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  1. Will Nexiuz SP be worth it?
  2. Can't activate Nexuiz on Steam?
  3. hi
  4. Movement / Chop issues
  5. Hard to find players...
  6. Texture streaming...
  7. Why do I suddenly have this game for free?
  8. Where do I go on my computer to see my computer's specs?
  9. Game Disappeared from Steam Library?
  10. cross platform?
  11. instagib?
  12. XBox 360 Controller?
  13. Why am i not able to dl this?
  14. "Twitch gaming reinvented"
  15. "Should I get this game" thread
  16. Major graphical issues
  17. What time today is this game released ?
  18. great game, but some graphics issues from beta are still there
  19. game types needed
  20. I can't for the life of me
  21. This game needs optimization
  22. Warning: What about Stereo 3d support? 3d vision etc? Cryengine does support it?
  23. Hacks already?
  24. 1st impression from an UT/Quake player's pov
  25. My issues with the game
  26. not finding online games, which port to open?
  27. Delete 'Nexuiz Beta' Folder
  28. some CTF bugs
  29. Why do I even bother???
  30. This game seemed really cool
  31. Fix the darkness and possibly performance
  32. Soundtrack available?
  33. Strange Graphics Problem. Need Help!
  34. cant play online
  35. Game is awesome, but there needs to be some fixes
  36. change language?
  37. does this game have bhop and air strafing? like
  38. Duel
  39. Match-making system
  40. game is realeased but it still says preorder in my library?
  41. Game not playable
  42. First Impressions
  43. Graphics card overheating too much?
  44. Headache
  45. Will this game have freind invites
  46. Dont earn points and i know why
  47. 2xHD6970 + i5 2500K not enough for this game
  48. Not getting points
  49. Disconnects from Host
  50. Dead online already?
  51. Nexuiz Update?
  52. career mutagens?
  53. Not tracking winning games?
  54. Wonder how long it will take devs to realize...
  55. 3rd Person View?
  56. This game is awesome
  57. Whats the point of upgrading a mutagen?
  58. 600mb Patch Released Today
  59. required runtime components
  60. Very confusion game
  61. You shoot youself too easily in this.
  62. Optimisation is required
  63. Bug: You suddenly go into third person as if you died
  64. [H] Nexuiz [W] UT99
  65. nexuiz crashes and strange glitchy behavior =_= bad nexuiz bad!!!
  66. Where are all the servers?
  67. How to get SLI working with Nexuiz?
  68. No dedicated servers? Poor performance?
  69. My Pip-loadout is purely to make things fun.
  70. Patch?
  71. Nobody playing?
  72. Hackers
  73. The 3rd Community Designed Level Blue Room - LIVE NOW!
  74. Sound issue
  75. Most annoying mutator
  76. Already dead... needs dedicated servers and some advertising fast..
  77. Raptr?
  78. maxed out everything with gtx 460 and i5 750
  79. Sound Issues
  80. Patch Notes - May 15, 2012 (Preliminary dedicated server support).
  81. The Truth.
  82. How can I make an auto-config type file
  83. xbox 360 controller ?
  84. Command to reduce Crosshair?
  85. Multimonitor-compatible?
  86. Blurred Image
  87. What are peak hours for the servers?
  88. i found the secret!!!!
  89. Nexuiz tweak guide
  90. Now includes free malware!
  91. Game Crashes after clicking "Main Menu" while in match
  92. The music/Art direction of this game = Amazing
  93. ERROR CODE 51
  94. Anyone have an extra copy from the four pack?
  95. Game repeatedly crashes, please help
  96. WTF is Nexuiz?
  97. Patch?
  98. Breaking point: Stat tracking BROKEN.
  99. Trading Hitman blood money for 1 nexuiz copy
  100. The only thing worse than the lag are the players
  101. Need sensitivity help
  102. Dedicated server fails to finish downloading
  103. game is broken?
  104. No "Strafe Jump" in Nexuiz?
  105. What can we do to get more players?
  106. DX11 Ultra?
  107. 2560x1440 broken on GTX470?
  108. Nexuiz Gamers Steam Group
  109. Game minimize to desktop fixed
  110. Dedicated Servers ReadMe
  111. Patch update - June 6
  112. 1 vs 1
  113. Where's everyone?
  114. Comparison to quake
  115. Ripped Off?
  116. Server Browser Question/Crashes in MP
  117. Big patch + new DLC coming June 27th
  118. Final Nail in the Coffin
  119. Yay!! SLI Support Finally!!
  120. We can bring a community back
  122. Playing? Enter the official group chat!
  123. 50% off on thq store
  124. the love bug
  125. Game is fun, got from amazon THQ pack...
  126. Singleplayer
  127. Dear Developer
  128. What is wrong with this game???
  129. People are playing!
  130. private match? bots? lan server?
  131. Nexuiz vs. Blacklight
  132. Crashing and Crashing
  133. Anti-Aliasing stuck on: Off or at best Post-MXAA
  134. It's Alive!
  135. Worth it?
  136. Anyone thinking about purchasing please watch
  137. Crash during Team Select
  138. Is It Back?
  139. Help, I am color blind!
  140. New players: don't search ranked!
  141. Can't join online games
  142. Alienware Arena is giving away an exclusive medal
  143. July 20th Patch Notes
  144. Solved
  145. Anyone else can't connect to Official servers?
  146. Impossible to play! Bada** Bug!
  147. nexuiz skip intro option
  148. Only 1 thing wrong with this game
  149. July 21st Patch Notes
  150. (Quick) Bot Match -> Crash
  151. Matchmaking suggestion
  152. Chat
  153. everytime i join a server with people 4/8 but after connect its empty?
  154. Game constantly crashing
  155. Any way to use Bots in Online Matches/LAN Party?
  156. Steam Workshop Now Live
  157. Cannot start the game
  158. why buy duel patch ?
  159. If you're still taking suggestions
  160. Machinima Nexuiz Tournament
  161. The Machinima Nexuiz Tournament, powered by AMD and ALIENWARE is now open to all.
  162. FOV below 90
  163. How many users currently playing?
  164. Problems picking up Small Armors, and no fall damage
  165. can't download free weekend.
  166. raptr?
  167. Game doesn't start up.
  168. Nexuiz official forums down?
  169. Game crashes at the end of round
  170. More servers are needed!
  171. Should I get this? I'm not a very good at video games and color blind
  172. Messes with Nvidia adjust desktop color settings
  173. Terrible experience so far...
  174. Epic optimization
  175. So basicuhally...it's unreal tournament...
  176. Game has crashed after end of match every time
  177. Game on my library but never bought it?
  178. Crashed
  179. Why is this game so empty ?!
  180. Nexuiz service is not available.
  181. Nexuiz DLC
  182. Easily played with a friend?
  183. The game is very fun and looks amazing
  184. What does "Duel Mode" mean?
  185. Can't join any game
  186. Patched?
  187. my thoughts with bots
  188. Buy Nexuiz, get also beta?
  189. Achievements
  190. Floaty hit registration?
  191. Alienware Arena medal giveaway
  192. High Gpu temps?
  193. I need 2 more players for the tournament
  194. 3D vision is disabled?
  195. What if I haven't played any Arena shooters?
  196. Video settings not saving...
  197. Question
  198. Patch Notes August 10th
  199. No sounds
  200. Top Dog
  201. Guest Passes and Achievements
  202. dx11
  203. Soundtrack?
  204. Medals and Achievements not registering... mostly
  205. Well, that sucked (game error)
  206. A laggy twitch shooter
  207. Nexuiz via LAN - Duel Mode DLC not needed?
  208. Well there goes my purchase
  209. new update
  210. Just downloaded, servers are down, not the best way to run a free weekend...
  212. Unable to Join Friends game with Password on it?
  213. Wow - This game has seriously ballin' music
  214. Introduction guide to movement, weapons, etc.
  215. Custom resolution
  216. should i get this game...
  217. Quake-like, Popularity, and High requirements?
  218. game wont launch
  219. Nexuiz server problem
  220. Release the Soundtrack
  221. What a load of crap
  222. Dissconect and all servers full
  223. Impossible to play online. Worst game ever. :S
  224. Please add a "add bots" option for custom match (if any dev ever sees that...)
  225. This game literally crashes everytime I play it.
  226. This is a copy of an open-source game called Xonotic! Don't buy it!
  227. Too bad they flubbed their free weekend.
  228. For 2.50 this game rules
  229. This game is pretty dang awesome when there are no connection issues
  230. no player models?
  231. question
  232. crash and some problems that need to be fixed
  233. Can't invert controller??
  234. Suggestions.
  235. Barely Runs on Strong Machine
  236. mutator question
  237. some weapons need balancing
  238. Can't access Nexuiz wiki or official forums
  239. Jump Tricks Video
  240. Passwords on Official Servers?
  241. Downloading workshop map
  242. perfomance ?
  243. Crash during team select.
  244. Missing Textures
  245. what happend to cry engine
  246. Fix for getting SLI working?
  247. kick the [color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color]ers
  248. Crashing during playing,
  249. Nexuiz medals problem
  250. Black Screen and Crash