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  1. Direct download link from Microsoft server!
  2. STEAMAPP 203850 (Microsoft Flight)
  3. This game in a nutshell.
  4. Welcome to the Microsoft Flight Forums!
  5. Glorified Demo
  6. I can't fathom gripes about something that's FREE!
  7. Not bad, but...
  8. very good.... BUT...
  9. I like this game, but...
  10. What this game really needs [-Free content whining]
  11. Brace for shock.... I LIKE IT.
  12. Radio?
  13. a Microsoft game on Steam?
  14. Where's Rod?
  15. Can you see stars?
  16. To the Devs: There's only ONE thing I want you to add.
  17. How to play online with public players? (i have alrdy logged in to live)
  18. Controlling vertical speed for landing challenges.
  19. Can this be played without installing LIVE?
  20. Joystick compatible?
  21. Trailer music on Steam Store
  22. Hints about future updates
  23. there is no "PUSH BACK" ??
  24. Trimming tips
  25. Just curious.
  26. WOW
  27. too fast wind speed. for take off
  28. Will there ever be another "real" flight simulator again from microsoft?
  29. TrackIR
  30. Sickened passengers. How to avoid?
  31. P-51 No Cockpit View
  32. I can walk out of plane.!!! but I can't see my caractor. I want TPS view
  33. This is what happens when you play MF to much
  34. I just purchased all the content..
  35. Flight Simulator X includes all of the world?
  36. MS Suicidal Flight
  37. Bring FLIGHT SIMULATOR X to steam! Way better then ms flight!
  38. Good joystick suggestions for new pilots.
  39. Supersonic Award and Mach 1 Achievement Guide [Mustang]
  40. One step forward, two steps back
  41. This games just need one thing to be perfect
  42. Pilot Profile location?
  43. [Video] Microsoft Flight Impressions
  44. Some few ideas for the devs
  45. Diggin' the A5
  46. landing help
  47. Low texture
  48. Can't see friends in multiplayer
  49. what id like to see:
  50. Multiplayer Flight
  51. Introduction to basic IFR/ILS Flight in MS Flight
  52. Graphics settings for Flight
  53. 'Ghost' Planes
  54. Instruction Manual
  55. How realistic is Microsoft Flight?
  56. Flight Suggestions for Future Updates
  57. The Stearman High Altitude Club
  58. arocash wont save.
  59. Sub-Forum in german language?
  60. Fantastic Little Game
  61. job reply?
  62. A VFR pilot getting disorientated in IFR weather in MS Flight
  63. Job boards no longer showing up...
  64. Microsoft Flight Chat
  65. FAQ: Accessing Steam Content
  66. AeroCache Location Maps
  67. Sectional Charts, what are they? and how are they useful?
  68. Icon A5 Altitude records
  69. Gold Rush Challenges (Videos)
  70. [Video]The 'Icon A5' in real life / You fly this plane in Microsoft Flight
  71. Different Cockpit views you can make in Microsoft Flight
  72. Are there only 4 free missions?
  73. Crosswind Landing Challenges
  74. Which island do you have access to in the F2P version?
  75. LOST
  76. Like if the new Ford Mustang were a van
  77. You're best crashlanding
  78. A Blind Play
  79. Guess the plane!
  80. F8 view-mode is very dynamic!!!
  81. The 2nd Addon for Flight is on the way....
  82. Heli?
  83. Jobs broken
  84. Good game....Pity about the morons.
  85. Microsoft Force feedback 2 Stick
  86. X65-F Throttle only goes to 50%
  87. Need help with SOFT landings
  88. Finding today's Aerocache of the Day with VOR
  89. Does anyone happen to know.....
  90. For those who bought Flight Add-ons!
  91. looking for friends for M/F
  92. Inconcistencies
  93. Title Update Released -- Aerocaches Now Save
  94. Curvature of the earth- aparently impossible aerocache
  95. Maule Landing Challenges
  96. Hilo Bridge / Awning Challenge
  97. Fly-in event tips and tricks
  98. Flying with the mouse
  99. For those who are trying to guess the plane...
  100. Aerocache Event: Twice the Fun from April 18 until May 17
  101. Unlock the Screenshot Camera!
  102. F2P Challenge Video Tutorials
  103. Oh no, no, no, no...
  104. Engine managment
  105. Takeoff aileron positions and effects
  106. Aerobatics
  107. my view on DLC planes -devs please read!-
  108. GFWL
  109. What is a "hard core" simmer?
  110. Hawaii pack
  111. Mustangs in the Pacific Theater? Yes
  112. Available Wednesday
  113. beep sound???
  114. Surprise, surprise...
  115. Complete all Hawaii Missions achievement
  116. P-40 Delayed on Steam
  117. P-40 Now Available on Steam!
  118. At least this is what we expect as DLC Aircraft
  119. controller support?
  120. Need some help
  121. Screenshot thread
  122. Hatchat key of joystick is inverted.
  123. Hard to aline correctly for landing. Could use some help.
  124. Warbirds in Hawaii: One More Warbird Confirmed
  125. Are avionics broke?
  126. Unable to Launch "Microsoft Flight"
  127. Maule challenge 4 - impossible gold?
  128. Suggested flight sticks?
  129. VOR in Flight!
  130. More content?
  131. Plane for cargo jobs
  132. For those of you with mics
  133. How I could play multi-player international and not only my country?
  134. May I use the VANrv6a in Hawaiian bundle to complete the freight mission...
  135. Error - Games for Windows - LIVE failed to initialize [FIX / SOLUTION]
  136. No Internet No Microsoft Flight?
  137. Question about helicopters
  138. More aerocache of the day bugs?
  139. Digitalthemepark For All Flight Sims and More
  140. Aerocache of the Day Update
  141. How do I post pictures on this forum?
  142. May 4th- Aerocache of the Day - Potential Problem
  143. TrackIR
  144. Desktop Themes
  145. Re-install issue
  146. Upcoming DLC: Journey to Alaska
  147. stuttering and frame rate cap
  148. Send us your P-40 screenshots and videos!
  149. DLC airplanes liveries
  150. May 10th Aerocache description wrong
  151. Headings and bearings and radials, oh my!
  152. Just an Idea???
  153. Wear and Fail aspect
  154. Alaska thoughts
  155. Cockpits too dark?
  156. Are clandestine missions broke?
  157. Got a hot laptop? Try this.
  158. What I would like to see from Flight.
  159. Windows Phone Controls for Flight
  160. No Further Contributions
  161. Next DLC teased on Facebook.
  162. modding planes?
  163. Vista/Intel drivers crashes
  164. New Plane
  165. Suggestions Vote
  166. Until you can get a map in missions...
  167. Passenger Awards a bit tough?
  168. Missing Airport
  169. Ip Problem ?
  170. CTD in Flyby view
  171. Microsoft Flight = Windows Vista Redux?
  172. ICON5 Altitude Guage
  173. New DLC Sneak Peak
  174. destination marker is off, but how to find those small fields?
  175. IFR-Flight I did it first time
  176. Missing DLC from Store
  177. How to build a Poll ?
  178. WARNING - Aerocache Fatality
  179. Upcoming Warbird
  180. Coming Soon: The F4U
  181. Additional Aerocaches?
  182. How much cockpit do we absolutely need ?
  183. Microsoft Flight Sale
  184. Corsair -- Why so slow??
  185. Now Available: The F4U
  186. Sugar Mill Cache
  187. Alaska DLC - Release Date Anyone?
  188. Flying in Alaska
  189. Aerocache Of The Day List
  190. Makai Pier, and other recent ACotD questions
  191. New Alaska Teaser Screenshots
  192. Alaska Charts and other Flying Information.
  193. P-51 Red Tails Paint scheme?
  194. Coming Soon: RED TAILS P-51
  195. No new Aerocaches of the Day?
  196. Non-airport landing areas
  197. Phantom islands
  198. Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Stick Behaviour
  199. This one is a lot of fun so far :)
  200. Possible future warbirds
  201. How to use navigation and radio?
  202. Maule in Alaska
  203. Aerocaches in Alaska
  204. How to Download the RED TAILS P-51
  205. Thank you for my free warbird. It set me thinking...
  206. Server Downtime
  207. New DLC Suggestions
  208. Engine maintenance
  209. 3D monitor.
  210. Springs almost gone-Where's Alaska?
  211. Accepting Multiple Jobs/Missions
  213. Airspeed Displayed IAS or TAS?
  214. Microsoft flight fun and games
  215. Will the next DLC plane be before '50 or past 1950 era ?
  216. Played the free stuff, now what?
  217. How many Aerocaches are there?
  218. The female burger passenger back from vacation?
  219. New Alaska screenshots
  220. We have screenshots of Alaska but not planes rumors
  221. Alaska Maps
  222. Are passengers glitched?
  223. R key work?
  224. Is that a super cub I see?
  225. TrackIR support: thank you!
  226. I don't like the new menu!
  227. So happy then so disappointed.....
  228. Two simple questions: Carbon Cub, VC or not? Any planes WITH VC soon?
  229. Centi-Explorer?
  230. Dense Fog
  231. Loading takes ages?
  232. FSUIPC4?
  233. Clandestine Cargo question
  234. Flight licensing
  235. Alaska is in the Marketplace
  236. Marketplace Bug on www.microsoftflight.com
  237. VC Coming
  238. Alaska DLC Size
  239. tisk tisk
  240. How do I access my purchased DLC?
  241. Alaska on day 1, or wait and see?
  242. Flight's Map of Alaska...
  243. More Achievements for Alaska?
  244. Suggestion
  245. Is Alaska being released right now? *FALSE ALARM*
  246. Working EGT and Thermometer for future Deluxe Aircraft?
  247. Key Code
  248. Old Controls Detected
  249. Something for everyone...
  250. Universal Land Class.. for Free?