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  1. Stellar Impact FAQ
  2. Anyone Playing this?
  3. Server Crashed?/Signing in problems
  4. Just a heads up about the game
  5. Brought this game, but no CD Key for this game?
  6. This game was not ready for market.
  7. validation email
  8. Despite the negative threads
  9. I was really interested in this game until..
  10. diffrence in the mk1-4 ships?
  11. Buy This Game
  12. wtf create button disappears b4 i click.
  13. Is this game online only ?
  14. Give it a chance :)
  15. Song in trailer
  16. how many ppl playing?
  17. Stellar Impact various issues (official dev answers)
  18. Big Problem... cant play anymore.
  19. This game = worth it.
  20. Sliding
  21. Can't log in...
  22. Confirm button @ start of game does nothing
  23. My impression of Stellar Impact
  24. Registration Site down
  25. Game works for me now <3 :)
  26. keeps crashing
  27. Deathmatch game mode suggestion
  28. Can we get a word from the devs about the status of the webpage?
  29. Uh, purchase? It was 'free'..
  30. While waiting everyone should watch this.
  31. Beating a dead horse here for sure, but registration down on release?
  32. Registration site is up
  33. Support?
  34. Registered?
  35. Stutter in the game after a while?
  36. Want to learn the game? BETA players give free tutorials
  37. Changing account pseudonym
  38. Few info about the "Lag"
  39. nice game
  40. Unplayable frame rates
  41. HELP hud gone
  42. No Demo = No Purchase
  43. Why can't I connect???
  44. Rage Afkers not counted as deserters?
  45. I'm finding playing extremely hard for all the wrong reasons
  46. best game for 10 bucks
  47. A few tips for welps
  48. Should I buy the DLC?
  49. Still waiting.
  50. Not impressed... [MOBA genre]
  52. Awsome in game ideas!
  53. Beta Players!
  54. Solved Stuttering problem
  55. Crash after Battle Search
  56. Windowed Mode Issues
  57. Too many bugs,
  58. crashes constantly
  59. Dissappointed
  60. Spinning ships and ludicrous lag
  61. Unable to connect?
  62. Index list to solving various issues, errors and bugs
  63. Freezing
  64. So i played back in the beta - account question
  65. UI Question, Show Latency?
  66. Devs Twitter account?
  67. New Patch
  68. Trial Account?
  69. Update log - v1.12.988
  70. no text on UI
  71. Keyboard turning sucks
  72. Devs: Mac OS-X Port?
  73. After Patch Thoughts
  74. "you are already logged in"
  75. "You are still connected to the game" (3 hours and counting)
  76. Can we get an ETA from Devs, please?
  77. Lobby Error No ship or stats
  78. First Impressions
  79. My recomendation to anyone considering buying this game
  80. Lobby hang, Complaints, Performance...
  81. This game is innovative and addictive but a technical desaster.
  82. Time to step their game up?
  83. Review of Stellar Impact "Honest"
  84. Patch Announcement
  85. Patch note 1.12.983
  86. Multi-monitor issues - cursor clipping?
  87. Swimming ducks instead of starships
  88. Suggestions
  89. Questions
  90. Why can't I connect??? (Still)
  91. Others unable to add me to friend list
  92. A night (largely) without bugs. On the road to sorting things out?
  93. Are the servers down?
  94. UI / Engine Improvements
  95. Cannot see/select ships in main menu
  96. Patch fix tomorrow, sometime France time
  97. A short guide on How to play Stellar Impact
  98. Ripped off by Dev Dont buy this junk
  99. Starting without steam client
  101. Cannot connect to the game (for devs, no comments plz)
  102. Credit where credit is due
  103. Balance of small ships early game, low Mk?
  104. Support ship a bit too good?
  105. update
  106. patch note v1.12.988
  107. Long term concerns
  108. Armor questions
  109. Blank Map then 'disconnected from game server' message
  110. Still rubberbanding? Try this! (Nvidia users only)
  111. Official forum is back
  112. Still getting the "Moonwalking" disconnection issue
  113. Stellar Impacts Official forums are now up
  114. Looking for Players
  115. Game have Single player?
  116. [Ideas] Spectator Mode or Record Match Option
  117. So this game lost my account...
  118. To much DLC
  119. Stellar Impact (Triple Monitors / Eyefinity / Surround) [~4K]
  120. How can I get a refund?
  121. Team stacking makes the game NOT fun
  122. Players That Surrender When Winning and Why they should be banned or stabbed.
  123. It still not working....
  124. 2v2's only you 360 no scopers~
  125. Stellar Impact forum are back online
  126. fun game..
  127. Infinite War
  128. Artilery
  129. Noob helper
  130. Stellar impact Addiction
  131. Carrier Build and Tips?
  132. how are xp calculated?
  133. Servers are under maintenance. Please try again later.
  134. Stellar Impact Tournaments.
  135. How The matchmaking work.
  136. Make all games Ranked except the pratice
  137. advice for a noob on ships.
  138. Teamspeak question
  139. Support Ship Turret/Rbay balance suggetion
  140. New Map suggetions voting thread
  141. Connection to Authentication Server Lost
  142. a real review of the game...
  143. Server Maintenance
  144. ITEM DROPS?! This needs to be a Sticky!
  145. Great tutorial if you a new to the game and still cant figure things out
  146. Desktop Icon?
  147. Gameserver+TS3 just went down
  148. any news about the server?
  149. Adding beta account properly through steam
  150. Error - cannot connect to update server.
  152. Anybody for a team?
  153. van Newton probe?
  154. Low Sound
  155. Stellar Impact Review
  156. Cannot Connect to Authentication Server
  157. What ports need to be open?
  158. Create Account 404s
  159. Great game.
  160. Support Ship Question
  161. Prodigy - Fire Starter
  162. Replay function
  163. good game BUT...
  164. What you should know about this game
  165. I like this game, Stop making new players rage quit
  166. Balence desperatly needed in games.
  167. intermittant freezes
  168. Massive lag, but the other people looks fine.
  169. Update to be released next week
  170. Come on community players
  171. Inevitable Consequence of a working autobalance
  172. Getting periodic slowdown
  173. Rant: Strategic priorities
  174. Yet to find a game.
  175. Server maintenance for the new patch
  176. I am having a fit of Rage!
  177. Patch 1.13.1010 23rd May 2012 feedback
  178. VPN Compatibility?
  179. Is there a single player game as well as Muti?
  180. Science vessel DLC?
  181. Broken physics.
  182. Population >100
  183. Missing icon in steam list?
  184. Stellar Impact Team Speak Issues.
  185. The ranking system will change
  186. suggested new rating system
  187. The new ranking system online now
  188. Modification of the ranking system
  189. Great game - Terrible community
  190. Im wondering if this behaviour is by design?
  191. Summer Sale: Is it worth it?
  192. Takes too long to find and start a game
  194. Netcode Optimization
  195. Interested in buying, but a couple of questions...
  196. News about the Science Vessel and the upcoming patch
  197. No 720p option? + error @ launch
  198. Off hours or dead game?
  199. Server maintenance for the patch 1.14
  200. Science Vessel, Really?
  201. Issue with the Science Vessel
  202. Cant run Stellar Impact today
  203. games not updating
  204. Infinite War
  205. Steam patch 1.14 issue
  206. So, was this game really a "Stellar Impact?"
  207. Game is already dead?
  208. DLC > Patch ?
  209. Would have been an instant sale....but
  210. some impression! (by a noob ._. )
  211. This game is really buggy or what ?
  212. Good game, worth it!
  213. Is the game fixed now?
  214. The infamous "My ship is floating into oblivion" bug
  215. loss of the ship's control issue
  216. Now I cant even start Stellar Impact
  217. Science Vessel Counters
  218. cant enter cd keys to activate game :(
  219. [H]Stellar Impact - Carrier Ship DLC+Stellar Impact - Artillery Ship DLC [W] Offers
  220. All my ships gone
  221. Changes made on the server side
  222. One of the better indie games I've played
  223. One very good reason not to buy this game
  224. Game randomly ending?
  225. 3 weeks without a post.
  226. Player Numbers
  227. Changing account settings?!@?
  228. Can't click confirm on log in.
  229. Already connected issue [OFFICIAL]
  230. "Unable to connect to authentication server. Please restart the game"
  231. Game will not start
  232. Game is Dead
  233. New to the game? Steam sale buyer? READ THIS!