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  1. First impressions?
  2. You had me at "throwing babies"
  3. Frame Rate
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  5. Endless crash on stage 9
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  7. Dev Time?
  8. Achievements
  9. I like the Dev's Name (First Name at least)
  10. Steam Key to those who buy it from Humble Store on your Site.
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  13. Game crashes upon launching.
  14. Constant Crashing
  15. Level Editor Question and Suggestion
  16. From the Developer: Technical Difficulty Issues
  17. Thunder bug
  18. Black screen when launch the game
  19. Lag/Framerate on mid end gaming pc
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  21. Cute Game
  22. Level 101-110
  23. Fullscreen?
  24. Conditions for Developer Ghosts?
  25. Any chance of a demo?
  26. Thank you
  27. Extremely low framerate.
  28. Offspring Fling Troubleshoot
  29. My single complaint about the game
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  31. Speedrunning
  32. OST
  33. OH MY GOD(levels 111~120)
  34. Obligatory "is it worth it" thread
  35. Achievements?
  36. Should I get this on Steam or Super Pretendo?
  37. Rock Paper Shotgun Review Score
  38. so where is the controller support and what i think of the game
  39. Game does not start at all!
  40. How do you catch offspring in the air?
  41. Optimisation is a joke
  42. User Created Levels
  43. Review of Offspring Fling!
  44. Anyone else yet?...
  45. Offspring Fling! Review
  46. How do you catch falling babies?
  47. crash on startup
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