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  1. Good looking 2D GFWL game
  2. Games for Windows Live?
  3. Is There A Name To It's Artstyle?
  4. 15 dollars is not 15 euro
  5. Separate coop mode or coop campaign?
  6. Great game. Buy it!
  7. It's a pity there was no advertisement for this
  8. still pre-order? cant download the game
  9. WHERE are the save files?
  10. Any luck getting other gamepads to work with this game?
  11. Error launching game :(
  12. Update
  13. Shift+tab not working in main menu
  14. Multiplayer fun anyone?
  15. Bug? How do I go fast?
  16. Anyone able to play?
  17. Gamepad support
  18. Non-360 Pad Support
  19. ITSP is awesome.
  20. Can't launch the game, AMD display driver error
  21. Game crashing at launch
  22. Technical Support
  23. How the hell can I change the language?
  24. Thank you devs for a decent game
  25. Bug with cinematics.
  26. Looks Fantastic
  28. The shield, talk about a useless item
  29. Short,easy,expensive
  30. Looking for people to play the MP with.
  31. How is the local coop mode?
  32. requests / suggestions
  33. 10 on marketplace for PC :)
  34. Performance vs gameplay speed issues?
  35. Quit moaning about GFWL and get this fun game
  36. Ice World bug preventing progress
  37. Save Corruption Glitch!
  38. Cable stuck to a wall?
  39. Achievements Not Working
  40. Nvidia Optimus not working
  41. ITSP Gameplay Footage
  42. Read before you buy! Windows Live!
  43. I get weapon and can't move the ship.
  44. Multiplayer issues?
  45. Game crashes during first cinematic
  46. Checkpoint issue - Serious bug
  47. One of my achievements re-locked itself....strange.
  48. How is the online coop in this game?
  49. Game doesn't launch
  50. My purchase has dissapeared-FIXED
  51. Can anyone tell me what this game is like?
  52. No steam achieves
  53. Not Working
  54. Does it come with "shadow hunters dlc"
  55. Video Plays Buggy?
  56. This game is amazingly good
  57. Game not launching
  58. Anybody for co-op?
  59. Error starting game
  60. Play singleplayer without having to start gfwl?
  61. how to change language?
  62. Wrong GFWL account
  63. Crash at Menu
  64. Can't play local co op/multiplayer
  65. Game controllers and co-op problem with unrecognized pad
  66. Game crash - first cinematic
  67. Multiplayer so much fun!
  68. Soundtrack?
  69. Gamepad vs. K&M
  70. GFWL :((
  71. If you missed the 75% off sale...
  72. Was able to play online a couple days ago, now GFWL won't let me log in.
  73. GFWL will be removed soon
  74. Change controls, for gamepad/controller ?
  75. selling this game for $10 steam cash