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  1. S&S Soundtrack
  2. Is this actually the game?
  3. So, how well the controls are?
  4. Is there any difference between Steam version and iOS version?
  5. Other languages?
  6. not all game achievements are in steam?
  7. Twitter Login Bug & UK Keyboard bug + #honest bug
  8. Can't choose 2560x1600 resolution
  9. Is this a metroidvania title?
  10. ATi Problem?
  11. Is it worth it?
  12. Session 2 - what the hell ?
  13. Advantages to splitting play sessions?
  14. #moar and killing bunnies.
  15. Is this another one of those not-games?
  16. Windowed Mode?
  17. Quick review - played 100% through iOS version
  18. Attacking?
  19. Wiki page for all Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP issues, bugs and fixes
  20. Game is region locked in Japan?
  21. Session 3 and moonphases
  22. Game crashed on Megatome
  23. Join us for a Let's Play of S:S&S EP!
  24. Zoom?
  25. Game crashes on start-up
  26. Worth 6 bucks? Maybe
  27. My 1st impression
  28. steam achievments are broken
  29. ATI Issue + Fix: Seeing black/missing textures? strange/long loading... PLEASE READ
  30. Name of song in steam trailer?
  31. Desktop Shortcut Bad Icon
  32. Session 3 no island in the river?
  33. Masterful, super-enjoyable game!
  34. Does this go anywhere?
  35. Offer a 4 pack in the steam store?
  36. What's with the twitter thing?
  37. The Grizzled Boor & The Dark Moon *SPOILERS*
  38. Bright Moon?
  39. A Little Lets Play
  40. Music Lovers
  41. Can't defeat guardian
  42. Combat
  43. Where are save files located?
  44. Key from the Boar to the Time Paradox Room?
  45. More Achievements? [spoiler warning]
  46. [PATCH] First Patch Info
  47. Quick confirmation [section 3 spoilers?]
  48. Moon Grotto trouble.
  49. Moon Grotto = Cheating?
  50. So...
  51. Just plain stuck
  52. Stuck in dark moon
  53. References
  54. The boar and the gigantic tree [Possible spoilers]
  55. Got the #honest achievment instead of the Cheater one... bugged achievment?
  56. Blurry text and graphics?
  57. Achievement guide: Monster Hunter
  58. So very boring
  59. Trifecta Garden not working?
  60. Touchscreen Controls
  61. help me get the #moar achievement
  62. The well looks unwell
  63. My thoughts on S&S EP
  64. 4th Wall Nonsense
  65. Great game, but ruined by one fatal flaw...
  66. Any way to increase game speed?
  67. Reflect word isn't appearing
  68. Transmission (end spoilers) Anything to it?
  69. The game tells me to take a break
  70. Dark Moon
  71. Achievements
  72. No Mac Version?
  73. Merchandise?
  74. Stuck at dark trigon "time of miracles": the titanic tree
  75. #Sworcery AV Jam
  76. music files
  77. Got into session III but the game broke....
  78. sylvan sprite summoning
  79. Can't use shield
  80. Completed at 96%
  81. Part of the Humble Indie Bundle!
  82. Mac?
  83. Twitter Integration on Mac
  84. Missed achievement: Assemble the Trigon Trifecta
  85. Can't get into session 2
  86. The Song of Sorcery?
  87. Game runs horribly on Windows 8 Release Preview
  88. Game crashes on initial startup.
  89. Cheating Cheater after 100%?
  90. Request for an option to remove Twitter icon
  91. "The steam servers are currently too busy to handle your request"
  92. Steam Cloud f***ed my save... probably
  93. Wish the punishment for failure wasn't boredom
  94. Achievements not listed in the game library
  95. What's with the writing?
  96. When does the grizzled boor appear?
  97. Does twitter integration work for anyone?
  98. Achievements not triggering
  99. How to pass the game without cheating
  100. Quick tip for those waiting for moon phases
  101. When is the Concert?
  102. my review
  103. Achievements disappearing!?!?
  104. Other games that use real life circumstances in-game
  105. Ate a Mushroom. . . Couldn't walk after that
  106. Mute/Change music?
  107. Decreasing health
  108. I hated it.
  109. A review
  110. Game not working at all.
  111. what should happen if i restart a game
  112. Killing the boor - Changes the ending?
  113. New update.
  114. Trading cards listing
  115. game broken? plz help
  116. Could someone make some Dreamscene files? (and audio/art extraction)
  117. Did my game break? - Can't do anything in session 2
  118. Post-Launch Review: Sword & Sworcery
  119. Mac Music files
  120. Why aren't there more games like this?
  121. Bug? Jim Guthrie's map
  122. Question about Session 3
  123. I suspect the moon in this game is in real time.....
  124. Great game quickly became frustrating
  125. Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery Lore [Spoilers]
  126. Looking for a copy of the game-script.
  127. Should you get Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP?
  128. Tweets fail 100% of the time.
  129. I think I found a typo in the game
  130. Under Dark Moon I stuck (Where have the Sylvan Sprites gone?)
  131. problem with moon
  132. Translations?
  133. Update: Retina MBP/High Resolutions, Etc
  134. Can't move
  135. Completed first level. Is it all like that?
  136. Game won't start or quit
  137. I lost my save. Is there a place where I can download save files?
  138. Can you please include the two UaT synthetized versions in the soundtrack?
  139. Killing Rabbits
  140. Would this play on an intel gma x3000 graphics?
  141. Save
  142. Can't unlock Moon Grotto
  143. How to transfer local save files to Steam?
  144. Stuck in a fight
  145. Monitor's frequency goes out of range when I open the game
  146. Counting Sheep [possible spoilers, I guess]
  147. The Moon
  148. Somebody's Waatching Me
  149. Support a Let's Play!
  150. Superbrothers video
  151. Audio but no Video
  152. Controls???
  153. Rainbow Won't Rub