Achievemt help D:
  66. Can't invite my friend
  67. Epic fail
  68. [H]DOTA2 (tradable) [W] Age of Empires: All in Wonder Bundle
  69. I spent 2 hours, 16 bucks and all I got was a headache, an ulcer and this post.
  70. My thoughts about this game
  71. Buy this game before the sale ends!
  72. Skirmish vs AI question
  73. I give up
  74. Steam friends who own AoEO?
  75. Tried everything still doesnt work
  76. Widespread issues aren't taken seriously
  77. Hey, just noticed.
  78. Once again I lose hours to a disconnect....
  79. Gold farmers and how they effect this game?
  80. Downloading content to AppData? No thanks!
  81. granny2.dll Error
  82. I'm going to say this nice and simply
  83. Can't connect to Windows Live when doing co-op
  84. A wolf ate my mother last week.
  85. AoE 2, Minus Content and Strategy. Plus Accessibility
  86. Anyone want to trade something for my Egyptian DLC?
  87. when will this game available in my country
  88. Asking for a CD key?
  89. Can not download profile to play the game
  90. Age of Empires
  91. Online element
  92. Attn: Steam Users Who Downloaded Between 4:00 PM PDT 3/31/2012 and 6:00 pm PDT 4/1/20
  93. Looking for a strategy guide
  94. Black screen
  95. So glad it's on Steam now!
  96. AoE:O All in Wonder Bundle
  97. Game doesnt launch
  98. aoe online?
  99. Did anyone buy an extra bundle?
  100. Bought DLC In-Game, Not Showing On Steam
  101. Beautiful Capital Cities
  102. Skrimish: can't win
  103. Game failed to install
  104. Nice game... But you need A PHD in IT & Bill gates to install.
  105. NO "buy for free" button, and NO games listed in the GFWL client
  106. CD Key Problems? Everyone file a support ticket!
  107. I just phoned MS support and the guy blamed Steam!
  108. Where's my CD-Key???
  109. How to use Augur of Celtic Civ ??
  110. ANNOUNCEMENT: No CD Key / Steam access: an actual answer
  111. Refund for time
  112. Other own civilizations
  113. preview of Extra purchases !! (gardens, statues...)
  114. Purchased on Xbox Live, play on Steam?
  115. Skirmish Booster, play against other people?
  116. Anyone able to play with a single core CPU?
  117. I love this game!
  118. Worst game experience in a long time.
  119. DLC still not showing after 3 weeks of fighting with Steam / GFWL
  120. New Blog Post: "Transparency"
  121. Game speed? Faster! Faster!
  122. Trade channal need an improvement
  123. Jumping through hoops just to play...
  124. "Age of Empires Online will truly become free to play..."
  125. Where to skirmish????
  126. Key already in use.
  127. Discuss the "Ask a Dev!" Blog Here!
  128. Celtic Defense bundle?
  129. Don't buy it.
  130. The "Alliance Wars" Blog Post is Now Live!
  131. Cannot connect
  132. Solution: Invalid / missing product key in-game
  133. Converting to Steam?
  134. Mouse-Behavior in Windowed Mode
  135. This game not in my region? WHY!
  136. Starting up the game - no error?
  137. Crashes on startup
  138. AoE online still running however I've closed it.
  139. Problem: Launcher starts but game doesn't
  140. When Age of Empires Online will be available for Romania and Moldova?
  141. Click play on launcher but game doesn't load.
  142. Summer update: Vanity Island and Alliance Wars
  143. Server Not Avalaible; Try Again Later..
  144. Game Updating??
  145. Error when pressing Play
  146. Our Summer Update is Now LIVE!
  147. HELP: Steam Keeps Downloading Age of Empires Online Automatically!!!
  148. consumable bug?
  149. My Greek civilisation doesn't work
  150. 1.8GB Update...no details/notes??
  151. Side-scroll Skipping/Jerking
  152. WTS All-In-Wonder bundle
  153. Is there a way to pvp only?
  154. Since the fix on 06/21: "Your version doesn't match the server version"
  155. What happend to the packs you could buy
  156. Fix: Greek Fishing Boats to Return on Thursday, 6/28
  157. Got AoEO in Steam,but cant buy empire points o.O
  158. Steam AoEO
  159. New Blog: Notes on a Summer Update
  160. LF004
  161. 12 hours downtime Monday 7/2
  162. Premium Greek Civ code for statue store codes.
  163. AOE:O and single core?
  164. AOE:O not available in Estonia
  165. July 11ths Balance Team Challenge Participants Announced!
  166. Fuzzy thing on screen
  167. Game Not Launching
  168. Steam sale on civ packs
  169. "Error Content is Unavailable"
  171. Results From July 11th's Balance Team Challenge
  172. Empire points
  173. moving multiple units
  174. Monthly Challenge Empire Point Award
  175. Server Maintenance on 7/16 at 3:00 pm PDT
  176. New Vanity Gear Coming With The Anniversary Update
  177. What benefits do you get from buying the Summer Pack?
  178. Summer sale pack...?
  179. game not available in your region
  180. Where is the DLC on Steam?
  181. No cd key, GWFL won't launch
  182. Terrible sale - cosmetic items and a pen that does nothing? Improve it please.
  183. Game crashes through steam (on startup)
  184. got strange stutter i didn't have before. suggestions?
  185. Servers will be offline on Tuesday 7/24 at 5:00 am PDT / 12:00 pm UTC for Maintenance
  186. Investigating: Alliances not available
  187. Investigating: Alliances not available
  188. A Cd Key WTF
  189. What's the PVP like now? Is it still pay to win?
  190. Can't buy any Empire Points in game
  191. You expect me to wait a month?
  192. Problem Downloading Game from Steam
  193. Bablonians are awesome!
  194. Can we ever expect some changes?
  195. Restrictive NAT?
  196. Purchased Fertile Cresent add-on does not show up for download
  197. New bundle
  198. Achievements for the new Civs!?
  199. Skirmish Hall
  200. Summer Sale Bundle removed from Steam
  201. Account/Game/Achievement Merge Soon?
  202. Anniversary Bundle on Steam - How long?
  203. Anniversary Bundle on Steam - How long?
  204. cd key Steam Starter Pack
  205. Graphics bugging out
  206. Can't access steam starter pack
  207. Problem purchasing Empire Points through Steam
  208. Cannot access Celebration Grab Bag
  209. Selling my Age of Empires Online: Summer Sale Bundle '
  210. How is the Community Here?
  211. Lost all my progress
  212. Purchased Packs - Now Can't Play
  213. Cant buy premium civilization packs.
  214. Half an hour trying to get this game to run after download -- screw you MS & GFWL
  215. Library problem
  216. Game Key Solution
  217. This game will no longer be developed any further.
  218. Lots of recent casts uploaded
  219. why i cannot install this game in any possible way???
  220. why is this game still locked in my region?
  221. Empire points [CONTENT UNAVAILABLE]
  222. Game crashes upon clicking play.