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  1. Widescreen resolutions
  2. Add option to change game language
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  4. [Video] First Impressions of Scary Girl
  5. Crash-To-Desktop immediately on start.
  6. Control remapping
  7. This game is lovely!
  8. Need some tips on how to get the heart container on stage 4
  9. Suggestion: online CO-OP
  10. Co-op? Slowdown?
  11. Game controller not recognizing
  12. need help with the swordsmen
  13. Game sometimes defaults to windowed
  14. Save game location?
  16. What's the trick with combos?
  17. Possibility for a resolution fix?
  18. Lighting issues, game not playable.
  19. Resolution Tool
  20. games not running under win8.1