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  1. First
  2. I suck at this game!
  3. SMNC-UK English Speaking SMNC Steam Group
  4. Looking for a good FPS config
  5. The game needs more balance
  6. Steam Trading confirmed
  7. Game Issue - Stutter - RESLOVED
  8. Login does not work in SMNC
  9. How register/ log into SMNC?
  10. Game won't Launch
  11. Achievements?
  12. Game still doesnt start in germany
  13. Servers - Quick Games
  14. Is there a catch ?
  15. Matchmaking sucks
  16. Eye Lad Head
  17. Startup Problems
  18. Concerned about the size of the patches
  19. Agent Levels
  20. Needed to make the Russian language in play
  21. What if....
  22. Mickey cantor.
  23. Hacking or what
  24. First time setup problem
  25. How disappointed were you...
  26. Dupe Classes on a Team?
  27. New to this game, few questions....
  28. SMNC Beta Passes
  29. Is it just me that has this?
  30. I like this! And boy do I suck!
  31. Weird Stutter Issue
  32. Rule 157 of the Internet
  33. Can't find a match...
  34. Can't login with existing account...?
  35. Anyone else having problems integrating friends to a team?
  36. Crazy melee attack
  37. How do you get item drops?
  38. Hmm... I think I like it
  39. Takes forever to load a match then crashes
  40. Cant Play
  41. The snowball effect
  42. $7.50 for an outfit!?
  43. MNC Gold uniforms?
  44. All my items and classes i bought are gone
  45. Will there be stats?
  46. I'm tired of playing with pugs, anyone wanna group up?
  47. Some changes I would want SMNC to have.
  48. A Few Questions
  49. Dat chicken...
  50. How to get good at orbital assault.
  51. I created an ubernet account, but never tied it with my steam id and played...
  52. Any "How to play" videos around?
  53. gettign a lot of slowdown
  54. Leavers destroy this Game
  55. Original MNC
  56. 1,412.8mb update? What the hell?
  57. Won't stop Connecting...
  58. need help making the game go smoother.
  59. Promotional "Luchadeer Gear "
  60. Crashing >.<
  61. Can't Login...
  62. "Accept" button is unnecessary, annoying
  63. Old MNC Gear in SMNC?
  64. Unable to launch game
  65. US West
  66. some leo questions.
  67. A taunt question.
  68. gives me errors :(
  69. A replay question
  70. SMNC Improvements
  71. Language Settings?!
  72. why risking is not rewarding?
  73. Mac version?
  74. Can't play, game won't load
  75. Client is not working
  76. Veteran's grapples are so unreliable.
  77. game still can't load properly
  78. replay question
  79. H] Super MNC Luchadeer Uniform/Taunt [W] Offer
  80. achievements gone ?
  81. Any peeps with mics up for playing?
  82. Problems with Microseft NET 3.5 and Turn Windows Features on or off
  83. a bot buster question
  84. a idea for a team with a leaver.
  85. Make own servers for russians
  86. fix people leaving game
  87. Super MNC pass
  88. Graphics Tweaks?
  89. Queue time is killing player base.
  90. Destructoid Outfit for Karl
  91. In This Thread: We identify hackers
  92. geting crash
  93. IT WON'T WORk Q__Q
  94. drops as an anti-rage mechanism
  95. what if...
  96. Captain Spark
  97. Value for purchasing the first Monday Night Combat
  98. Doesn't completely close
  99. Changed screen res now can't see
  100. Do you have product/endorsement ideas?
  101. report player option
  102. change char after lock
  103. Official forums now have a trading subforum.
  104. First SMNC review
  105. Lose connection to host immediately.
  106. Super MNC Guest Passes
  107. When does smnc usually update?
  108. cant invite friends
  109. How About A Trade?
  110. For MNC players, which new pro has worked for you?
  111. support medigun
  112. Same exp and coins when losing no matter how good you were?
  113. Three Things That Bother Me
  114. YAY but WTF! friends?
  115. Rule Changes: 4 - 5/4/12
  116. PATCH IS NOW LIVE 5/3 21:15 Central USA Time
  117. game crashes
  118. [Help] Game running slowly
  119. an all pro dodge roll?
  120. can't install the game (unspecified error)
  121. Looking for good players
  122. Gunslinger or Megabeth.
  123. Great game but unplayable for a two reasons
  124. A replay question.
  125. Please can someone point me to some form of sign up page :(
  126. I need a morale boost please
  127. SuperMNCGameClient.exe has stopped working...
  128. How do you usually upgrade?
  129. What are some changes you would want in smnc?
  130. Game Wont Start
  131. Game wont launch
  132. General help
  133. Q - Should I Bother With This?
  134. Trading on SMNC?
  135. Bought a Pro but Not Unlocked
  136. Why is this garbage even on steam.
  137. pros swaping models in the customize screen
  138. wonderign hwo to make a replay
  139. cant verify one file and long que times.
  140. Leo real discussion
  141. Super MNC crashes in lobby, before stars the game
  142. We're gonna lose - OMG JACKBOT YES!
  143. TF2 promos on the way
  144. Lost connection to host
  145. [User Interface] Can't read Endorsements
  146. uk guys
  147. Achievements
  148. Game crashes during gameplay.
  149. Achievements will not unlock
  150. How does the Free To Play System Work?
  151. The FPS Is Really Bad.
  152. does trading work yet?
  153. H] Super MNC Luchadeer Uniform/Taunt [W] Offer
  154. Rule Change 5 - free pros
  155. Anyone want to play with me?
  156. Can't connect to Ubernet
  157. What's the bot rating?
  158. If you're new to SMNC, come here...
  159. mnc not working
  160. Endorsements = Pay 2 Win?
  161. Only complaint Comebacks almost impossible.
  162. Achievements are bugged?
  163. The overall LVL should be displayed in the scoreboard!
  164. Wont find games in any region.
  165. Game not registering wins.
  166. Crashing Every Five Minutes
  167. Predict the Super MNC economy value
  168. Match Makeing Error
  169. I own MNC. I should get the pros from it for free
  170. My menu glitches sometimes.
  171. Veteran OP
  172. Are trade prices known yet?
  173. Severe lag/sound stuttering/CTD on SuperMNC
  174. Game runs on Dedicated servers ?
  175. HELP!game not launching!
  176. Why I think SMNC failed
  177. No Inventory access
  178. Is there anyway to get the Pyro Mask for Tank now?
  179. Ran out of Video Memory, now exiting
  180. Didnt get them items
  181. This game is so bad ugh
  182. maps too small
  183. Group for mid-level SMNC Steam Forum players (20+)
  184. SMNC not starting for me?
  185. Are pros too expensive?
  186. Uh, what? Lost match rewards.
  187. Is there going to be subforum for smnc trading?
  188. Many connection problem
  189. I can't even play with my friends.
  190. Easy way to get pros?
  191. TF2 Set
  193. Achievements not awarding
  194. Rules need to change badly.
  195. Rounds like these are so FUN
  196. Super Monday Night Crashfest
  197. I can't stop dancing...
  198. How to sell items
  199. Lost Items/Stats?
  200. Why I can't trade with my Super MNC items?
  201. In-game registering
  202. Low-end PC config?
  203. Tips for new players
  204. Trading for Assault Fireball
  205. Super Monday Night Combat Multiplayer in a nutshell
  206. Will there be other modes?
  207. Rejoining a Game that Ended
  208. What products are the best?
  209. Super Low FPS
  210. Failure to receive game invititation.
  211. Super MNC Destructoid Costume Giveaway
  212. Super MNC not launching?
  213. TF2 hats and miscs in SMNC
  214. no achievement?
  215. Does Bullseye's dancing make anyone else feel...funny?
  216. Strange graphical glitches
  217. Why don't the Stats in the locker room work ?
  218. would this product work?
  219. And the hacking begins...
  220. This game needs achievements
  221. how to delete custom uniforms, endorsements, etc.?
  222. Snipers. Are they too weak?
  223. Finally got Level 20!
  224. As an Assault what is my role? advice and general tips please
  225. What can I do to maximize my FPS?
  226. Whats 1 thing you really like in smnc?
  227. Wow I just did a 9 game lose streak
  228. Stuff to trade
  229. [Suggestions] How can Uber Entertainment take advantage of TF2 promos
  230. Can't see my replays
  231. Chat cursor in lobby
  232. SMNC for MAC
  233. Steam connection problem
  234. SMNC wont launch
  235. Microsoft.Net Framework 3.5
  236. Little things that annoy you
  237. Classes
  238. Some WEIRD Lag
  239. Is there any downside to Cheston?
  240. Proposal for "leavers" fix
  241. How do you make a replay?
  242. what is the annihilator?
  243. some leo change ideas.
  244. Assassin Chikey Hat
  245. Looking For Cheston
  246. Loud audio cackling after round
  247. Achievements
  248. Trade TF2 Item: Vintage Lugermorph
  249. Wrong Resolution (Any Fix?)
  250. Promo question