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  1. Looks fun? Any first impressions?
  2. Just bought keeps Crashing
  3. loot drops
  4. typos in steam achieves
  5. Anyone interested in a 4 pack?
  6. Run out of video memory...?
  7. Issues so far
  8. So does this game have a MP Deathmatch mode?
  9. Game DLS only 762MB
  10. Single player?
  11. Can't join any games
  12. No DX10/11 support?
  13. video options
  14. Another 4 Pack
  15. Incorrect pop-up window when 4-pack was purchased
  16. First impressions
  17. This game is not ready for release in its current state.
  18. Nothing works
  19. cant figure out how to buy new weapons/equip
  20. Anyway to get a refund? [This forum does not manage refunds]
  21. List of Issues and Bugs
  22. Joining games
  23. More broken then my grandads hip
  24. tons of potential; CONSTRUCTIVE CHANGES
  25. game crashes
  26. Calm yourselves.
  27. Message From Spiral Facebook
  28. Virus?
  29. Constant crashes when using server browser
  30. "Orion: Employee Beatdown" article
  31. Rumours of the *Firing employers* (NOT TRUE)
  32. Cannot create or connect to any game
  33. Next patch on 7th of May
  34. Game still running in background after close
  35. First impressions video: DON'T BUY THIS
  36. Oh well ...I'll keep playing Sniper Elite until monday's patch
  37. Game keeps breaking
  38. What port do I need to open?
  39. Anyone try SP out yet?
  40. How to save the Settings in this game??
  41. ORION Dino Beatdown video review
  42. ORION Dino Beatdown video review
  43. Screw this buggy game...
  44. First time I had to use the RESET button on my PC after many years.
  45. [FIXES] - For those with issues
  46. The BALLS on these people.
  47. Future content
  48. First Impressions! (They're Positive!)
  49. Post your bugs!
  50. Possible fix for being unable to create/join games
  51. how do i spawn?
  52. ATI users. We need you! Try this hotfix!
  53. ODB Bug Notations
  54. Did anyone get a "suspected file" from their AV when installing?
  55. Please Help me with understanding this "SITUASION ' kindaly =)
  56. And now for something different:
  57. So We Are The Beta Testers?
  58. So has anyone had fun today?
  59. Looking forward to Monday
  60. Good Start Guys! (No Sarcasm)
  61. do you guys have anything against lefties!?
  62. I Found bugs + Pictures
  64. I'm glad the devs care
  65. A first look video
  66. reverts to 4:3, i have a 16:10 monitor..
  67. Could join games before, now can't.
  68. can 't play Orion : Dino Beatdown ?
  69. I want a refund
  70. A refund
  71. ORION: Dino Beatdown Let's Play/Walkthrough/Gameplay/Review
  72. Mouse sensitivity?
  73. Wow...
  74. Does it work?
  75. Thank you for the comedy gold.
  76. OK, looks fun, but....
  77. What is up with this game?
  78. Always attack the generators?
  79. orion blaming steam now ?
  80. Where are the eu server?
  81. thanks guys
  82. Not buying?
  83. Not working
  84. Why do developers release games like this?
  85. Does this game have the potential to be worth 10$?
  86. Nice, the developers own forum is unavailable..
  88. 360 controller support = future buy
  89. Servers are disappearing?
  90. [FIXED] Our forums are down - use these!
  91. I feel like this could use an explanation
  92. Anistropy Bug
  93. Buggiest game I've ever had.
  94. eden performance?
  95. Why?... just why???
  96. On second thoughts I think I will be complaining to Steam about this..
  97. The menus don't even work?
  98. A way to connect directly?
  99. what is this....
  100. 2nd tier fixes
  101. How to make a server
  102. FIX: Dual Screen D3D9 Error on Startup
  103. Post your suggestions!
  104. SDK?
  105. Get over it steam users, god damnit!
  106. People can't wait at least till monday..? Or be mad at this way?BF3vsOrion-beatdown
  107. Honest Review Of Orion Dino BeatDown
  108. Major Problem
  109. I WON!
  110. So is this game any good? Hit Detection Etc
  111. Lower mouse sensitivity
  112. Source Engine Sounds
  113. [OFFICIAL] Crashing after loading? Try this
  114. Greatest game of 2012!
  115. I just bought this game...
  116. Unable to Play or Do Anything
  117. Blue Screen Of Death
  118. Game Crashes
  119. Amazing game so far
  120. Orion Dino Beatdown WIN WORLD RECORD!
  121. Graphics resemble early n64 prototype. Possible solution?
  122. Game is WAY too easy
  124. At the time of posting, this game is so buggy as to be unplayable. [Video Attached]
  125. My take on the game so far
  126. Try kicking dino [color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color] instead of dev [color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color=
  127. So who else is going to ask for a refund?
  128. About emp and smokegrenades
  129. Issue with Vista?
  130. Playability?
  131. Are you kidding me?
  132. crashed pc
  133. Coop Review
  134. Unable to bind certain keys?
  135. What would it take?
  136. So is the game suppose to look like this?
  137. Game Crashing (German)
  138. My first experience at playing this game
  139. I'll be back on monday...
  140. Hosting Servers
  141. Gentlemen, we've got another group of winners
  142. [BUG] - Game Looks Low Quality
  143. [OFFICIAL] Having Bad Graphics? Click here!
  144. Crash,crash, Crash
  145. How to make a Dedicated Server
  146. leveling system?
  147. Unable to Connect
  148. 6 stickys now.
  149. Awesome start to the game guys :P
  150. The next step to Orion, a Wiki?
  151. To the devs of this game, and my fellow gamers
  152. Who else plans on sticking with this game?
  153. Herp! (derp)
  154. So whats the uproar about?
  155. Horrible Performance when creating server?
  156. How do we make a private server?
  157. Who are we buying from?
  158. Single Player Worth It?
  159. Options not saving?????
  160. My Gameplay Video
  161. Play with friends?
  162. My first experience with ORION: Dino Beatdown
  163. Is this game any good
  164. Another Win
  165. How do I go lower in the plane thing?
  166. Is there anyway to lower the graphics so I can run it?
  167. Memory Leak?
  168. solo wont work iether
  169. Can we expect new types of dinosaurs?
  170. Quick fix
  171. Made a dedicated server...
  172. Not able to select a class.
  173. lan connection problems
  174. Udk crash on multiplayer
  175. Some Suggestions
  176. Where can I buy weapons?
  177. If you could add any Dinosaur to the game, what would it be?
  178. Any chance of competitive? (Play as Dinosaur or PVP)
  179. Hunting and other suggestions (quite long)
  180. Don't do what I did.
  181. Server Not Responding - ports to open
  182. If you could add an Achievement, what would it be?
  183. So many problems, and still on Top 10?
  184. [TUTORIAL] - Videos & Manuals
  185. the devs need to understand something
  186. [TUTORIAL] - Hosting a server
  187. Hey DPrassel
  188. DPrassel... go to bed.
  189. This game cost the same amount as Subway
  190. Constructive Criticism is More Respectable
  191. Engineer Perk
  192. Don't patch out the extra dinos
  193. Third Person mode
  194. Reminder: This game is getting Patched Monday and there'll be Free Content Updates
  195. People complain too much
  196. [Guide] Setting up a Dedicated Server
  197. Such a shady developer.
  198. I love you guys
  199. Another is this game worth it?
  200. Can't open console?
  201. Constructive Feedback (Open Discussion)
  202. How to use a password to connect to a server?
  203. Fixed Achievement Icons
  204. Post your screenshots!
  205. Dedicated Server "Full" Bug
  206. udk.exe error (cannot start the game)
  207. Fan Reaction Video!
  208. So has anyone found a workaround for crashing when trying to join servers?
  209. How to find the devs?
  210. What's been going on around this forum in a nutshell
  211. At least I found Waldo...
  212. Option to turn off vehicles only in the open world?
  213. The people you gave money too.
  214. Smaller Download?
  215. Official responses to various controversies surrounding this game. Will try to update
  216. Solo play?
  217. Since I can't password my server right now
  218. Are my specs bad or is this a bug or something?
  219. Thanks
  220. Feature request thread
  221. rawr
  222. ALMOST won, but bugs screwed us. We had fun idling though!(pics inside)
  223. Another winrar
  224. What time are the carnivore/herbivore packs coming out?
  225. Huh, what's that trex doing? Why does it have a ro...OH MY GOD!
  226. How do you use the assaults special ability
  227. ORION Dino Beatdown Reviews from around the net
  228. Need your help! Who crashes EVERY time you try to join a server?
  229. Wait was that a rock ?
  230. Thank you :)
  231. Really laggy?
  232. Combat feels very unresponsive? Bug?
  233. Test server
  234. The Glitch Challenge!
  235. ? about the gameplay b4 i buy
  236. HD space
  237. Gundy? Glitch or easter egg?
  238. This game...
  239. Loosing items after death
  240. A favor to ask about hosting/running servers.
  241. cant believe im saying it, but its monday, yay
  242. Patch 1 - Dino Spawn / Wave Details
  243. I can't join games and friends can't join on me.
  244. Question about the DLCs
  245. Won't Allow Me to connect
  246. Three More Bugs
  247. In-Game Music
  248. quetion about performance
  249. Spiral personnel artificially increasing Metacritic score?