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  1. Toy Soldiers, anyone play it?
  2. pretty fun game so far...
  3. Any way to force resolution?
  4. Graphical Glitch: ground flashes green
  5. Sound Glitch
  6. The game wont turn on.
  7. Fix for CTD at black screen during startup
  8. GFWL gripes
  9. game crash
  10. The game is in korean or japanese (I'm scandinavian)
  11. why is the Game not in english :/
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  14. ► Let's try...: Toy Soldiers (HD 1080p)
  15. Sound is buggy?
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  17. We want Network Multiplayer !
  18. Toy Soldiers Cold War
  19. Don't buy this game, and here is why.
  20. Avatar Awards
  21. run on amd 6550d lappy?
  22. Toy Soldiers choppy game play
  23. Crashes on Start Up
  24. How do I destroy armor in Hill Cote 304
  25. Toy soldier stuck on launcher
  26. [FIX] Stuttering Gameplay Under Windows XP!
  27. Game loads in another language!!!
  28. Has anyone suffering from CTD problems managed to get a refund?
  29. GFWL profile download error
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  32. Toy Solders Review
  34. Toy Soldiers and Signal Studios
  35. Invalid Registration Key error
  36. Buy the game and here is why......
  37. Game freezes when I try to play Invasion
  38. Full Let's Play/Playthrough [In The Works/Normal/Some Rations]
  39. Game not working
  40. Keyboard Controls Poster To Share
  41. Graphic Artifacts / glitch
  42. Is it support widescreen fullscreen?
  43. 1680x1050 now supported!
  44. Black Screen gold mouse pointer
  45. Don't Buy
  46. Refund
  47. Should I get this game?
  48. Toy Soldiers, Does it have Multiplayer?
  49. Toy Soldiers
  51. Wait, Japanese?? What is this??
  53. Silly Me ... But Flash Deals Work!
  54. no 1920x1080?
  55. Keeps minimizing to desktop (includes temp fix)
  56. GFWL dropped with the next patch, Steamworks implemented!
  57. GFWL Won't let me enter my password
  58. Massive lag when firing weapons
  59. Sweet Fancy Adams
  60. Play Toy Soldiers right NOW with NO LAG!
  61. Game wont start.
  62. Keybindings can't be modified
  63. Toy Soldier Save Game Location?
  64. How to Fly Plane
  65. Where is our Patch!
  66. Langemarck - 25x Blast Multiplier?
  67. What are the graphic options like?
  68. This game should come with a crappy code warning
  69. GWL not recognizing userid/pw
  70. Lag
  71. YES! It's worth it!
  72. Unplayable and lied to from developers!
  73. Game is now using Steamworks so make it available to purchase worldwide please?
  74. Toy Soldiers won't even launch
  75. How to play in 1600x900? .. skip intro movies?
  76. Does this work Offline?
  77. If you missed the 75% off sale...
  78. [Q] I want GFWL, but everytime I turn on Toy Soldiers, its Steamworks
  79. [Q] How to import save game from GFWL to Steamworks version?